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    Nokia Dual SIM Phones: Which one to buy?

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    Lately, Nokia has come up with many dual-SIM phones in the market and personally speaking, there’s always been confusion about the available dual SIM phones from Nokia and their complete details & specs. So here in this post, I’ll try to cut the confusion and write a detailed post with all the available Nokia Dual SIM phones in the market along with its price, features, advantages & disadvantages and also try to guide you if any particular model is suggested for your use or not!

    Before going ahead, let me explain in brief, 3 technical terms related to Dual SIM phones that will help you make a wise decision while purchasing a Dual SIM based mobile handset.

    Nokia Dual Sim Phone C2 Nokia Dual SIM Phones: Which one to buy?

    Nokia Dual Sim Phone C2-00

    Dual SIM phone technologies:

    Dual SIM Switch Mode Phones:

    These types of phones do have 2 SIM slots in contrary to other traditional phones, but you would be able to make and receive calls only on one phone. Whenever you want to use the other SIM, you’ll have to switch to the other SIM from phone options. These phones are only useful when you need to use only 1 SIM at a time. For example, say, you are on roaming and switch to a local circle SIM card.

    Dual SIM Standby Mode Phones:

    Dual SIM standby phones are those type of dual SIM based phones that has the capability of handling phone calls of, both SIM but the downside of this technology is, if you are on a call on SIM ‘A’ then anyone calling you on your second SIM will get a message saying ‘the subscriber is unreachable’ until you hang-up on the 1st SIM. So chances are high that you’ll end up missing lots of incoming calls from second SIM if you’ve high call volume on first SIM and vice-versa.

    Dual SIM Active Mode Phones:

    These types of phones solves the problems present in standby mode phones, i.e. no matter if you are on call on the first SIM, you’ll still be able to get incoming call notification if someone calls you on the second SIM and vice-versa. The caller on the second SIM will get a usual “your call is on wait” message from the mobile operator. Interesting, isn’t it? But hang-on, you’ll be disappointed to know, Nokia hasn’t manufactured a phone till date, that’s based on Dual-SIM Active mode.

    A comprehensive list of Nokia Dual SIM Phones:

    • Nokia C1-00 (Dual SIM switch mode)
    • Nokia 101 (Dual SIM standby mode)
    • Nokia X1-01 (Dual SIM standby mode)
    • Nokia C2 (Dual SIM standby mode)
    • Nokia C2-03 (Dual SIM standby mode)
    • Nokia C2-06 (Dual SIM standby mode)

    To get a bird’s-eye view of the complete specs of all Nokia Dual SIM phones, here’s a comparison table comparing the last 5 phones on the list. We are ignoring the first ‘switch mode’ phone in the comparison here as it’s a completely different type of dual SIM phone:

    Bird’s Eye View of Nokia dual SIM phones:

    Nokia 101 Nokia X1-01 Nokia C2 Nokia C2-03 Nokia C2-06
    Dimension (in MM) 110 x 45.5 x 14.9 112.2 x 47.3 x 16 108 x 45 x 14.7 mm 103 x 51.4 x 17 mm 103 x 51.4 x 17 mm
    Weight (Gms) 69.6 91.1 74.1 115 115
    Display size 128×160 px1.8 Inches 128×160 px1.8 Inches 128×160 px1.8 Inches 240×320 px2.6 Inches 240×320 px2.6 Inches
    Memory ExpandableUpto 16 GB ExpandableUpto 16 GB Internal – 65 MB ExpandableUpto 32 GB Internal – 10 MBExpandable upto 32 GB (2GB free) Internal – 10 MBExpandable upto 32 GB (2GB free)
    Other imp. Features MP3, FMFlash Light MP3, Flash light GPRS, EDGE,Bluetooth,Micro USB,VGA Camera, FM GPRS, EDGE,Bluetooth,Micro USB,2MP Camera, FM, No reboot SIM swap feature GPRS, EDGE,Bluetooth,Micro USB,2MP Camera, FM, No reboot SIM swap feature
    Remarks (if any) Newly launched - - Slider phone Slider phone
    Downside No dataCapability No dataCapability Low internal memory Low internal memory
    Best Price as per MySmartPrice.com Rs. 1699/- Rs. 1815/- Rs. 2680/- Rs. 4420/- Rs. 4807/-
    Value for Money Rating out of 10 9 7.5 8.5 8.5 7.5

    Hope, with the above comparison table, just like me, you might have cut the clutter in your mind about dual SIM phones too! Now lets go ahead and discuss which phone would best fit you and your pocket (in terms of budget).

    Suggested Dual SIM Phone for you?

    Nokia C1-00

    If you are a frequent traveler or you have any other reasons to keep swapping between two SIM without needing to have both SIM active, then Nokia C1-00 is the phone that we would suggest you to go for. But do not forget that it’s just a basic phone without any advanced features like data browsing capability, MP3 player or a flashlight at least. This phone’s price currently hovers at around Rs. 1500.

    Nokia 101 & Nokia X1-01

    Well, if you can shell out couple of hundred additional bucks then we would suggest you to go for the new born baby in the Nokia dual SIM phone family, the Nokia 101 that has several advanced features like expandable memory, FM & MP3 player and a flash-light too, for a mere amount of ~ Rs. 1700. Value for money, isn’t it?

    As far as Nokia C2 is concerned, it was hard on our part to find any major difference between recently launched Nokia 101 and Nokia C2. Would you still want to pay additional ~ Rs. 200 for purchasing a thicker and heavier phone as compared to Nokia 101?

    Nokia C2-00

    If you are willing to make your pockets a little more lighter, then you get this phone with a nice form factor, light weight, a decent internal memory of 65 MB that could be further expanded up-to 32 GB with a micro-SD card, data browsing capabilities, Bluetooth, camera, etc for just Rs. 2680. Sounds reasonable enough!

    Nokia C2-03 & Nokia C2-06

    Nokia C2-03, primarily targeted for the female, this phone with a trendy look and sliding form factor, is a good buy too, having almost the same features as Nokia C2-00 but with a different form factor, a better camera of 2 million pixels and a huge screen estate of 2.6 inches. The only minor downside of this phone is, the internal memory of the phone is slightly less that what one can expect by paying Rs. 4000+.

    Regarding Nokia C2-06, looks like again Nokia is trying to make some extra profits by producing almost the same specs phone as Nokia C2-03 with some minor changes that was hard for us to figure out.

    Do let us know if you are looking to purchase a Nokia Dual SIM phone and whether this post helped you?

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    Good analysis!
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    Thanks for the article.


    Earle Stephens

    I am unable to find a Nokia or samsung dual sim active mode unlocked flip phone. Is there one available in England or the US? If so where and at what price? This is urgent.



    That table breaks the content wall and smashed into the sidebar…lol.. please fix it up and I’ll suggest go for C2-03. For Sitakanta, the difference between C2-03 and C2-06 is that C2-06 comes in Graphite color, while the C2-03 is available in color options of Chrome Black and Golden Khaki. Rest everything is kept same. Guest blogging will surely bring mysmartprice new heights! cheers


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