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    Microsoft makes Fun of Google with Gmail Man[Video]

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    The battle between Microsoft and Google isn’t something that’s on the news everyday. Microsoft recently launched it’s Office 365 and its main aim was to take Google’s Apps down. Office 365 brings a basket of products such as the Office directly available on the internet, much like Google Apps.

    office 365 google apps thumb Microsoft makes Fun of Google with Gmail Man[Video]<Image Credit>

    This kind of thing keeps happening and will never stop, unless there is a winner. Companies will try to showcase each others flaws in many ways and this is one of those ways. Do you remember the famous Mac vs. PC commercials that created such back in the days when Mac was first introduced.

    This commercial or rather a spoof video made for Google’s Gmail service involves a postman known as Gmail Man, who reads through the emails of everyone to find useful keywords. Why keywords? To advertise of course. The video shows that Gmail is more interested in making revenue than about the privacy of it’s users. That is true to a certain extent, Google does read our most frequent emails to see what we discuss about often and then created advertisements based on those acquired keywords. You can watch the Gmail Man video after the break, believe me, it is funny and controversial. The punch line of the video is “Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs.”

    Google replied to this video by saying that the admins can choose to enable or disable ads, only if you’re using Google Apps for Business. Not a good comeback!!

    This is quite an interesting video and I’d like all of you to watch it and give us your opinion. Do you think Gmail doesn’t care about our privacy? Or is it something entirely different. If you think about it, this isn’t so bad, I mean it’s not like they’re stealing anything. They just gather keywords that they believe is important to us and post ads about it, helping us in a way. If it is wrong, then they should start cleaning the mess up, now that they have a social network to take care of. It’d be really bad if Google starts advertising on our Google+ profiles too, just when we’re beginning to like it.

    Tell us what you think!!

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    Saurabh Mukhekar

    It may be true thing, :) but Gmail is pretty better than others,I love it



    i didn’t notice that google was actually reading ,y email as don’t pay attention to ads. good going Microsoft.



    Lol ,This is really Great Video makes me laugh while watching ,yes it is right Google does not cares privacy!:(


    Sandeep Singh

    I dont think it is wrong. It is just that they look for the keywords, a part of the business. They are not going to blackmail or send the mails to anyone else. Google + will also soon have advertisments like Orkut for sure,when facebook does why cant google.


    Sudheer Ranga

    Nice video. And it’s pretty true that no one want ads in their mails and gmail does that. It will be good if google stops that. Any how i wont’t switch to anyother than googles services because they are the best.


    KBharath @ HDBloggers

    Great Video Siddie


    Sudheer Ranga

    I agree. Google will not leave Microsoft. They will sue them.


    [email protected]

    I think this will a make a serious competition between google and microsoft..
    Google will even lauch its Operation system soon to beat windows :-)



    Well, Best services doesn’t comes Free
    I have no objection of Ads in my Gmail account atleast, I am happy with my Gmail. It is far better than any other mail services. Other mail services are just competing who is more devils?
    Go to yahoo and try to search something ? I will never be able to the related mail! Rediffmail I have no idea actually at which time it Really works ? Rarely used Hotmail so can’t comment instead of downgrading G services, Microsoft should try how to enrich their user experience !



    Further to above comments which of these services providers have an awesome platform like Adsense where even small person can earn money. Except Google no one is giving share to other publishers web masters! Why Facebook does not allow your pages to earn for you ? If there was no Adsense, than I am pretty sure blogging world couldn’t had developed to today’s height and so the hosting and domain also!



    Yes ,Right said Google Adsense is the most popular way of earning money on internet ,no other company provides your 60% share also Microsoft already failed in this and also if Facebook thinks that they cn beat Google in Advertising than they should start their own Adsense ,otherwise it fails to get popularity all other Advertising like Bidvertiser,adbribe and others sucks you can’t reach minimum payout ever ..also they are scammers I think



    That’s a great video! I still like using Google Docs because they are easy to use. But sometimes I do find glitches where I failed to save documents!

    Anyway, I think it is OK to have some ads but please, not too many! Haha… :)



    Funny video but still staying with gmail. Google rocks… For the most part.



    I really hate Microsoft for this. Firstly they tried to Copy Google by launching bing then Office 365. But let me tell you MS, this things are really stupid and proves you are getting stupids day by day.

    Just take a look to your Live or hotmail? Isnt full of advertisement? Also you people confuse your mail clients? If anything is better and if you feels jealous then invent something better instead of laughing on others.

    You know, You people launched Vista, that really sucks? So, Google should make fun of yours. Did they? By putting these types of advertisement you people are just making others to laugh on you.

    Being a Windows 7 user I feel ashamed on this advertisement and on Microsoft.


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