How to Make a Viral Video Like “Oppa Gangnam Style”

Marketers are always approached by companies want to create a video that will go viral and generate thousands of views and money of course. But when you talk to them, you will come to realize that they do not actually want to produce a viral video rather all they want is a promotional video and at the same time, they want to see it go viral and sending hundreds and thousands of visitors to their website.

However, this is nothing wrong business owners want to drive more traffic to their website. Rather it is your responsibility to make them face the cold reality and the reality is viral video and promotional video are totally different.

Gangnam Style

And the worst part, there is no secret of making a viral video like Oppa Gangnam Style. There is no recipe as such available and if there were one, we could see a deluge of videos going online and becoming immensely popular. And if you gather the required courage to make them face the truth that the video is not going to have promotional things plastered all around save at the end, you are mostly likely to see a vacant  expression in their eyes.
How on earth we are going to make money if the video does not tell anything about our company”, they will start shouting at you. Valid question and therefore, you need to make them see the reason that promotional thing rarely go viral as people tend to ignore this obvious truth, most attempts at making a video go viral ends up being tagged as another failed attempt.

Creating a Viral Video like Oppa Gangnam Style:

Though there is no secret of making a video viral, there are certain tips that you can follow to ensure your video go viral, at least to some extent:

Visitor Must Be Able to Connect on Emotional Level:

If you are reading this post, I can dare say that you have watched some viral videos in some point of your life. But have you ever wondered why you liked that video? Yes it connects with you on emotional level. And of course, those videos are share worthy and by share worthy I mean that they are so interesting, funny and awesome that you feel the urge to share with your friends. And then you friends share them with their friends and their friends with their friends and this is how a video goes viral.

Take for example, the latest internet sensation – Gangnam Style video. The only reason it goes viral is the moves of Psy are crazy to the point of being extremely funny and above everything else, the video is just awesome. If you happen to see the video, you must have seen it couples of times and the reason, it have blew up your mind.

Do Not make It Overtly Promotional:

I know you want to make some fortune from the video or at least give your brand image a much needed push, but that does not necessarily mean that you should be stuffing promotional things into the video. You need to know how to add promotional things in the video without making it obvious. A great strategy would be adding a small logo featuring at the bottom of the video or featuring company details at the end of the video.

However, if your client is hell bent on adding promotional elements in it, you need to make sure that the video still look and feel great despite the obvious presence of some promotional elements. Say for example, the videos of Axe are highly promotional in nature but still they manage to seize the attention of the targeted audience and I hope you know the reason why. Yes, it is the elements of fun that make their video widely acceptable.

Where Is Your Marketing Plan: 

Yeah I know that there are some videos that go viral even when they are not f**Kingly great. Sometimes, lady luck favours them, but you simply cannot afford to wait for the precise moment when lady luck start favouring you. Promoting a company commissioned video is a hard nut to crack. Here just being awesome will not do; you need to have a marketing plan ready.

By marketing plan, I mean to say that your company needs to have a large fan base who would not mind sharing and commenting on the vide when you upload them in social sharing or video sharing sites. And probably for this reason, big brand gets away with average videos whereas small companies struggling to get exposure even when the quality of their video is far better compared to the big brands.

Coco cola viral business plan

Say for example, Coca Cola has a massive million Facebook fans and therefore, it is easy for this brand to promote a video than a company like yours with just couples of hundreds of Facebook fans.

You need to take thing this way. Suppose you wish to spread a rumor. Now, how on earth, you can spread a rumor if there is nobody to spread it. So, that simply means to make your message go viral, you need to have some fan followers, who will share the message with their friends and their friends with their friends and this is exactly how rumor spreads like wide fire. So, the bottom line of making a video popular is that you need to make people share it and for that you need to device a marketing plan that will simultaneously help you increase your fans and followers in social circles and increase the possibility of getting more views for the video.

Align All Your Marketing Effort:

What if your video becomes immensely popular? Ok, got you, it will drive traffic to your website and you will get some business leads. But what good is traffic, if your website looks like designed by a Fifth grader. It will wreck havoc with your marketing strategy. None of the visitors will get converted and your video marketing effort will draw a blank. I hope you certainly do not want this. So, you need to make sure that all the marketing channels involved in the process are in proper shape otherwise; all your effort will go wasted.

Last but not the least, lets watch Gangnam Style video once and refresh our creativity buds to create something as viral as this again:

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