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Onsite SEO is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization, and before SEO by Yoast, meta robots used to be really great plugin. In case if you are not using SEO by Yoast, and looking for a WordPress plugin, which configure your blogNoindx,Meta Robots WordPress plugin  is the best plugin.

Meta Robots WordPress Plugin

Meta Robots is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin which will help you to optimize your WordPress blog for search engine. Meta robots plugins comes with a setting panel, from where you can make lots of changes including putting no index and no follow attributes into your blog.

How to use Robots Meta WordPress Plugin?

Note: If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, this functionality is already there. You can read this configuration guide for SEO by Yoast plugin.

For any newbie blogger, it may be hard to understand which part they should no index and which part they should index. By default, all the part of your blog is indexed and crawled by Google. In simple word, here is difference which you need to understand:

  • Noindex: Search engine bots will not index the page
  • Nofollow: Search engine bots will not follow the link
  • Index: Search engine bots will index the page
  • Follow/Dofollow: Bots will follow the link and link juice will be passed to that external page.

Pages like Category, tags, author, page1/page2, WP-admin doesn’t add any value to search engine and just add quantity of pages. It”s a good idea to keep all such pages no index from Google. Here is optimum settings :

Put check box on the following options: You need to expand all the options. RSS feeds, Prevent indexing, Permalink Settings, Internal Nofollow settings.

  • Noindex the comment RSS feeds
  • This site results page
  • The login and register pages
  • Author Archive
  • Date-based archive
  • Category Archive
  • Tag Archive
  • Redirect Attachment URL’s to Parent post URL
  • Nofollow outbound links on the homepage
  • Nofollow login and registration link
  • Nofollow comment links

Here is a quick screen shot for the same:

More over by using Meta Robots plugin, you can also put no index, no follow attributes in a single blog post. When we write blog posts, some of the posts doesn’t matter any value to search engine. Making such post no-index is very useful, though you want all the links from that post to be followed.

Meta robots plugin also provide you an option by which you can make changes on your individual blog posts.


By default option which is selected is index,follow, you can change the option as per appropriate. For an example, if you are writing any affiliate post, you might want Google to index the post, but don’t want Google to follow the link juice to your affiliate link. In such case you can select the option no. 2 . index, no follow.

Also check:

Along with it, under settings >Robots   meta, there are many option which you can select to enhance your WordPress SEO. From the option page, you can also edit your WordPress .htaccess file and your robots.txt file.

Download Robots meta plugin

Are you using Meta Robots  plugin on your blog? Do let us know what do you think about this plugin and do you find it useful. If you are completely new to SEO and want to learn WordPress SEO from scratch, you can opt for Personal WordPress SEO coaching here.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Josh says

    Okay so I run an authority site in my hypnosis niche. I’m using this plugin. Every blog post of mine usually has affiliate links and stuff in it. So are you saying it would be better for me to use index nofollow instead?

    The theme I’m using is thesis 1.8 didn’t WordPress or thesis naturally make all links in the post norollow anyway?

    My main goal with my site is for it to rank high and post to rank high for their respected keywords. So in your opinion i need to make post that have links to other sites as index, no follow correct? Know what about post which only have links to other blog post on my site. Should that be norollow as well?

    • says

      By default links are not nofollow..You need to add Nofollow attribute.. rel=nofollow
      When you are linking out to other sites which are useful and add value …You should keep it as dofollow..
      You should use Nofollow link attribute for only Affiliate links.. You can also use Gocodes WordPress plugin to mask and keep them nofollow…

  2. Acwin says

    I used yoast wordpress seo plugins which have its robots meta settings, still I can used this meta robots ?

  3. Manpreet Singh Rehsi says

    can we use both Meta Robots and all in one seo together ? If the answer is yes, what are the optimum settings for both plugins ?