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    LMGTFY : Let Me Google That For You

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    LMGTFY Or Let me Google That for you, is an interesting service, which will let you create any link for search term. The service is free and instead of asking people to search for particular term on Google you can directly send them a link, which will redirect them to search page.

    How to use LMGTFY?

    Using LGFTMY is not some technical how to, it’s super easy to use this nice little search tool. The whole idea is, when you ask your friend to search something, instead of telling him the text, you will directly give him the URL. So lets take a quick look and lets see how it works:

    Go to LMGTFY site. Type the search term in the search box and click on I’m feeling lucky. So, in this case we use ShoutMeLoud as search term and here is how I got the LMGTFY link for ShoutMeloud search term.

    LMGTFY1 LMGTFY : Let Me Google That For YouSo this is the link which I got and when you open it, it will automatically show search results for Keyword “ShoutMeLoud”.


    Do let us know if you able to understand LMGTFY or still  have questions.

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    Great site. I’ll be using that in the capacity of my online research assistance. Easy peasy to send a link from LMGTFY to verify where I find some of my sources for research.



    I fail to understand the service offering here. If the purpose is to share the query string – I could as well share the Google query string. In my opinion its good for temporal fun but no utility.



    I find it best for sending links to people who are too lazy to Google for things themselves. For instance, today I was asked how to set up a TFS 2008 build server to build a VS 2010 solution. I told them to read the same blog post that I read, giving the author’s name, and they asked me to email the link to the blog post. Of course, Googling for the author name and the keywords would bring up the desired page as the first result, but they were too lazy to do even that, so I sent through a LMGTFY link to it. Hopefully next time they’ll get the hint and think for themselves.


    Drunk Munki

    don’t consider this a useful site, its a parody on showing the 3rd party user how easy it is to search google before posting stupid questions.

    i do enjoy the live feature finding out in real-time peoples searches.



    Haha. Drunk Munki got it. It’s not for use as a utility; so one can email another their Google search. It’s just as a joke, to use when a person wants to point out to someone how much easier it is to google their simple question rather than bother others with it.
    Good post!



    There is another one http://www.lmsify.com. It also supports different search engines.


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