My Blogging Journey: From Being High On Tech to Being Paid By Tech

I don’t think a formal introduction is required here. If you’ve been a regular reader of Shout Me Loud, then you must also be a regular reader of Calling All Geeks and all the other blogs in the SML Group. I’m Siddharth a.k.a Siddie and I write for the SML group mainly on CallingAllGeeks as my writing interests mostly revolve around Technology, Gadgets, Computers and the Internet.

Warning: The following section could be boring to some!!

I wanted to write about how this whole blogging journey began and reached to a point where I can proudly say that I’m doing something with my life. As a college drop-out I was looking for ways to kill my time and make something out of it. I’ve been blogging since 2004 as far as I know, but not for money or to pay any bills, only as a pass-time. It wasn’t until the year 2008 that I decided to make something out of my blogs and registered for Google Adsense and began exploring all the ways to make some money on the internet. Although that wasn’t my main intention with blogging, it was what I had to do to survive on my own. I’m a kind of person who loves to be independent and do things my way, even if they are wrong.  I did not want to be dependent on my parents and I did not want to lead a normal life like everyone else. From where I come from, people would usually take it as a joke when I said that I was working online. My parents thought I was kidding and never supported me, they still don’t.

So I had to prove myself to everybody, and later that year(2008), I started my first blog using the Blogger platform. I did not know much about blogging and was mainly writing on technology without much SEO or any kind of blogging tricks. That did not pay off well, did not make any money for over 6 months, started Freelancing side by side, but then all the college going and personal things got me down and then I had to give up everything. Then started the year 2009, where I gave Blogging another shot and started my very first private blog called “High On Tech Again”, hosted on a free host and running on the WordPress Platform, I did make some money from it, but I was more interested in the amount of views and traffic that site got. High On Tech Again was started on November 14 2009 and I worked on it till April 2010, till I gave up on that too because it wasn’t working out and everything was going wrong. I was living on peanuts making some money from few freelancing jobs and building custom budget computers for my friends. I’d given up on blogging and started learning web designing to help myself get some good freelance projects.

Things took a new turn on December 23-24th though. Let me rewind back a month and tell you what led to the December 23-24th event to take place. I’d grown pretty lazy through all the months, until I met the girl I’ve been waiting for. I guess it’s true, there’s always a lady behind a man’s success. She was the one who motivated me to start blogging and not be a waste, her exact words were “Do something useful, for you”. That’s what changed everything. I wrote an article on Diaspora at Shout Me Loud and was later that day contacted by none other than Harsh asking for a few details like what I do and stuff. Harsh said “I might have some proposal for you which you might not like to refuse. :)”. I was so excited that day, it was like a huge step up for me. From being high on tech I was going to get paid for writing on tech.

I started working for SML group from the 25th of December and have been writing mostly on CAG since then. Writing for CallingAllGeeks has changed a lot for me, I receive a really handsome amount of money for the work I do, and I enjoy writing and working from home. Its not all about the money though, I’ve made some good friends too, I’ve learnt some very interesting things about the Blogging world and I’ll work hard and try to be best at what I do!!

That’s how being a paid writer changed my way of living, I can proudly say that I’m doing something useful now and I’m loving it.

Thanks everybody who has supported me, especially to the love of my life and Harsh Agrawal!!

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COMMENTs ( 59 )

  1. Shashank Bhattarai says

    I am new to the blogging area, but i got one conclusion that ,, blogging is just writing consistently and result comes unexpectedly after a very long time. I recently opened 3 blogs already & quit after 6 month. Is there any suggestions for me???,,, will be appreciating.

  2. Scott Kelley says

    I to my friend have been going down the same paths. The writing, the girl who supports and believes in me, for the exception of getting that gig. While I press on with my passions and teaching myself, right or wrong, I gain wisdom and new friendships. Believing in oneself gaining knowledge about oneself is true to oneself. While I follow my heart and think with my brain I to aspire to be somewhat not completely like you. Thank you for the insperation and the bread that I need as your story feed me well for the day.
    Scott Kelley

  3. Manendra says

    This is really interesting story. Even i am also planning to become a Pro bloggers. Working on it and soon i too will write a story like you.

  4. Mital Singh says

    Its really Motivating for us as blogger.we are wait some more like this inspirational moves from SML Team.

