Make Money Online Using Your Critiquing Skills

What do you usually do to find out if a certain tourist destination is going to be worth your visit? You search on the internet to find reviews about it, right? What do you do when you hear that there is a new restaurant in your city? You look for people who have been to the place or you find reviews about it on the net, right?

What do you do if there is a new movie coming up? You probably do the same. You search on the net for reviews to help you decide whether the movie is worth watching or not.

You are not the only person who does that…

There are a lot of people who also rely on reviews written on the net to guide them with the choices they will make. You can capitalize on this demand for information by writing your own reviews to earn money.

Guide on how to make money online using critiquing skills :

Critique Skills

There are two ways for your reviews to get published on the net and be read my many people.

  1. The first one is to create your own blog site. Creating your own site is very easy. There are many free blogging platforms like, that will allow you to create your own site for free. All you need is just an email address and you can already start.
  2. The second way is to look for sites that need freelance writers to write reviews for them. There are many of them on the net.

Once you have already found the way to get your reviews published, you can already start writing your reviews. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Start by learning a few things about the field or the industry you want to write reviews about. If you want to write reviews of movies then find out a few basic things about production design, story flow, acting, casting and sound elements. You do not need to know a lot. Just try to learn some basic terms that you can put in your reviews. This can already make you sound credible. You can checkout sites like to learn basic things about films.

If you want to write reviews of restaurants, try to learn basic stuff like cooking styles, table presentations and effects of certain herbs on certain dishes. You can also try to learn a few things about wines and cheeses. For some basic terms that you can use in your reviews, you can checkout online culinary dictionaries like the one you will find in

Next, read reviews written by others. You are not going to do this to copy their style but just to have an idea on how other experts do things. Then develop your own style. It would also help if you will read the comments that readers write at the end of reviews. This will give you an idea of what people are looking for.

The Kudos You Will Receive!

The nice thing about writing reviews is that you do not only earn money from advertisements in your site or from your employer but you also get a lot of freebies.

If you become a popular critique, established owners will seek you out. Restaurant owners, for example, will invite you to their restaurants to have a taste of their offerings for free. Resorts owners can also give you free vacations or hotel owners free accommodation just so they get their services and products written by you. You know what more you can get like this :)

The key here is to just write accurate and honest reviews so you will be considered as an expert by the people who matter.

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Jason Mathes says

    Writing reviews can be very difficult. Its a fine balancing act of providing an honest review and trying to get some type of sales from it.

    You can either err too much on one side and not make any sales, or swing the other direction and then cause issues with those who purchased something that doesn’t match the review you provided.

    It is always best to be 100% honest – even if it does cost you sales.

  2. Dev - says

    Hey Sushant,

    Glad to see you here ….!!

    Really Great Post. I think writing reviews just for making money, can never be useful.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  3. Nabeel says


    Great point. Writing reviews has the potential to earn money. But if you only do it for the money, it will show in your writing and you will not make much money. So do not be in it for the money. Write reviews with a passion. Think only about providing the best to your readers. If you do this, the funny thing is that the money will follow itself.

  4. tushar says

    becoming a paid writer is a great job and can fecth you lots and lots of money….but your writing needs to be superb for this purpose…..

  5. arun kamath says

    Lots of money and freebies…. But only thing is that we must be honest to our readers and not take money to write false reviews.