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    Meebo Toolbar for Blogs and Websites

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    Meeba toolbar was live on Mashable from long time. If you remember meebo toolbar allows you to quickly share any image, add different sharing option like stumble upon , Digg share , Facebook share. Meebo toolbar also allows you to chat directly from webpage using meebo toolbar.

    In other words Meebo toolbar add more social features and build interactivity. One other feature which I liked most about Meebo toolbar is showing Facebook fan pages and fan page stream.

    meebo toolbar thumb Meebo Toolbar for Blogs and Websites

    Another noticable feature of meebo toolbar is you can see the interaction stats too. meebo toolbar also allows you to add chat directly from webpage using your meebo ID.

    I never prefer using any toolbar since it increases website loading timeĀ  of the blog. Though Just for an experiment I installed meebo toolbar and trying to see how it helps in interactivity and how much social feature this toolbar add here at Shoutmeloud. Another toolbar which attracted me some time back was wibiya toolbar. You can get meebo bar for your blog from this link.

    I will share my experience with Meebo toolbar in a week.

    Have you ever used any toolbar on your blog? Do share your success or failure story with any of this toolbar.

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    Mad Geek @beingPC

    I don’t like the Drag n Drop feature that much, a simple share button works well for me. The wibiya toolbar is good but I never use any toolbar so for me it is just a waste of resources, though its just my option maybe some like this.

    But for me it won’t work at all.


    sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    But i like wibiya Toolbar very much
    Thanks for sharing Harsh


    Akshay Kakkar

    It do increases website loading time. But you can create menus & widgets to your site which increases social networking. & you can too add a random page button ! so it is good (only good) for social networking blogs like mine.


    Michael Aulia

    I had that toolbar installed on my other blog a couple of weeks ago. Like you, I didn’t think it will do any good on our blogs. For example, most people already have their favorite instant messaging clients open, so why would they want to login again on the meebo toolbar?


    Anil Gupta

    I’m really looking for a tool or software that can help me share my content on multiple networks automatically. Suppose I add my content on Twitter and it get posted on other networks like facebook, myspace, Orkut etc automatically. Anyone know of such tool or software, anything like that?


    Extreme John

    I’m not really a big fan of toolbars, I do love the sharing ideas that you mentioned above so Im gonna check out Meebo and see what it looks like and might be able to add to any of our blogs.


    One 4 All

    thanks for share it. I want to use it for a long time ago. Now i can have it.



    nice toolbar for blogger, I like this toolbar because it simple.

    thanks for sharing,


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