  5. Justin Germino says

    Earning money doing something you love to do is one of the best things anyone can hope to achieve. It is a tough venture to make money when competing against millions of bloggers and writers, congratulations on your success thus far.

  6. pythonskynet @blogWithin says

    what about the ‘girl_who motivated you’? Interesting story siddeee.. You should have continued in your blog, atleast posting 1 article per week.. U r missing something then..

  7. antodoms says

    Really inspiring story. I am going through the same phase right now with about some 20-30 visitors per day and no money yet through blogging. Hope I will succeed one day.
    Again, well Done bro… u r great.. ! :)

  8. Shariq says

    Hi Siddie,
    Sometime I read your articles on CAG and these are really of very good quality.
    Best of luck.

  9. Ashish Bhatnagar says

    Nice Success Story Siddharth. You read that this may be boring to someone but I really liked your success story. You are doing good. Carry On!

  10. Amrish Singh says

    One sentence change you life “Do something useful, for you” . It was a great move for your life

  11. Pradeep Bhandari says

    very Interesting and motivating story…and i am too going with these stages…hope me too will succeed one day…. :)

  12. Usman@FirstHosting says

    thats a really motivating story.
    I am currently using a cell phone and when I started reading I got bound to read all.
    and I wish you all the best in your online journey.

  13. Vuong @ StarBlogger says

    Each blogger has his story but there is a common context that it if you can not spend lots of dedication, you can not get any success. Congrats Siddie!

  14. DJ ARIF says

    You have given up bloggging almost three times, but come back again for your “Someone Special”…

  15. Michael Aulia says

    Great and honest story :) Every new blogger should read about this story before they got corrupted at how easily it is to make money online and to be popular online!

    I have a similar story like yours although at the moment, I’m still being “High on Tech” and still happy with being one, heh heh

    • Siddie says

      Thanks Michael :D
      Haha :P being high on tech is great.. I still am!! You can’t stop something like that ;)

  16. shan says

    Nice Story. I also love blogging ,but for me it’s a per time job. But someday i will also do what i love i.e. Blogging And Only blogging

  17. Fairooz Mohammed says

    I wonder why expert bloggers say that their story is boring. :P
    It’s never boring dude. Your story is really an inspiration for other bloggers.
    Keep up the good work.

    I wish you more success and a great future with blogging! :)

  18. Suraj kv says

    Nice humorous story. Looking forward to do the same. I’m looking for a freelance writing job, if you could suggest me some good sites. And my area of expertise is Tech, blogging tips, and reviews.

  19. Glitz @ GlitzyBlog says

    The new bloggers can learn a lot about the blogging journey who feels that blogging is a way of getting rich quickly. when we take it seriously and responsibly the journey will be smooth.

    • Siddie says

      That’s right :)
      People just have this wrong idea that blogging is easy and fast way to make money, and when they realize the reality it’s already too late..

  20. kbharath @ Techntricksonline says

    As deepanshu said it was not boring at all it was a goos read. while reading i was feeling as if i was watching a movie about blogging.

    • Siddie says

      Haha!! ;) Thanks.
      Thanks, probably someday there will be a movie and it’ll grab more attention than the Social Network!! :)

  21. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Its always great to to hear a real life story than ‘advising’ and ‘Guessing’ posts.
    Glad to know that you are making good money with SML group.

    Good luck to your and your team.

  22. Deepanshu says

    lol who says its boring :-o not at all …it was so inspirational :-) hats off to u…..dropping college is a big decision and i can understand how muich parents are against blogging…my parents still think that i m playing games on computer even thpugh i m blogging :lol:

  23. Zohaib Hassan says

    Inspired… Hopefully, i will also someday write such article after success in blogging.

  24. Rahul Banker says

    Nice story and to be honest, mine is going to be the same :) Exactly the same to be precise, maybe! Good going.

  25. Siva says

    That was great one!!
    Myself, as a college student find it maintaining Blog and studies.
    Eespecially in semesters where the duration is about 3 months :(
    Btw, how much you are getting paid ?
    if it not good to publish in public, email me – but most of the followers/other bloggers will be interested as I came across new blogger spot left for CAG.

    • Siddie says

      Thanks Siva!! And sorry I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss payment!! :)
      You can apply and find out!! Anyways all the best. :D

  26. Zain says

    That’s really motivating Siddharth. Nice to see people sharing their experiences with blogging. May you have more success :)