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People who work online knows there are unlimited ways of making online money.  Specially, when we spend time on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, most of the people call it a time waster, but honestly it’s a large chunk of money you are sitting in. In this post, I’m going to talk about you can make money using Twitter.  Before, I move ahead with this, there are certain things which you should know:

  • You need to have a professional profile
  • Profile with complete details
  • Have decent/good number of followers
  • Your followers should be real human and not bots.
So by now, I assume you have a decent Twitter profile with decent no. of followers and you are all set to start making money from twitter. Here is a web service call Sponsored tweets which is from a reputed brand call Izea innovation. The idea behind Sponsored tweets is simple, it’s a market place where advertisers can buy tweets from your Twitter account. In simple word, if you have a Twitter account and you enrolled for Sponsored tweets program, you can set a price/tweet which will be an ad tweet like:
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And if advertiser finds your site interesting, he can buy tweets from your profile. Personally, it’s one of the unique concept at this time and it’s working great for people with good twitter profile and followers.

SponsoredTweets is a money making program for Twitter users, who can easily get paid by tweeting a single tweet. You can get paid anything between , 1-500$ for single tweets. You can set your own price for Your tweets.

The most common concern right now must be is privacy and control. Any ad tweet via sponsored tweet will go live from your Twitter account only after your approval. Also, every such tweets will have hash tag #ad or #sponsored which will help your followers to distinguish between a normal tweet and a sponsored tweet.

Personally, I don’t see any harm in using your twitter profile as an ad platform until you Tweeting about any such service which is relevant. As I mentioned above, to make most out of sponsored tweets program, you need to have a strong Twitter profile and don’t forget to complete your profile on Sponsored tweet website.

Payment mode for sponsored tweets is Paypal and minimum Payout is $50. You can avoid the hassle of Email sign up and login directly using your twitter account. Once you have authorize your Twitter account to access Sponsored tweets program. Also to avoid spam twitter account, they made couple of rules for payout and they are:

  • Twitter account should be 60 days old and should be active.
  • Should have 50 followers and 100 status updates.
  • Minimum withdraw amount is $50.
The way I see, any normal Twitter user who is active on twitter fulfill all the criteria. These rules are useful for advertisers to lose their money on spam twitter account.

The idea behind is Twitter is one best way to make anything viral, and using this service I don’t see any harm. Since you have full control over accepting and rejecting ads. In case, if you are not in mood to make money by tweeting ads, you can also use their referral system to make money.


Now, one of the common problem faced by small publishers is lack of advertisers but here you can look for open opportunities and apply for it, chances of getting approval is fast as suggested offers are shown based on your Twitter profile value.

If you have a twitter account and you are thinking of a way to make money, sponsored tweets is a nice place to start with. You can simply sign up, set your /tweet price and set to be notified via Email or DM, and you never know when you get an offer that you can’t refuse. An alternative program is Buysellads Sponsored tweet program but unlike Sponsored tweets, it’s not a dedicated Make money twitter program but if you are already using BuySellAds on your blog to show ads, you might like to enroll for their sponsored tweets program.

Join Sponsored Tweets

Do let us know what all advertisement program and tricks you are using to make money from your Twitter account?

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. satyenhacks says

    Signing Up for the sponsored tweets…I will give the feedback soon…I have around 3500 Followers..


  2. Aman says

    Very nice program. But are you sure that the sponsored tweets program approves mild profiles also. I would be very happy if my id gets approved the first time.
    Finally a make money oppurtinity for social networking heroes. Thanks for sharing this wonderful program.

  3. aditya says

    sponsored tweets is dead now a days,,
    not got any offer since 36 days,,
    my suggested tweet price is 21.03usd but i have set it to 15usd,,
    then also no offer!!!

  4. PrIyAnGsHu says

    Yeah , it’s really a great way to make money using our Twitter accounts . If you have a lots of Twitter followers , then it must be given a shot . One of my friends is earning huge income with this program , may be it’s the right time for me to give it a shot !

  5. Praveen Rajarao says

    Harsh – I was completely unaware of such a revenue potential with twitter. Will surely give it a try and let you know how it goes. First let me build my twitter followers :-)

  6. Karthikeyan says

    Hey Bro, I Am Using SponsoredTweets from last Week, i got $0.54 From my First Sponsored Tweet 4 days ago.. that too only 3 peoples Clicked the ad! :)

    Its a Good Way of Earning From Tweets!
    Keep Rocking!

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback about Sponsored tweets and great its working for you. :)
      I’m sure it will work for others who have moderate or powerful twitter profile.

  7. Kevin Rodrigues says

    There is condition that to be visible to advertisers and to receive offers twitter account at least 2 months old and having at least 100 followers.

  8. Paolo Volpi says

    I have both a website and a Twitter account. I heard that a website is not necessary to monetize your Twitter and Sponsored Tweets account, as long as you have an account.
    Except you have to copy and paste code. Does anybody know where that goes? That’s my stumbling block when it comes to Sponsored Tweets.

  9. Amandeep Singh says

    Yes Harsh, Sponsored Tweets is really a good source of income for the twitterers… :) it is addictive and when your addiction starts earning money for you… there can be nothing better than that… Can you suggest more programs to earn from twitter?

  10. Shabnam Sultan says

    I know that Twitter has lot of potential which we need to tab. Thanks, for letting us know that there no such condition as follower counts for sponsored tweets .

    Has anyone made money having less twitter followers with sponsored tweets?

  11. Avi singh says

    But you need minimum 200 followers……
    I don’t have 200 …hope in future I will use sponsoredtweet
    Anywayz thanks for sharing….

  12. Surender Sharma says

    Harsh blogging for money is becoming real and potential business for the bloggers.There are many affiliate programs to make money from blog but I am really happy that if I am spending hours on Twitter then I am not wasting the time.I can monetize my Twitter account with the help of Sponsored tweets.
    Thanks again for SponsoredTweets and you for sharing money and money making resources.

    • says

      Surender I love your insight one important thing here is to select the best affiliate program. Like sponsored tweets there are many other programs but none of them are as user friendly as This one.. :)