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WebHosting Customer Care

Valentine’s day is a day which every one wait for and so did I. Though my story of Valentine day was different from everyone out here and I’m sure no one would like to have a date like I had. This day I can’t forget in my blogging career. Though I have been blogging in my native language since 2004 on a blogspot domain and recently (Jan 1 2011) I started a technical blog called A New Tab. I have some traffic and my alexa rank is also getting better day by day. As I am new to this wordpress platform I am customizing the default wordpress twenty ten theme and experimenting wordpress plugins. I forgot to say that my blog is hosted on HostGator. While reading some articles regarding speeding up wordpress blog I came to know that hosting images on another sub domain increases the speed of the site and I am doing that on Feb-14 morning. I came to point where I am have to update the path of images that already exists and there is a simple SQL query which we have to run at phpmyadmin.

I copied the query and executed on my database. I didn’t notice that, there are some formatting errors like spaces while copying the query. Because of this, all my image paths corrupted. While correcting these things, I lost my data. The biggest mistake I have ever committed is, I didn’t take the backup of my wordpress blog till then.

Things were now no longer in my control. Seems I lost my data completely. By that time I wrote almost 40 posts and in 50 days reached 30000 alexa rank figure. Suddenly it came in my mind that I may find any solution for this with my hosting provider. I searched their site and found that hostgator offers regular backups for their clients.

Hostgator backup

What Host Gator did ?

It gave me a hope. It was 10’o clock in the morning. I mailed them asking for the latest backup they have for my blog. They replied in minutes saying that they have a backup which is of two days back and they added that they will charge $15 for the restoration. Without any next thought I replied them to proceed. After some time I got a mail from host gator saying that they successfully restored my website. When I checked, I found they restored my website to a date which is of 2 months back from present date.

Immediately I logged into chat with hostgator customer support to bring to their notice about the issue. They apologized me for what happened and said they wil try to restore as soon as possible. I waited for 2-3 hours, after that I have interacted with different customer support agents and sent many mails to the team regarding this issue. Every one replied saying same thing that they are working on that issue.

I worried a lot thinking that whether this will be working or not with host gator.Finally after a long time 12 hours at night 11PM I got a reply from them saying that they failed to work it out. they couldn’t restore my website to recent date as they told in mail and the only backup they have is what they have restored in the morning(i.e.,2 months back date from present). I was badly hurted . I thought that I wasted all my time from morning messing with host gator and with my site. Finally they said…

Host gator chat

How I restored ?

I checked my blog, all my posts have only titles left with out content. I checked my mail and found my posts in my mail box (my email is being subscribed to my blog). I copied the content from them and posted back. It is a hectic job took almost 5 hrs to copy the content from my email and pasting in my blog

Finally I could able to restore my blog by Feb-15, I missed valentines day

Lesson’s I learned

  • Take backup before you do any experiment or customizing your blog ( I know every one will do )
  • Don’t depend on your web host provider for your backup, though they are world no 1 hosting providers, they also may fail.
  • Don’t experiment on your blog on Feb-14 (Valentines Day) forgetting your girl fiend :-)

Note: I am not saying any thing bad about HostGator. I love HostGator and I have almost 10 sites with them.  My main intention is to say  you are responsible of your own site backup.

Do let us know if you are taking timely backup of your WordPress blog or you also ignoring this important part?

This is a guest post by Aswin who blogs at Anewtab. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. plutocrat says

    Hey you can backup you entire website from cpanel (in case of linux OS) i.e from softaculous. Even I do it regularly at every midnight.

  2. Bhaveek says

    Hey you can backup you entire website from cpanel (in case of linux OS) i.e from softaculous. Even I do it regularly at every midnight.

  3. Saurabh Mukhekar says

    Almost Same thing is happened with me,but luckily I backed up my all data to AMAZON S3,thanks god,Guys Keep regular backup of websites

  4. Sandeep Singh says

    Hectic work you did man ! But it is always nice to share your experience to others ! This will be of great help to others . I am too with hostgator, will surely take a back up now.

  5. himanshu says

    I think it worst nightmare for a blogger. But lesson learned which is a very important for all our fellow bloggers. thanks a lot for sharing

  6. Amrish Singh says

    Ohh .This one is you story .I was thinking that you fall in love with any woman. haaaa
    come to point . you should always backup you blog once a week and download your .sql file to your system till next back up . By this you can save your time as you told you waste you 5 hours man .

  7. Saket Jajodia says

    I am wondering in 50 days you reached 30,000 alexa rank by writing 40 blog post and in 50 days I wrote 70+ blog post but didn’t came within 100,000 alexa rank.. :(

    And once in couple of week I take full backup of my server..

  8. Typhoon says

    I have automated taking backups of my wordpress through a wordpress plugin that backups the blog two times a day plus also getting it emailed to my gmail account.

    You can’t rely on web hosts for that. And I really don’t think they (hostgator or even any other host) are honestly performing regular backups of ALL (underline this) the accounts they have especially those shared hosting accounts. You can’t even imagine that (just count how many terabytes of extra storage and bandwith it will require that will show up in their costs).

  9. Sujith says

    More than 15 internal links in a single post !!! Harsh, the Wikipedia style is annoying .. Is it really required? Moreover Infolinks too..