Most Popular Free Code Hosting Services

Code Hosting sites hosts the documentation, short codes, complete projects and helps in tracking bugs etc. We sometimes need to share simple codes or projects with friends, relatives or in forums or need views or help about codes and discuss on it. Here I am going to share with you some most popular code hosting sites, their features and services they offer.

Free Websites for hosting codes



It is one of the most popular code hosting website. It have most number of users and hosts largest number of projects. It is owned by Geknet, Inc the owners of Slashdot.

It offers free hosting for only open source projects and don’t host any close source projects. It provides many features like shell access and MySQL database. It also allow project owners to run CMS and host project information. It don’t have any usage quotas limit and you can have maximum benefit.

Useful for:

  • Open source projects
  • Project that needs Bug tracking and wiki
  • Projects that needs Shell access

Google Code

Google Code

It also offers free hosting to open source project only. It offers Wiki, issue checker, online source code browsing interface. Main benefit of using Google Code for hosting is you get benefits from other Google Services like for Login you can use Google Accounts, for tracking download you can use Google Analytics and for discussion you can use Google Groups. Amazing isn’t it?

Many of Google’s own open source projects like Chrome Browser, Chrome OS etc are also hosted on Google Code.

Useful For:

  • For Open Source Projects
  • For People who are working on Google Projects
  • For People Who prefer simple and clean interfaces



It also offer hosting for open source projects only. CodePlex is owned by Microsoft and offers some of the common features like Wiki, issue tracking, discussions and downloading hosting projects. It also offers advertisements feature on project pages to gain some help from funds. As a special feature it also offers service like Microsoft’s revision control system.

Useful For:

  • For projects using Microsoft Applications
  • Projects that targets Windows

This are some of the most popular services available on net for Code hosting and especially for open source projects. This services are completely free and doesn’t require any payment. Benefit you get by hosting your codes on popular services like this is that your code get exposure in front of many users and you may get help in development of project or some donations from other users. There are many other Code hosting services like Gitorious, Lauchpad, Bitbucket etc which offers simple and friendly code hosting for open source projects.

Do let us know which code hosting service do you use and which one you recommend for others?

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Bhaveek says

    I am aware of only source forge, as I have downloaded many open source app from there. I believe it has more apps as compared to any other service. :)

  2. eTuts says

    I have heard and used google code and source forge, but i did not know about code plex. Good to see.

  3. vikas@niche bloggers says

    I didn’t knew about the others… but I use Google code and it’s better.. :)

    • Ramakrishnan says

      Codeplex community doing great in bringing wonderful open source projects.I like them and using for almost two years. Joshi also missing CodeProjects