How To Make One-Time Reader To Revisit Your Blog Again

Attracting Traffic is major factor for any kind of blog. If you are getting good traffic then it shows that you are going on right path of blogging. Traffic may be because of search engines, social networking websites or any other source, it is more important that how you make that traffic revisit again. Making one time visitor to revisit again is important task.

Make Reader Visit Again

The most useful factor because of which readers revisit your blog is useful, unique and quality content. I am not going to discuss about quality and useful posts here because at ShoutMeLoud we have already shared lots of articles, if you have missed any of the articles then you can check few them right now:

Apart from quality and unique articles, there are few basic and important factors which you must keep in mind to make readers revisit again:

Keep your articles interactive:

Writing quality articles is good but it’s important that you should ask something from readers to discuss too. You can ask questions, readers views, critism or feedbacks from readers at the end of posts. This will help them readers to interact with you. Always write articles as if you are communicating with readers, readers should not feel that they are reading a boring book. This way you can easily attract readers to visit next time.

Reply to comments:

It is important that you reply to all the comments and it should be guinue and helpful to readers. Never get rude to negative comments and handle such comments effectively. If you are a popular blogger than there are chances that you might be getting fan emails or few critics email, make sure you reply to such emails. Replying to emails from readers makes them regular readers to your blog.

Make blog easy to navigate:

Whenever I visit a blog, I only read other articles if it’s easy to navigate through blog pages and I can easily get the links to relevant articles. Thus it is important that you must interlink relevant articles on your blog and add related articles plugins so that readers will easily get useful information they are searching for and they will surely visit to your blog again to read useful stuffs.

Give them good offers:

One good reason why readers will revisit your blog can be good offers such as free ebooks, contests, discounts on products and services, giveaways and more. But make sure that if you are organizing any contests or giveaways then do highlight that on your blog, otherwise readers won’t even come to know about same.

Give options to revisit:

Once you readers are sure that they are getting useful stuffs on your blog they will sure want to revisit your blog again but sometimes its not easy to remember blog’s URL or even after bookmarking, readers hardly visit the blog. Thus provide them different options like Subscribe to feeds, follow you on Twitter or Facebook or any other social networking websites so that whenever you pubish a new post, readers will get notified.

Are you a blogger who is interested in making your one time reader a regular reader? If yes then do share your strategies to revisit readers to your blog.

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COMMENTs ( 16 )

  1. Nihar says

    Great tips…

    Thanks for sharing… It is always good to have the visitors come to the blog directly and become a regular visitor. Though it is a tough job to achieve that!

  2. tushar says

    the only thing in the above list that i am not doing right now is offering some giveaways or free stuffs. Need to do it soon

  3. Jasmine says

    Great tips on how to have more revisits. I think it is very important to reply to comments, otherwise the person who comment might get discouraged to visit your blog again.

  4. Meg says

    These are all great points, eespecially about navigation and providing good offers. Allowing visitors to find exactly what they want is a must and providing incentive will have them wanting more. It’s all about giving your visitors what they want after all.

  5. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    “One loyal visitor is better than one time visitor”. Maintaining a good relation with your readers by responding to their comments is all done. This will make reader revisit the blog again.

  6. Mukund says

    Definitely, I’m sure these tips when applied properly will yield better results. I have not yet tried with the give away expect a blogger template. So, I should experiment with it!

  7. Wasim Ismail says

    By offering good quality content related to your niche will always attract your visitors to come back, eespecially if you’re one of the first ones to put out industry news, and comment on events happening within your niche, Your readers will know that your site is the one where they can get good accurate and fast information. They will have to come back :)

    • says

      Yeah Wasim, covering latest happening around is best way to attract readers because they will know that they can stay updated just by reading your blog. :)