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    YouMint : Online Money Program for Indians

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    For Indians, it’s really hard to find a decent online money program for Indians which works and is legit. I have been talking a lot about Making money online, but in most of the cases you need to have a website or Blog. Here I’m talking about Youmint, an online web program which is more than just online money program for Indians.

    What is Youmint?

    Youmint is an online Indian portal for many things. It let you send SMS, grab discount coupon and most important you will make money for opening and reading Emails.

    Youmint YouMint : Online Money Program for Indians

    Youmint is not scam, My income from their network

    I have been using it from last 2 months, though I have not been regular with them as it takes long time to make money from Youmint. But, if I count the work required here, it’s worth joining them.

    Along with Email opening, you will also be paid for receiving SMS. Though, you need to add your phone number into You mint account, and verify it with the code which you will receive in SMS. As it is, we keep getting so many promotional SMS, I believe one more which also makes money for you, won’t hurt.

    Here are some of the other features of Youmint:

    • Allows you to send unlimited SMS in Indian (Also see: 160by2)
    • Download Wallpapers
    • Download ring-tones
    • Earn up to 1000 INR each month for opening Emails, receiving SMS and helping people to join them.
    • Recharge mobile online
    You will also receive free coupons worth 2500 INR for various Indian E-commerce sites and joining is free. Any by the end, even if you can’t make enough money out of it, there is nothing to lose, as free SMS and lots of videos will keep you entertained.

    As I mentioned above, work required here is negligible, so it’s worth every time you spend here.

    Join YouMint

    They pay by check, so make sure your Name matches your bank account name, and give a postal address where you can receive Youmint checks. Above, I have posted income proof screenshot. If you want to know, what other methods I use to make over $4000/month, see: How I make money with ShoutMeLoud
    Do let us know, if you are aware of more such programs for Indians, which actually pays you for working online from home.

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    Thanks Harsh, YouMint is really awesome. I dont know about the money part but I burn their SMS’s everyday. God bless them :-)

    Leme think what do I like about them….mmmmmmm….. I got some discount coupons last week ( 30% discount on a Nike shoe, what more can I ask for ..hahhahah )

    They also send emails and sms about offers, i enjoy most of them




    Mr.Money Maker seems you are good at moneymaking can you teach me to make just 25$ On paypal in a month ??

    Hope you reply I’ve subscribed too comments.



    Well I tried mginger and youmint. But using them as income sources, even as a pocket-money source is really not worth it when you could do so much better without all the clutter in your sms or email inbox! As time passes these services start sending really worthless smses and emails. However, that is my experience from 1-2 years ago. Maybe they’ve improved now.
    And hey! Srinivas, you can easily earn that much on a site like freelancer.com


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