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Skype Free ISD Calling Using 18003733411 & EvaPhone


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Skype Free ISD Calling Using 18003733411 & EvaPhone

We all know making free calls from computer to computer is easy and you can do it using Skype free calling service but the question is how can we make free ISD calls. There are many services like Globe7, Fring which offers limited time free ISD calls option but something like unlimited ISD calls is still a dream for many. Today we are going to talk about Skype 18003733411 service, which is a 3rd party service to make free Skype calls.

Now, before we move ahead let me give you some other option which I started using recently and this works for people with an iPhone. iPhone Facetime feature let you make high quality free video call but the other user need to have Facetime which is only available on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac system. Anyways, if you are not a Apple fan boy, here is a quick trick which will help you to make free ISD calls for limited time.

Update: Seems like 18003733411 free calling service is closed for now. Even I tried the same with Google Voice call service and it didn’t give me options to make free call. Check out EvaPhone, which I mentioned the bottom of the article for an alternate solution.

I have seen so many tips and tricks on Internet which says make free calls or cheap STD ISD calls and most of them don’t even work. Here is one trick which I tried and worked for me. I’m sure this will work for you.

Though before sharing this trick, most of free voice call features works on advertisement. They provide you free calling feature because they run advertisement before the call. This is the same in the case of free SMS.

To make this free calls we are going to use Skype. Open Skype and key in this number

1-800-3733-411 (1-800-free-411)

Since its a 800 number you will not be charged anything. You will be welcomed with an automated voice message. Upon asking, for various voice response say free call.

After That dial your desired phone number. This free call will last for 5 minutes only but you can again redial the number by restarting the process.

skypefreecall thumb

I’m sure by using this you can save lots of your bills on your phone calls. Do share any other trick you know to save bills on phone calls.

As I mentioned above, this 1-800-FREE411  is not working anymore and we can use some alternate solution for the same. Here are some of the possible options which you can try :

EvaPhone : Alternate to 18003733411 free ISD calls:

EvaPhone Free Calls

Evaphone is a VOIP based service but as a promotion it allows two free ISD calls, every day. Before connecting the calls, it will show few second advertisement which is fair enough to cover the cost for these free calls. To make free calls to certain countries for ex: Austria, Albania (plus mobile), you need to create a registsred account else for other countries it’s free.  They have different time limit for free calls for different countries. For example, I can make free ISD calls to thailand for maximum of 44 seconds and where as we can make calls up to 2 minute to countries like France, French Guiana. Check out EvaPhone.

Another service which you can try is Whistle, which works from mobile and from desktop too. I used it on my iPhone and it worked like a charm. Check out: Unlimited free calls using Whistle

Well, services like 18003733411 doesn’t last for long but I believe you should try making most out of it, when ever possible. For example, in this case it’s EvaPhone. We will keep updating  this post with latest tricks to make free skype calling and free ISD calls from computer. If you know any working trick, feel free to let us know via comments.

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{ 26 comments… add one }

  • Renolds Martin

    18003733411 cannot be dialed from skype
    Error- Destination blocked….
    Any ideas?

    • aravind perumal

      yes ronold i got a warning when i dial tha number.. destination is blocked
      why any one answer me please please please.

  • Nikhil

    The trick is not working anymore. The Free Call option on the IVR menu is no longer availble now. The only options are:
    1. Business
    2. Government
    3. Residential

  • ravi

    call is not starting skype.nothing happens.i m from there anyway to std call .please tell me.i tried yahoo messanger also.but it is also not working.

  • Naresh Jaswal

    All the ideas fail in UAE.If you have idea for UAE plz tell me.

  • punit gandhi

    this is not working i m tried to do this i know all about or read also but really not working

  • Rohit

    The service has been stopped due to ‘continued misuse’ as per the site.

  • Imran Shaikh

    Hey you should always add the country code before the mobile number eg. if u want to call on mobile no. 98xxxxxxxx then go with 9198xxxxxxxx for india…….. (or respective county code) Hope this info is useful

  • Sandesh Mascarenhas

    Nice information I need to try it out………….. :) Thank you once again for the information……………

  • Sathish

    This isn’t working for me. It’s telling me that i didn’t have skype credit. Do i need to buy skype credit to make this work?

  • Ramkumar

    The trick doesnt seem to work for me. Does this trick work on Yahoo?

  • Rajesh Kanuri

    Thanks for the info Harsh..

  • Rajat

    not working for me yet, says number busy. nice share, nevertheless

    • Arjun S Kumar

      Same over here…

      Says number is busy..

  • Sanjai

    This free service won’t lost long I suppose. Any how thanks for sharing.

  • Neeraj Kumar

    I tried it but it returned the error “You need skype credit to call this phone number” :(

  • Sourish Nath

    I Agree with Rakesh. These tricks work for a short period of time till the promotion is on.

  • Avinash

    Harsh, the same trick also works with the Y! Messenger’s Yahoo Voice Service.

  • Arijit Das

    Nice Trick!! but how do i call a number if it is a mobile number for example :9836200021

    Quite confusing trck!!

    • praveen

      first type country code +91 then type 9836200021

      eg:- +919836200021


  • Rakesh Waghela @Webiyo

    I still believe nothing in this world comes for free !
    ♥ One should be careful while using such services
    ♥ If possible we must avoid passing sensitive information over such calls
    ♥ As long as possible making a judicious usage of such services would make it last longer ( who knows provider may introduce an upper cap anytime soon upon the total usage :P )
    ♥ Thanks for sharing such tricks , p@r@noid !

    • Arijit Das

      You are absolutely correct!! :) “I still believe nothing in this world comes for free !”

  • John Paul

    Awesome tip.. Thanks for the update.

  • Surender Sharma

    Hi Harsh,
    This is the best trick to call and save hundred dollars in a month.
    Is it works better than Google Talk ?

  • Riddhi Mohan

    Nice tip , Harsh
    Really would save many bucks. Thanks for sharing.


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