Why I Allow Link Builders to Guest Post on my Blog?

Backlink building is one of the essential element for a website to rank higher in Google search. We all know, after penguin update, article directory submission is not that effective, and most of the link builders are jumping into the wagon of guest posting to build links.

There are numerous quality blogs that accept guest post, and many of them have a very strict policy for accepting guest post. Indeed it’s a good approach to be careful with what links you are accepting, but at the same time you miss out a useful post or a way to make money. Specially, Google loves relevant link, and if you are linking out to completely out of niche blog, you might get into trouble.

That’s why many bloggers avoid publishing guest posts from link builders. But that’s not what I do. I allow Link builders to publish posts on my blog but there are certain things I take care of before publishing those guest post. In this article, I will share some of the benefits, and a way that is making me money from guest posting.

Note: This strategy is not for everyone, and certainly you wouldn’t like to risk your authority blog. You can probably create a new blog for this experiment, and you never know how much you will end up earning by accepting guest posts only.

money with Guest posting

Why I allow Link Builders to guest post on my site?

There are some reasons because of which I allow link builders to guest post on my site. Before stating the reasons, I want to state one thing clearly – I am not forcing you to do the same thing, I was well aware of the fact that my blog will face some SEO issues in future. So if you want to implement the things I mention below, its completely at your own risk.

I get free quality articles:

The so-called link builders are really highly talented. The articles that they present as a guest post are always detailed and no rubbish. If you ask them to give you an SEO-optimized article, they will even do that. When you don’t have any idea of what to publish next, such authors come to your rescue and you might even get some really good ideas for your next blog post. This was the biggest reason why I accepted guest posts as I was unable to produce new and unique content everyday.

Usually these link builders are hired by other companies to build links for them, and to get quality links, you will end up getting a quality article for free.

I Get more traffic (Visitors)

Before publishing any guest posts, I made sure to check whether that particular person has any social media following or not. My main aim behind this was to see if I can get more visitors on my blog or not. So whenever I accepted guest posts, I clearly mentioned that they have to share the post with their social circle and if I don’t see any sharing from their side, I would delete the posts (I never deleted any posts for this reason).

By asking them to share their own content, I managed to get some more visitors on my blog. If you too accept guest posts then you should ask them to do the sharing, they will surely do that as they can get some more work :)

I make money by accepting guest posts:

Seriously, I received money in return of publishing their guest posts. See, when you get an email from a link builder you know that the link will be pointing to any commercial site. The link builders are not the generous human beings that they will provide their service for free. They are getting a good amount to do that task, to do guest blogging. So if they are getting a good amount of money to publish guest posts on some company’s behalf, I should too get my cut, as my blog is publishing that post. So I always mentioned them about this and to my pleasant surprise, over 70% times I got certain amount of money to publish the posts. Amazing isn’t it?

But you should do this smartly as you can get penalized for selling links. I never understood the Google algorithm thing but it is good to be on a safer side rather than getting penalized. You can know more on how to do this smartly and avoid penalization in detail here.

Final Words

See as I said before that these were my methods. I don’t know if it can work for you too or I don’t guarantee that Google won’t notice your activities. I made a good amount of money with this method but whenever a genuine blogger approached me for a guest post, I never asked any question and published it directly. It’s all over to you as its your blog and so its your call.

Happy Blogging guys :)

This is a guest post from Arbaz Khan of TheGeekCubes. If you would like to guest post at ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. Reji Kumar says

    Ya nice . But surely we have to check all links quality with each post before submission. Otherwise it will affect our blog badly!

  2. ramiszaro says

    Hi your article is too impressive and i admit the way your blogging but what i need is i have a industrial blog can you please suggest me how to promote that website.

  3. Mukesh Dutta says

    Hi, I think making money with guest posts is not a bad idea. As far as Google panda is concerned, I have some questions. What if we don’t provide any link within the content? I mean, can we not give links only in the author bio? Will Google see it differently?

    I’m not so good in understanding Google’s fundas! So, my questions might be a bit silly. Never mind!

    • Arbaz Khan says

      Hi Mukesh,
      No one can ever understand what Google is upto. Every time you feel that you have understood how Google works, its rolls out a new update :P

      Regarding your question, frankly I too don’t have an answer. :(
      I am too trying to understand how does Google differentiate on paid links even if they are in the author bio.

      Sorry as I can’t help you in this as I am not an expert. Maybe Harsh can help in this topic.

  4. Ravi kumar says

    Thanks for giving answer to my question, I was searching answer of this question, after the Google Panda and Penguin Update, article marketing in the article directory became needless and no effective. Now everyone should take care on Guest Post in various website of their niche.


    • Arbaz Khan says

      Hi Ravi Kumar,
      I have one question for you. Have you read the article above?
      Because I can’t get what you are trying to say here. :/

  5. Ileane says

    This is an interesting point of view and I guess it makes sense for your blog but as you already mentioned it’s not for everyone.

    It’s always great to take a step back and look at the other side of the coin. I made the decision a couple of years ago that I wanted to help promote other bloggers and send the outgoing traffic to them rather than to companies who can afford to hire SEO consultants and guest writers.

    I don’t have the same goals as you and for me it’s much more important to share articles written by other bloggers and grow my community with like-minded individuals.

    One thing I found (back when I used to allow link builders to guest post) is that they don’t respond to comments and they also don’t have social networks to “actively” promote their guest posts on.

    Good luck with your strategy and that is the beauty of having a blog – you can do things any way you see fit.

    • Arbaz Khan says

      Hi Ileane mam,
      Glad to see you here.

      I do understand your view. Your blog, BBT is more of a community than a blog and you have done a great job in giving new bloggers like me an opportunity to contribute our articles in front of a community.

      I agree that the link builders don’t reply to comments. This very reason and the fact that they get a paid high amount to publish a guest post, prompted me to take this step. Why should they get all the money when its your blog.

      I appreciate your response to my article.
      Thanks a lot :)

  6. says

    Hi Arbaz,

    Its great to let link builders publish articles on your website. But sometimes we do need to take care about where the links are pointing to. Its very essential to check if the links are of similar niche to your website and are not considered as a bad neighbourhood by Google. Which if ignore could seriously hurt your websites ranking


    • Arbaz Khan says

      Hi Anubhab,
      Your take on my post is very good. I am glad that you read the whole post and then shared your views. As you said, we must check where the links are pointing to as linking to a low-quality site can harm your own blog and it would be worse if you get penalized.
      Thanks for your feedback :D

  7. says

    Really a great idea. Even I should start doing the same thing. I think we would get a lot of benefits by allowing link builders to post on our blog.

    Read a post on this for the first time.

    • says

      There are short term monetary benefit, but in long run it may penalize your blog, and you will lose all the traffic. If you really want to try this, start a new blog, and try this on that.You may not want to take such risks for your main blog.

    • Arbaz Khan says

      As Harsh said,
      I never tried to monetize my main blog with this method.
      The benefits are short-term and chances are high that your blog will be harmed by doing this.
      Implement it at your own risk.

    • Arbaz Khan says

      Hi Rahul,
      Great that you liked my article.
      But beware, as I already mentioned in the article, implementing my ways can harm your blog. Do this smartly and own your own risk.

      Don’t do this on a well-established blog :D