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    Best Blogging Apps for iPad : Editor’s Choice

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    Best Blogging Apps for iPad : Editor’s Choice

    One reason why I love iPad is because of availability of unlimited Blogging apps for iPad. There are many such iPad app for Bloggers,which will make our life easier. Here I’m sharing some of my favorite and those iPad apps, on which I rely for my Blogging needs. ipad 3g 125x125

    I have been using an iPad from last 3 months and it’s probably one of my best investment in recent time in terms of gadget. I have been an iPhone users from years, and after buying an iPad, I don’t mind dumping my iPhone and settle down with any Android device just for the heck of it. Anyways, after buying iPad, the very first thing which I needed was to find the applications which is meant for bloggers. Basically, iPad 9.7 Inch display will let you most of the things including reading, writing and keeping track of social media updates.

    Needless to say, if you are planning to buy an iPad, you should settle down with a 3G connection, because it’s one Gadget which you would be keeping with yourself all the time. Anyways, here goes my Blogging apps for iPad collection . You can read about them in brief and download one which suits your need. Not everyone of them is free, but those paid once are also worth your money.

    Free Blogging apps for iPad

    WordPress app:

    WordPress iPad app

    If you are a WordPress blogger, this is the first app every WordPress blogger would like to have on it’s iPad. This is an official free app from WordPress team and it lets you do tons of thing and works great for blogging directly from your iPad. Though mostly I use it to reply to comments, check stats and quick editing of a post.  Specially, if you running a personal blog, WordPress app on iPad will make your blogging life easier on iPad.< Download >

    Flipboard for iPad:

    Flipboard iPad app

    When it comes to reading apps, Flipboard along with Zite are my favorite Feed reader for iPad. Probably, if I make a feed reader blogging apps for iPad, these two will take the number one chart. Most of the time, iPad works as a reading device for me and I have already showcased Flipboard earlier at ShoutMeLoud, and it’s perfect app if you are planning to use iPad to keep track of latest news. You can integrate Flipboard with your Twitter, Facebook, Google reader and custom searches. The magazine style look would make your reading experience really comfortable.  <Download >

    Pulse News reading app:

    Pulse iPad reader

    Pulse is another reading app for your iPad and before Flipboard, it used to be my favorite RSS reader app on my iPad. Pulse integrates with your Google reader account but again there is limit in number of feeds which you can import on your Pulse app. Though it’s useful if you wish to keep track of latest news from particular sites like Techmeme, digg and so on. < Download >

    Evernote and Dropbox:

    Dropbox for iPad

    Both this app doesn’t need any introduction. One biggest advantage of Dropbox and Evernote as they are available on Cross-platform and making this app available on iPad, they quickly make into the list of must have Blogging iPad apps. I have Evernote and Dropbox installed on my laptop and on my iPhone and iPad. This keep my everything syncs as they are one of my most used apps. < Download Evernote > <Download Dropbox>

    Stumble upon:

    IMG 0196

    Stumble upon is one of the top social bookmarking site which is use to find interesting and popular news based on your interested topic. Specially if you are in mood to learn new thing, Stumble Upon app on your iPad will be very handy. Their latest version of app added many new features which will keep you happy and might fall in love with stumble Upon again. <Download app>

    See this video showing how iPad Stumble Upon app works:

    Facebook app for iPad:

    Facebook iPad ap

    Though Facebook has not released any iPad optimized version but if you are using a Jailbroken iPad you can easily use a tweak from Cydia to get iPad optimized Facebook. Though it might take some time before we would see an iPad optimized version of Facebook, but if you have applied the tweak, certainly you will fall in love with Facebook app for iPad. <Download>


    For any blogger, communication is the key. No matter, where ever you are travelling you need to have some gadget which can quickly hook you to chat or better video chat when required. Skype is one such app which I recommend to every blogger as it’s one of the professional free messenger which everyone uses.  Specially when you are travelling, a quick video call will take care of all your worries. <Download>


    Since we mentioned Facebook, how can we forget Google+. In coming days, Google+ buttons are going to be one of the factor to determine search engine ranking. And having tons of followers on Google+ will be very useful for you from now on. One simple way is to get more follower on Google+ is stay active. Keep sharing useful stuff and add meaningful comment on other posts. Though Google+ for iPad is also not optimized for iPad screen but it’s good enough to get your work done on your iPad. <Download>

    Twitter for iPad.

    Twitter iPad app

    This is a dedicated iPad app from Twitter and this is as good as any of the premium or paid Twitter app for iPad. Twitter app for iPad supports multiple Twitter account management, quick tweet and a neat interface to monitor your timeline. Before you read about any premium Twitter app, I would suggest you to try official Twitter app on your iPad. < Download >

    There are many other useful apps like Google analytics HD and Mr. reader which are not free but worth a look. Though this post is dedicated to people who just bought an iPad and looking forward to install some Blogging & blogger related app.

    Do let us know your favorite Blogging apps for iPad. Which is one such iPad Blogging apps, that you would like to add in this list.

    Do let us know what other free Blogging iPad apps you are using on your iPad?

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    Why do you call these blogging apps when only ONE is an actual blogging app???
    Another article on here says its two free blogging apps and one is a twitter app. Are apps used to blog not considered “blogging” apps to anyone anymore?
    I’m confused now.
    I was hoping this would tell me about apps I could actually use to blog with on my iPad like Blogsy. I don’t need apps for tweeting or updating status….I would search for twitter or social network apps if that was the case.



    I think the FlipBroad app is terrific!



    Which of your recommendations is easiest for downloading photos taken from my iPad…..google +, Evernote, etc????




    Great collection of free blogging apps for the iPad, I use Wordpress and flipboard myself.



    Great collection of application harsh. I like most of them. Try to post similar article for android based phone also.


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