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So you have been reading of blogs and now are inspired to start a new Blog of yours. You have worked on your Blog business plan, promotion plan and now you started writing content. 100 posts, 200 posts, 1000 posts and then you are stuck in a zone which we call it Writer’s block. You are not finding anything interesting to write about and your blog is dying because of lack of new content. It happened with me and I’m sure this happens with you or will happen at one point of time. So, the question is instead of waiting for this situation to happen, why not lets start preparing yourself from now on and have a proper mindmap for your content generation.
Mindmapping in Blogging

Mindmapping as we call it is a very basic terminology in project planning or any kind of field where people discus ideas. Even in Blogging, Mindmapping helps a lot to let you survive for long. I’m sure you don’t want to be a seasonal blogger. Do you?

Here I’m sharing tips which helps me to generate non stop ideas. The idea here we should be able to keep coming up with non stop blog ideas. There are various ways to do this, but one thing which is very important is Continuation.

Mindmapping for Blogging

The idea is you need to create a map of your ideas, which can be use to create a series of post and more sub posts can be driven through it.

One simple way which you can do is take a clean piece of Paper and start with a basic idea as bubble and now create a sub ideas driven from the topic.

For an Example

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

  • WordPress—- WordPress plugin
  • WordPress—- WordPress Theme”wordpress premium themes”wordpress free themes
  • WordPress— How and hacks
  • WordPress— SEO

Remember WordPress is level 0 topic and all other topic are sub part of it. This way you can come up with endless ideas for your blog and above all you will be creating sub categories according to your interest. I also use a tool call SEMRUSH, which let me generate long tail Keywords for any given topic and it not only help me in mindmapping new content but also make sure, I’m targeting traffic driven articles.

This is the traditional ways of coming up with mind-mapping ideas. In next post we will cover up how you can come up with endless post ideas using Mind mapping software’s.

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  1. says

    It sure looks like a great idea, but what about to time it takes to plan. For an example larger blogs have at least 10+ posts publishing every day taking days of efforts. How long does it take to implement an mind map to get non-stop ideas?

  2. sudha says

    Well I really liked the way you spoke of the idea. Well to all of you, u can take a look at this post on How to generate new post Ideas. This is a post on mind mapping & many other ideas to generate ideas.

  3. Soumen Halder says

    Well I really liked the way you spoke of the idea. Well to all of you, u can take a look at this post on How to generate new post Ideas. This is a post on mind mapping & many other ideas to generate ideas.

  4. venkat says

    You never short of ideas for blog posts that’y you are able to blog more posts for your blog keep it up.

  5. Extreme John says

    These are some excellent tips, I never thought of setting up my articles in that type of fashion. Being a pretty busy guy I find more problems trying to remember all of the things I would like to write about, and of course finding the time to write about them.

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