4 Elementary Blogging Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

Cristiano Ronaldo, Picasso,  Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Daniel-Day Lewis, Sachin Tendulkar, Elvis Presley, Jon Morrow.

Well, these are another round of legends and wonders of various arts. So you might be  wondering what has a connection between these legend’s legacy and blogging? Is that anything related with 4 Folds? Are they going to reveal some backbreaking never heard secrets? Keep Calm and believe in me, as I’m going to unveil the key of mastering of blogging.

Massive Blog growth

For once, let’s stick to the legend scenario once again. So, as we are a blog under blogging niche, let us narrow our thoughts to Jon Morrow. Ever wondered what makes him called ‘Legend’? What makes them the best among the rest? Why is Blog is getting Millions and Millions of unique visitors?

The Answer is simple : ‘Basics is what make them Legends“.

Wait, Blogging and Basics? Does Blogging has basics too?

This is the so-called “SECRET” which makes a difference between YOU, ME & Jon Morrow. They already are well aware of the basics, and they are continuously trying to enhance the process again and again.

So, it was my curiosity and desire to figure out what the so-called secret.  After days and days figuring out the algorithm and having a personal conversation with him, I am hereby led to the conclusion that the blogging is divided upon FOUR Factors :


Ehh..Was it so Easy?

YES, it is. But given that the above 4-steps if taken out at a large yet safer scale, then it might bore the fruit of  success to you. Without wasting your much time, let me go to in-depths of the four factors.

Massive Success in Blogging


Basically, these is the foremost and the basic part of our procedure. You can also call it the seed of the procedure. Attraction is what many bloggers hit out for.

So let us consider the Jon Morrow case once again. Jon was previously a associate editor of Copyblogger, after which he started off with his own blog “Boostblogtraffic“. Many few people know that boostblogtraffic was one-of-a-kind blog with 13,000 email subscribers even before the blog has gone live! The results where all from his posts from copyblogger. If you would have a look over the headlines of articles, you would soon observe what I mean. Not only they are crisp and seductive, they are one-of-the-killers too!

Boostblogtraffic seductive headlines

This means that headlines do affect traffic and visitors. The more they sound mysterious yet curious, the more are your chances to divert them to your blog.

Another means of attracting traffic is via your blog’s design. By Blog’s Design, we mean the User Interface or the Theme. Providing your visitors with an innovative, stylish and awesome Design would certainly hit their nerves. Staight to our own ShoutMeLoud blog, you would see that the theme we are using is quite simple yet stylish and informative which is loved by many.

But still, it is preferred to go with headline factor, as it is more secure and far more traffic fetching. In the sense that, if you share links among social media, tons of other people will come to know about your blog by your posts or more specifically headlines. So in turn, if they are impressed with the headlines or posts, they will automatically will hit the links and will love to know more about it.

On the other hand, let us assume you have the on-of-a-kind theme, that know one would probably seen before. But how will you convince others that you have got one of the best? Surely you can manage some of your BFF’s and some of your cousins. But to remind you Blogging is no less than news channels. You present your views only to get noticed among others rather than a selected few kith and kin.

As an author, it’s my sole duty to remind you that the steps are heavily linked to one another and if “Attract” part has been done well you can move on to second part:


Okay, your Visitor has read your article and is convinced of it and is quite happy. What’s next? He has two option in his mind for now :

  1. Close up the tab or the browser or
  2. Move to another website (Statistics suggest that facebook is the first choice)

Basically, this means that : They come, They saw and They leave. This is where the Engagement factor comes between. Engage is as important as Attract. You can try many things to engage your visitors into your blog. But the best thing to do is enhancing your theme, as noted above in attract part. We have said that the theme has a direct response to the visitor. By the theme part only, the visitor decides if it’s good or bad. Everybody wants to be in the former part but the reality is that it’s much more hard than it is.

Getting a theme. Hmm, you have two ways : Either by making it by yourself or spend some bucks on a great theme. But have a look over websites like ShoutMeLoud, Quick Sprout, Buffer Blog to name a few. They have the one-of-a-kind theme. Completely different, unique never seen before, which leaves a mark in the visitor’s mind. Even when I first visited Shoutmeloud, I too was awe-strucked and drawn back with the theme which made me an addicted reader of ShoutMeLoud. Or, in the other way you can add a recommened posts widget below your post, so as your loyal visitors can browse through your blog. Which is another a plus point.

The truth is there are many tons of ideas like these. Just open your Ears and look around you will certainly figure it out.


This title is quite explaining and I think I don’t need to go much in-depth for it. When you have successfully done the above two steps, you will be rewarded with your loyal visitors being your loyal members of your blog. Plus point : They will share it to their friend circle and it will go on, go on and go on, basically getting tons of visitors.

In the conversion part, nothing special has to be done beside wait and watch. Wait for the conversion period and let the visitors be converted to and added to your fan base.


The personality is often judge by their looks, their nature. And the same applies for the blogging counterpart too. Your blog is nothing less than a global brand.

You have converted your Visitors into fans, but it’s your duty to confront and comfort them. Otherwise they will lose the faith of love towards your blog. Offer them the email newsletter or the latest updates via Email. Ask them how is the blog? Give them free goodies on a subscription of your blog. This are some of the techniques you can retain even make some more visitors.

Converting your visitors into fans is a hard task, we admit. But giving them the comfort is one of the ultimate task. As we said earlier that likewise Attract was the seed of the procedure, this can be stated as the ‘Stem of the procedure’. We have got around Millions of blogs on the Internet, with many blogs passing by easily though the earlier three steps. But retaining is the part where they fail to cross the hurdle.

Every above point has it’s own importance and should be given equal weightage.


Practically, there are more even more ways to your Blogging basics. But this is one of the roots. Almost every other technique will be or is linked with these four steps. So, from my side I wish you luck and I hope you will follow these 4 KEY STEPS which will get you a top-notch blog.

Got some more ideas? Do Let us know in Comments.

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Sayantan Mahato is a fun-loving freelance writer, who blindly believes that Pens are more powerful than Nukes. He has been working with many top-notch blogs which includes EliteDaily, LifeHack & ShoutMeLoud and is eager to write for your blog!


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  1. says

    The results where all from his posts from copyblogger. If you would have a look over the headlines of articles, you would soon observe what I mean. Not only they are crisp and seductive, they are one-of-the-killers too!

  2. says

    Really great & helpful arcticle, Thank you Samuel. I’m in the first stage and started my blog just some weeks ago. At the moment it is still everything in German, but my next stage will be to start “bilingual”. I hope it will work. :-) All the best

  3. Edward Anthony says

    As you said, They come they saw they leave.
    The only problem here is the “they leave” part.
    My opinion,
    The visitor and all of us, don’t like to read plain article without image.
    To make it’s more interesting to read, you can add images and videos.

    For example in this article, you can add image, for each secition “Engage”, “Convert”, and “Retain”.

    This is a good article, keep it coming :D