Marketing Strategies For The Newbies With Minimum Budget

Are you one of the Blogger maintaining a Blog or an online business with the tight budget and looking for the best and low-cost methods for promoting your blog/website or your online business. if so then take a look at the below mentioned low-cost and best online marketing strategies which are not only low-cost but also very effective ways for promoting your blog/website.

1. Article Marketing :

Promoting a website or the online business through article marketing is one of the best marketing strategy. article marketing involves of writing articles about your products and services or you can also write about the subject which you are interested in and attract readers who are interested in the same subject/niche.

If you are using this article marketing to promote your business or blog you should not submit the articles to the article directories which are small and no good Page Rank and traffic. you should choose and submit the articles to the biggest article directories such as,,,,,, and lots more etc.

Writing and submitting unique versions of the articles to the most number of directories is a best strategy which you can use if you have a minimum budget for marketing the website or your online services you can easily find the article directories with high PR and traffic easily by searching it on the search engine like Google.

You can also use the service providers who provide article submission services but this includes money you have spend some money for this services.and there are some of the one click article submission software’s which you can purchase for submitting one article which will be spinned to different and unique versions automatically by the software itself and submits to 100’s of article directories. but most of the article submission software around are scam so be careful before purchasing any one click software’s online so you can save money by not spending on scam products.

2. By Blogging Through Free Blogs:

Any one can start a free blog at Google’s Blogger it’s totally free but the main disadvantage here is you do not have the full control of your blog. but you write as many as articles and promote it via social bookmarking. the great advantage in blogger is that you can host as many blogs as you want without spending a cent. but it is always best to have a self hosted blog but this costs some dollar per month which will not be able to pay by most of the newbie bloggers.

With Free blogs there is a great advantage so first you can test your writing skills and you can test your marketing skills so if you are getting the best results and when you come to know that you can write and promote to grab traffic or readers then you can easily migrate to the self hosted blog.

3. By Social Networking:

As a webmaster you would know that the Facebook is huge and Facebook is stated as the second biggest and top website on the internet world. so you can easily use Facebook to promote your blog/website or even your service and products. most of the blogs get traffic from Facebook .

For an Example Shoutmeloud : in the Top 10 Sources of Traffic from Google Analytics, Facebook is in the 5th Position for driving Minimum of 2,400 visitors a month as per the March 2011 Traffic report of ShoutMeLoud.

And Not only Facebook there are other Social Networking site like Twitter, LinkedIn etc for promoting your blog/website.
These are few highly effective and best which costs you nothing or minimum budget for marketing a blog/website and the products and services online. The fact here is you have to invest more time not more money on Internet Marketing.

This is something which can be achievable by working couple of hours daily. More over this is DIY stuff and you can make your expenses almost negligible with above mentioned tips.

Do you have more tips to share? Let us know via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Sandeep@CuriousLittlePerson says

    Hey Bharath – Article marketing is definitely a great way to start up with your marketing when you don’t have the resources… but it be on high PR and high traffic blogs like shoutmeloud rather than article directories.

    • KBharath @ HDBloggers says

      Hi Sandeep thanks for commenting and as you said its right Guest Blogging is a great promotional tool for marketing the blogs.

    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide says

      Yes I agree with you Sandeep… to ensure that your effort will be productive.