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Effective bloggingBlogging is not something which is new, but there are many businesses which are understanding the benefits of inbound marketing little late, and taking time to get into blogging arena. For any online business, having a blog has its own advantage, and it’s a cost-effective marketing strategy. Unlike a normal single user blog, a business blog need to have an effective strategy to make blogging work for them.

As a business owner, when you are writing down business plan for your blog, there are few things which you need to consider, and also plan out a strategy that will work for you. A common mistake which most of the business blogs are making is, they try to copy the strategy which is used hundred of times, or losing it’s grip.

A good idea is to create a strategy from ground level, and it will help you to write a new dimension of business blogging, and will be very useful to promote your online business. There are few common factors which will stay forever young to make a blog succeed, and here I will share some of the effective business blogging tips for online businesses. Before we move ahead, here are few articles that will help you to learn more about business aspect of blogging:

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Know inside out of your target customers :

This idea works on the fundamental of persona.  Individual personas contain almost all the details about the person of interest. Once you know everything about your customers well, you can plan a good thing for them. You can categorize the contents of your blog and subject them to a specific group of people. If this is the first time you are getting into blog for your online business, a good idea is to study your competitors blog. See what kind of content they are writing, and what kind of users are interacting with them. This will help you to understand what kind of content is liked by your target customers, and what are their expectations.

Corresponding and related topics :

Once the persona is ready, this is the time for you to think about the topics related to them.  You can discuss the issue with your subordinates and they can help you come up with the related topics which customers might find attractive and relevant. Group discussion of this task is a very effective method.

Building a content strategy is most crucial aspect of a business blog, as here your goal is not to blog randomly, but to blog for profit. Your content strategy goal should be:

  • Create awareness about your brand and thus product.
  • Engage with your potential and existing customers.
  • Build the trust factor
  • Improve your main website search engine traffic or referral traffic

Ex: A business blog for a webhosting business should write content like:

Do remember, this is 21st century, and it’s all about giving. More you give, you will earn trust and loyalty of potential and existing customers.

Deliver only quality and targeted content :

Quality always had and will have a respectable place in the field of business as well as life. Quality contents lead to better service for customers which in turn leads to a number of customers which results in the success of your blog as well as business. Quality contents give a standard and a good mode of transfer of information, which everybody likes. Producing quality content may take some effort and time but believe me, it will be worth.

Consistency and quantity :

Consistency is not a quality, it is an act. You have to put your effort and time and it takes hard work to be consistent but nothings go without getting you the reward. If you are hungry for customers and visitors on your blog, then you need to have a good quantity of articles so that your blog does not starve. New articles updated consistently is what your visitors expect when they visit your blog.

Here is a quick example for maintaining the consistency for your blog:

  • Maintain an editorial calendar.
  • Schedule your post for future posting.
  • Keep atleast few posts ready for rainy days.

Since it’s a business blog, you don’t have to post daily. All you need to do is, follow a posting pattern. Ex: Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Here is one article, which will talk about consistency in detail:

Promotion is a good thing :

Mode of promotion is not the question to be answered, because anybody who is familiar with the internet and social media can suggest you many. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account. And many other channels to promote your content. This is a fun and easy way of doing the things in an output oriented manner. You will get a lot of experience and chances of experimenting with the promotional methods. People usually enjoy playing with them. Think of your blog as business asset, and promote it via few methods mentioned below:

Guide your clients to your blog :

Referring a client towards your blog is not a cheap act. You are doing a business and you are promoting & advertising it. This is good and absolutely ethical if you really have the content of the concert of your client. More over, your blog is going to help you get more customers, and quality articles can easily go viral on social media sites.

Got any more tips about effective blogging? Please share them in the comments.

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    Really Nice and Informative Article. You explained each and every point very well.
    I agree with each of your point from first to last.
    Good One buddy and I really Enjoyed while reading.
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