3 Useful Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins

Inviting guest author on your blog for the contribution is a Win-win situation for Blog admin and the guest author. As admin gets a free quality post, and guest author gets visibility on new turf. Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have already discussed how to create a WordPress blog for guest posting. There are many WordPress plugins out there, which will help you to automate or make guest posting easier on your blog. When I say automate, it doesn’t mean that guest post will be automatically published, but plugins that will help you streamline the process.

For example, when somebody submit a post, the editor gets a notification, or when a post is rejected, submitted get a notification along with editor notes. Here I will be talking about two such plugins that are useful for guest blogging enabled WordPress blogs. First one in the list is: Peter’s collaborations e-mails WordPress plugin.

Best Guest Blogging plugins for WordPress

Peter’s Collaboration Emails:

This is a great WordPress plugin for guest posting. This plugin has many features. Like email notifications, etc.

Peters collaboration Email plugin


  • When a contributor submits an article for review, this plugin sends an email to the approvers so they can Approve the article. The email also contains a link to edit the post so that approvers can make needed changes to the post.
  • When an article is approved, the article contributor gets an email saying that his/her article has been approved and published. If the article is approved and scheduled, then the contributor gets an email saying that the article has been scheduled, and the publishing date also is shown. The contributor also gets the name of the article approved.
  • When the contributor’s article changes to “draft” from “pending”, the contributor gets an email saying that his/her article has been changed to “draft” and gives him/her a link to edit the post and re-submit it.

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Peter’s Post Notes:

guest blog WordPress plugin

Another great plugin for guest blogging. This plugin can be used with “Peter’s Collaboration Emails” plugin. This plugin adds a “Note” area in the edit post page at right-side. This plugin lets contributor and approver to put notes to the article. Suppose, if a contributor writes a tutorial and does not add screenshots, then the approver can make a note saying “Add the screenshot.” So, the contributor understands it and adds screenshots. This plugin makes collaboration between contributor and approver more simple and easier !

[ Plugin Link ]

If you are using Status notifier WordPress plugin, I would suggest remove status notifier and install Peter’s collaboration Email and Peter’s post notes plugin. Specially, when you have to reject or need some changes in submitted guest post, you can always add notes and change status to draft to notify guest author about changes which he needs to make or why his post is rejected.


One of the mistakes that I have seen many bloggers do is, they ask guest bloggers to send the post via Email or in MS Word format. There is nothing wrong with it, but this increases the work for the editor. A good idea is to enable the registration on your WordPress blog, and let author submit post directly from WordPress dashboard.  You should use User role manager plugin to control what access your contributor will get. Now, when you enable registration, you will also face the issue of spam registration and spam post submission. In this case, I highly recommend you to install Wang guard WordPress plugin. I’m not going much detail about this useful plugin, as Harsh has already covered it in detail. You can read about it below:

There are more plugins like Editorial calendar that could be added into our list of must-have guest blogging WordPress plugin, but for now these 3 plugins will ensure your blog is ready for guest post submission. If you still have any query or know more such useful plugins for guest author enabled blog, do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this article on WordPress and Google plus with your readers.

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    This is the reason why I like WordPress so much, you don’t need to be a programmer for maintaining a blog, just download some great plugin and you are good to go.Thanks bro for sharing these plugins.

  2. Andrew Rezk says

    It’s good to know that there are some useful plugins for guest posting,
    thanks for sharing this mate.

  3. Charan Pammi says

    Great post bro. I am dying to find out the correct plugins that authors can directly submit their guest posts.

  4. Shruti says

    Thank you! I was totally lost and had no idea about the action=register function until I imitated yours. I ended up using that, combined with the SI Captcha plugin and the User Submitted Posts plugin. My only beef is that it requires the new user/guest poster to deal with two different pages to first register and then submit the post. I hope some developer out there is working on a plugin that combines it all so it’s more intuitive for the guest.


  5. Tech Moo says

    Hi Mehesh, Your suggested plugins are the things i needed a lot, i am tired of sending confirmation mails to my contributors, this will save my 50% time and tension.. Thanks Man

  6. tushar says

    i believe that there will be more plugins for guest post coming as it is becoming a major promotion method these days. thanks for sharing

  7. Pumama says

    I am using WP Status Notifications . This pluin is quite good but I am thinking to change from Status Notifications to Peter’s Collaboration Emails

  8. Sharat says

    I am also accepting Guest Posts these days. But I am accepting guests posts through Email. I think with increase in traffic and guest posts I will need this plugin for sure.

    Thanks Mahesh for detailing on this guest blogging plugin.

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    this plugins very useful for blog want develop a network of collaborators to write article for blog, thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing this useful plugins mate. it will be useful for me when i enable guest posts in my blog.