Newton’s Law of Blogging : Non Text Book Version

Sir Isaac Newton is one of those name in the history, which make us believe that Human mind can achieve impossibilities. You perceive a new information in better way when you connect it with a real-life example. These days, I’m very passionate about Blogging and that’s something I think about most of the time. Other day, when my Physics teacher was explaining Newton’s 3 law of motion, instead of connecting to real life examples, I was connecting it to Blogging and I decided to come up with this Article.

In this article, I will relate all 3 laws to Blogging and you can takeaway the most important message from this article at the end. I have been blogging since March 2012 and in all these months I learnt a lot of things about blogging so here is my piece of work on what I learnt about blogging from the Newton’s laws of motion.

Newtons Law of Blogging

3 Laws of Blogging:

First Law of Blogging-

Newton’s first law is, anybody in the state of rest or in the state of motion continues to be in the state of rest or motion until any external force is applied on it.

For the actual explanation of the above law please refer to your physics textbook or check this Wiki link.

This law can be related to blogging as follows :

Any Blogger (Amateur, Pro or blogging guru) continues to be amateur, pro or guru until he brings a change.

If you are starting with blogging you will not be able to reach the professional level in just one day or one month. You need practice; you need to constantly improve your writing style and blog.  Many bloggers complain about their traffic not growing, or blog is not getting enough exposure and I have only one question for you: What changes have you made to improve your Blog? Change is need of time and you should constantly bring positive changes on your blog to grow to next level.

If you don’t believe me then go on and check any blog on the internet, let’s take the example of Shout Me Loud. Harsh agarwal is a in Info. Technology and not a literature, and he is not a born writer, but his hard work and dedication made ShoutMeLoud reach, where it is right now.

Not only Harsh, if other professional bloggers in their earlier days didn’t work hard on improving their blog, they might not be seeing success and fame, they have today. So what ever action you will take today, it will bring change in coming days. So, go ahead and take some ACTION!

Second Law of Blogging-

The net force acting on a body or system is directly proportional to the rate of change of momentum.

This law on simplifying further gives us-

Force = mass x acceleration

Right? For the simplification process please refer to your physics text-book. Remember, I am a blogger.

This law can be related to the blogging field as follows

The influence you make on your readers is equal to your writing style multiplied by your blog environment.  In simple word, your blog influence will be great, when you have a perfect combination of quality content and a good user-experience.  Go ahead, and check out some of the top blogs and you will be mesmerised with the quality of information you will get and how professionally blog is maintained.

When it comes to environment of your Blog theme plays an important role as whenever anyone visits you site the first thing he notices is design, earlier I used to neglect this fact but one of my friends explained me the benefits of professional designed blog and I am seeing a change in the reader involvement. So it really works.

Third Law-

Newton’s third is very popular, thanks to some philosophical movies.

Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

When we talk about blogging this law goes like-

The efforts you put on your blog has equal impact on your success.

Being a Part-time student blogger, I can’t give more than 2 hours on Blogging, but when ever I read some of the interviews of Professional Bloggers, most of them have one thing in common:

All these bloggers spend atleast 6-8 hr’s a day and they treat their blog seriously. The result of their efforts is right before us, those professionals are working day and night for their blog and now you know them as- Shout Me Loud, Digital Inspiration,, and many others.

This post might help to learn and understand the actual laws of motion as I have related them to the blogosphere. Of all the laws I mentioned above, my quick suggestion is to take ACTION.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you find it interesting, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. says

    I have to say just a single word, that is “Amazing”. Specially, Blogging 2nd law is really awesome. :) Thanks Nishant for your amazing post about Law of Blogging :P

  2. says

    Really Great one. When i see the title before read this article this make me crazy to read out ! Totally agree with your all points ..thanks for sharing

  3. Raj says

    The first and foremost thing that every blogger should carry is “Dedication”, the success, money and fame all depends on how dedicated he is doing his work.

  4. Peter Pandey says

    Really this is great post…

    Now we are waiting for Google Law for blogging…

    Thanks for Shout Me Loud

  5. says

    Very good idea to relate Newton’s law with blogging. I would say that you have matched the terms from physics and technology to derive new rules. Well done for your creative writing.

