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How to Trace Mobile Number In India

How to Trace Mobile Number In India

trace mobiel number How many times you have been got into a situation where some random mobile number is giving you missed call and annoying you. I wish if we can get some kind of identification/info along with that anonymous number. Thanks to many mobile number locator sites which come into handy to trace mobile number and find out which city the person is calling for. Atleast, this makes it easy for me to guess who it could be.

There are many websites which will let you trace the mobile number and find the city from which call is originated. Specially when new series of number is out now, it’s hard to remember code for all the states in India. For ShoutMeLoud readers, here is a quick working website which will help you to trace the city of mobile number giving you missed calls.

Use Mobile Locator sites to Trace Mobile Numbers in India:

When I was making a list of such sites, I came across many such sites but only few of them are working and accurate. Some of them require just first 4 digit to trace mobile number and some of them need complete 10 digit mobile number. Anyhow, I will post few of them which I found interesting and worked perfectly at the time of writing this article.

Mobile Number Tracker:

Mobile Number Locator

I find this site interesting as it locate mobile number with city, on Google maps. This makes it easy to know from which region of country you got the call from. <Mobile number locator>


India Cellular

Another useful website which not only shows the location of the mobile number but also the mobile operator. If any number is annoying you, providing mobile operator detail will help you to trace that stalker quickly. <Link>


Indiatrace is one such websites which will let you trace mobile Phone number with city location. Easy to use and require 10 digit mob. no. <Link>

Just to let you know such mobile number locator services gives you city and service provider of mobile numbers. So it might give you enough hint to find the person who has been giving you missed call.

I wish if we can get a feature in which we not only trace mobile number but also get other details like Name, Address. Though, providing such information publicly is like invading of privacy, so expecting such feature for general public is useless.

Obviously you can’t find the exact GPS location of person but you will be atleast close to his location.  Don’t forget to subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter to keep receiving more such updates.

Do let us know if you know more such websites which will let you trace mobile number in India?

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  • jai

    i wanna find out the city not state by mobile number plz help

  • Arijit Das

    It provide the little bit information… But helpful as i usually gets missed call from some unknown numbers…. This time i can easily tracked the place and the service provider name of the number belongs.