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Blogging and Marketing Strategies

It is always difficult for an entrepreneur to become successful whether its online or offline field of his/her work. Because there are many already who are more experienced and qualified on the same field. In such environment of marketing getting success seems almost  infeasible. The point has to be noted that they too had started from the point where you  are now. Unlike every newbie you too have the aspiration to become successful,right?.

Who doesn’t want be successful? But the question arises how to market your products successfully? What are best marketing strategies to consider before diving in? I’ll be discussing some of the proven ways that will help you reach that land mark.

Blogging and Marketing strategies:

Blogging is nothing but a job like any other profession. For some it’s a hobby and for others it’s a source of living. You’ll find many enthusiasts who have taken this platform beyond just blogging. According to their suggestions for all newcomers the life blood of blogging is to give quality time creating quality and unique contents. One should not dream of becoming blogger hero overnight.

It’s a steady process and you got to bear with. It beckons time and commitment to build your authorship. That’s all you need to carry this forward. But how can blogging help you sell your products?  Blogging is a good and open source to share or promote yourself and your products online. It has gone viral over recent years. You can have greatest exposure online than offline today. You can carry out your ideas and marketing strategies without hassle.

Vortex of  marketing strategies:

What is the need to take marketing strategies into consideration? There are many online and offline entrepreneurs who plan to start a business enthusiastically but end up with utter failures. If you are planning to sell something online or offline you should first win the trust of your audience.

Many of the entrepreneurs think that generating leads online is easy compared to offline but it’s actually not. They forget about proper planing of marketing strategies. It also needs to popularize products among the customers. You can not just sit and expect customers after the first set up of your commercial products i.e local advertising,blog set up,newspaper advertising, installing business site or store,hanging broad banners etc. Don’t take it granted that everything is done and wait for the leads to pile up. When your marketing eventually fails to live up to expectation don’t you may think to quit. Many do that without giving an another try. You have lost your money and interest,now what is next? You might be wondering thinking that this is not your cup of tea. This is the point where a firm decision is to be made.

Well ,I’ve compiled certain methods that’d surely energize you to live your dream. Let me elaborate some of the key qualities and strategies one should develop for better results.

Work on creativity in marketing:

Creative marketing Strategies

Take it into account that proper marketing strategies are essential for proper marketing of products. You can’t be sure or rely on the same methods that work for others or worked for you before. It may not work now. Open your mind to new ideas. Understand your audience and their needs. Feel the need to spread your voice and introduce about the services you’re offering. Make your presence felt and keep on promoting your products.

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Don’t stop your promotion after having promoted for just few days or months. A human brain starts noticing when something is exposed to it several times. As already said in the beginning that you should make space in the heart and mind of your customers by building a strong relationship. People will buy if they trust ,no trust no value of a product.

Always give your best shot:

For any business , the first customers play a major role in its success. Not because they are buying something from you but they’ll be mediators who will introduce  you and your products to many. Try to give your best to please them in every way possible irrespective of who they are and where they come from? They may not tell you anything but might do it with their friends and relatives helping you promote your goods. Respond them diligently for whatever they ask or enquire. Anyway this marketing strategy is everywhere applicable when it comes to selling something.

Take help from others:

You can also take help from such entrepreneurs who are related to your niche one or the other way. Contact someone who has a good grip on marketing. Talk to him/her about your products and ask him/her to sell some of yours that suit his/her niche. In return you can offer him/her incentives. It will be a win-win deal for both of you.

Make your network rock solid:

Strong online network

It is said that stand away from the crowd to get noticed but I’d rather say be in the crowd and you’ll be noticed. Does it sound weird? No, it isn’t. Actually ,if you want that others should know about you it’s mandatory. Stand away from the crowd in your ideas but when it comes to promotion you need people. You need to have proper networking for your growth. You can do so by actively joining different communities on different social media, religious communities, organisations and even on forums. You can give your word to help them in any manner that is in your reach. It is a good way to promote or market your products. Ultimately they are the one who will be making you successful . So be intent to help and solve their queries. Be professional in your approach and conversation.

Assessment is needed:

After following all the above mentioned methods you are sure to progress. But if it fails in spite of all the hard work and effort you need to re-evaluate your methods. Take a detailed assessment of everything right from the beginning. You may need a bit of research work. Engage yourself to forums that mainly focus on marketing strategies. You can discuss your issues to see what works best for you. After having completed the survey work take the next step.

It doesn’t matter if you are a starter or en established company, you need to have a strategy for your marketing campaign every-time. You can read about various case-studies and examples of many effective marketing strategy by big players in your niche, to have one of your own. Without one, your success will be slow, and you are missing out the biggest benefits of being and selling online.

Do let me know what method you are following while writing down marketing strategy? Do you have one or you still in the process of making one?

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Rupak says

    Glad to know Ram that you haven’t given up hope. Starting a free classified site for commercial purposes is always difficult since all look for immediate results. It could be also possible that you’re not getting enough traffic on your site or Your site is not properly exposed to such customers interested in posting their ads. If at all they are landing on your page ‘0’ posting is hindering your chances. I’m not that expert in generating huge traffic to a blog but I feel that you should ask your near and dear ones , all friends ,relatives first to post something even though they don’t need to . Try to link your sites from different media like social networks, CPC ads(if possible),write guest posts on the benefit of free classifieds etc. I’m sure it could help you in some ways. At the end I’d say never loose hope even in the eleventh hour. My best wishes Ram. Hope to see you around.

    • Ram says

      Thanks a lot Rupak for your prompt reply and guidance. I had this thought to get some first posts from my friend circle. As i have more than 150 friends on facebook, it may not be that hard to get at least a few posts. However somewhere inside i felt it might affect negatively as its unfair, don’t know why. Now i think that’s fair and i may ask them to do this favor to me.

      I will surely act on other options too. Soon let you know the results.
      Once again thank you Rupak.

  2. Ram says

    Very inspiring article !! Yes, it’s true when one tries his best to promote his service and he does not gets the expected results, he thinks to quit, that’s what I started to feel that it might not be my cup of tea. I have started an online free classified website but i could not think even a single way to motivate expected customers to list their ads. Although i realise that i can drive the traffic on it but i know no body gonna post on a new website where all the categories show “0” listing.

    I am visiting Shoutmeloud for more than 6 months and this is first time i am commenting on any article with a hope i may get some guidance and moreover i wanted to share my frustration with someone.

  3. says

    Excellent post brother !
    Strong network do helps mate , i have seen many bloggers around thousands of dollars p/m just through their networks. Thanks for sharing this article !


  4. Amal Rafeeq says

    Well put article Rupak,
    I really liked the part where you suggested to “Always give your best shot” ! Way to go.

    Trust is another factor that plays a vital role in marketing. If the Audience don’t trust you, how are they gonna dive into things that you recommend to use and try your suggestions?
    So, build a Solid Trust factor.

    BTW, the article is damn cool :) Congo!

    Cheers mate. See you around :)

    • Rupak says

      Thanks Amal for adding value to this article . I’m glad that you liked it. I’m already a subscriber of your blog and I must say I love your articles on blogging tips. I draw a lot of inspiration from blogs like yours. I’d also like to thank Harsh for approving my article as soon as I submitted it for review. He also madefew