    • Nishant says

      Thanks Kyla, Well i would say this post was a result of inspiration I got from the response on my previous post on SML

  6. Pallavi Menon says

    Non Text Book Version is too good for bloggers. We have to just implement in our blogging life. Nishant, you think different about and online stuff, but rules are same as before, we only remind it in different ways. anyway nice explanation, such creative work.

  7. rahul says

    Hi Nishant
    That’s why our teachers say that these laws are universal.
    Must say nice thought. You related it very well and also in well written manner.

  8. Ravi says

    Well explained with the iDea of Newton’s Laws. What an idea Sirji!! The third law is most important as you cannot get anything without hardwork… and basically content is the king

  9. Ravi @ Technology Blog says

    Well Explained .. Really creative idea about title and blog post. And really well delievered idea. The third Law is most important coz most of the newbies want to blog for money hence their concentration is not on Blog Content…. If you want to Improve blog Traffic the first very important thing is that “Content is King”….

    • Nishant says

      Thanks for reading, I am glad you liked it. And yeah blogging is not quick money it requires a lot of hard work in every aspect. As they say…If content is the king then SEO is the queen

  10. says

    After reading this I can say that Newton was a blogger too !! ha ha, Jokes are apart.

    First of all many congrats for writing such damn killer post. I will say that this is the most awesome post I have ever read. You pointed such awesome points from the laws of Newton that I enjoyed each law here (which I hated while reading in my school days ;) ).

    All the very best for your blogging career ahead. keep writing like this and wining many hearts.

    • Nishant says

      It was a good one, Thanks a lot for your feedback. I am glad that you and other SML readers like my efforts.

  11. Sachin Kumar says

    Great topic Nishant really like you effort, about blogging with-in newtons laws. Third law is very inspiring “Every action has its equal and opposite reaction” hard-work plays back.

    • Nishant says

      Thanks Sachin, and yes it is a fact if you work hard today you will get the result sooner or later. some things take a lot of time to show results but when they it is worth something, same is the case with blogging

  12. says

    Hi Nishant,

    I must say you have written great article dude. I liked the way you have related Newton’s Law with blogging. Even I am a part-time student blogger so it’s difficult to take out much time but I am trying.

    • Nishant says

      Thanks Rahul, being a student managing a blog is really difficult but if you look at it more optimistically then you will notice that your school can help you in blogging. Like, i got the idea of this post in my physics class and from the day I understood what blogging was i started to work on my writing skill in my english class and that helped me a lot

  13. says

    awesome article nishant
    the concept is explained in such a better manner
    “The efforts you put on your blog has equal impact on your success” this is the guru mantra for success

    • Nishant says

      Thanks Sahil, this is the actual secret behind success and failure of many bloggers. Those who work get the results and those who don’t their story soon ends.

  14. stargaterich says

    This is one of the most interesting blog post that I have come across. Very creative and imaginative on the part of Nishant to draw a parallel analogy between blogging and Newton’s law. Cheers

    • Nishant says

      Thanks stargeterich, If you look the world with more curiosity you will see that it is the biggest source of inspiration for you not matter to which field you belong.

  15. Koundeenya says

    What a unique and creative piece of article, this is. Well done, Nishant. This is really one of those creative blogging articles, I’ve read till date.

  16. Rob Schneider says

    Very interesting and apt analogy. I did an experiment on 2 of my blogs that verified what professional bloggers always say about the importance of regular blogging. I let one blog just sit there without creating content and wrote one post per week on the other. Sure enough, traffic steadily grew on the blog I was active on and remained stagnant on the other. After about 6 months, I started blogging once a week on the inactive blog and within a couple of months saw a dramatic improvement in traffic. This came with little effort at social media, too. In fact, the purpose of the exercise was to prove (or disprove) that “content is king.” Adding social media to the mix helped, but the bulk of my traffic still comes via search engines.

    • Nishant says

      Thanks Rob, social media is the second best thing out there to attract readership but you can’t change the fact that search engines are at the top. All that the search engines need is content and if a blogger is not able to create some high quality content for them that blog is just a part of some directory not something useful.