Who Says Doing SEO for Your Magento Site is Difficult?

SEO is one of the critical factor for success of your E-commerce site and Magento being one of the popular choice for E-commerce platform, we need to work on proper Search engine optimization of your virtual store websites designed by Magento; only you need to know the tricks.

Those involved with online businesses consider it as a real challenge to survive and draw customers from this web jungle. It is obvious that your shopping will be noticed if it is in the top position of search result. Ensuring top position is possible if you concentrate on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your Magento ecommerce site.

Magneto SEO

It is a question being asked by business owners and many developers whether SEO works for Magento ecommerce platform. Apparently it seems that a grudge exists between search engine and eCommerce sites.  This is because these sites usually offer little relevant content, poor linking and dry product description.

However, the popular open source eCommerce platform, Magento possess search engine friendly platform. There are some features present in Magento that will let you optimise your eCommerce site automatically but you need to work on few other SEO intricacies to make your shopping site stand out in the crowd of eCommerce websites.

How to SEO Optimize Magneto Platform?

Implement Magento Multistore carefully

One of the greatest advantages of Magento is its inherent ability to support multiple stores. A single administration and interface will manage all orders, your products and every other thing. This benefit can act negatively for search engine optimisation. Often the developers use same product description for similar products that are sold through multiple sites. Repetition of exact information on each site for these similar products means that you are duplicating yourself. This allegation becomes strong when your multiple sites use same IP block depending on the host.

Though it is tough to create unique description for a product, try to use different titles, headers and descriptions for each site to make it easy for the search engine to distinguish the sites at the time of crawling. If you have the misconception that creating multiple sites with same data will offer greater reach in search engines, it is better to focus on a single domain.

Some of the basics that we often overlook play a crucial role when the question of optimising Magento sites arises:

Urge to “Copy” and “Paste”

It is simple and tempting to copy and paste the product description from a manufacturer’s website. It is better to resist this impulse. Google will consider those websites that have unique contents.

Setting the header

Your Magento install will have a title of “Magento commerce” by default; you need to change it. You need to remember few things to draw traffic in your online store.

  • Search engines put weightage on preliminary words; so putting keywords at the beginning of the page can ensure a better rank.
  • Even those scanning search results can only view those early words. They will click on the page if the keywords are at the beginning.

All people do not rely on the brand name while performing search. So select keywords carefully. If you add common keywords that may be used for a product search this will help product pages to rank in long tail searches.

Optimising the categories

The most important fields to consider when improving your Magneto Site SEO are

  • Meta description: this part will appear in the search result and you need to put an attractive description in this part.
  • Page title: it is better to keep this section empty so that you can use category name in addition to parent categories. If you wish to customise this portion, select a title exactly similar to your input and without parent category.
  • URL key: Create short yet keyword rich URL. It is a good idea to avoid stop words like “and”, “for”, “the” and many others.

Specify name, metadata, title and description for each store. It is a great feature when you have a Multilanguage store.

Managing site images SEO

A neglected aspect in Magento SEO is how to manage images. You will surely achieve extra traffic by writing suitable alt tags for images and sincerely deciding the name of the image files. The images will have the product title by default which you can rename with some extra effort.

Speed is an important Ranking and conversion factor

How quickly your shop loads– is a vital factor in terms of making conversion as well as SEO. Attracting people in your site is only the primary work done. Your main aim is to engage them and guide them to make purchase. However, if the pages take enough time to load; there are competitors. Modern people have time constraint and they will switch to a website that takes lesser time to load. The search engine spiders will crawl on maximum pages each day if your online shop loads quickly.

You can improve the speed of your Magento eCommerce site if you

  • Allow all caching features
  • Try to minimise the number of external files. Magento has an inbuilt feature to combine external files still check to ensure that there is no such external file.
  • Understand the importance of a good host and server configuration. Speed of Magento will increase dramatically if you use MySQL and PHP code.
  • Do Website loading Speed matters for SEO? 

 Disabled Products

A common condition that most online shop owners experience is when a popular product is disabled. It is possible that a particular product attracts much attention and thus has thousands of inbound links. When the website disabled that product, users and search engine land on a 404 error page if they clicked on the dysfunctional URL. It will be most effective from the perspective of user and search engine if they are directed to another page related to the product that no longer exists. Thus, it will create a better user experience and retain the position of search engine that the product used to hold.

SEO aspects of Magneto WordPress integrated blogs

A Magento platform completely allows freedom to a search engine optimiser at the time of exercising onsite optimisation. If you are using Magento WordPress integration, install WordPress SEO (Yoast) on your compiled Magento WordPress blogs.

Magento WordPress integration

You need to disable ALL in One SEO plugin located in WordPress admin and activate WordPress SEO. Make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress integration because this plugin is compatible with updated version.

Ecommerce sites are popping each moment and this rising numbers has made it compulsory to invest in optimisation method. SEO tricks when put into use appropriately can make a real difference in the web traffic count. I hope this article, will help you to improve your Magneto site SEO and if you have additional question, feel free to ask.

This is a guest post by William from Big Eye Deers. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our Guest posting guidelines.

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  1. Chimezirim Odimba says

    Copying and pasting description from a manufacturer’s website isn’t just a lazy thing to do (eespecially for an ecom site) but also shows the level of attention you pay to your site. How much would it cost you to have an average writer craft unique descriptions for each product. If people started seeing their descriptions as their online sales people, they’ll definitely do much better than copying and pasting — With all the rewards that come with it (I mean doing the right thing).

  2. says

    To me the best option for SEO for CSM is still WordPress.
    There are many ecommerce plugin available too, so why bother to consume lots of resources with magento?