List of 50+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

[Update : I have updated this article in January, 2014 and removed all low quality blogs and those blogs which has discontinued accepting guest posts. I will keep on updating this list. So, kindly bookmark this page for your further visit.]

Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

We have talked a lot about Guest posting and it’s benefits. Specially in 2012, when article marketing and other backlink techniques are failing after Penguin updates, guest blogging is one of the best approach to get backlinks.

One of the major benefits of getting links via Guest posting is they are of high quality and they will help you rank higher and increase your domain authority. Though, there are many things which you need to avoid while guest Blogging.  Guest post can do wonders when it comes to drive targeted traffic, meeting like-minded bloggers or getting backings. What ever is the reason you select to guest blog but I would recommend every blogger to try guest posting on other blogs. If you are not aware of the benefits of guest posts, then few of these articles will surely help you:

Well, I try to keep the list updated as long as I could, and you can bookmark this page for future reference.

List of Blogs that allow guest posting:

Most of the blogs listed here are high quality blogs and they accept only quality posting. So, if you are using it for just link-building and self promotion, I suggest you to read that blog guest posting guidelines. Also, if you are new to ShoutMeLoud, we are a blog with over 300+ guest blogger and we accept posts related to Blogging, Make money online, SEO, Webhosting niche. You can read our guest posting guidelines here.


There are some of the blogs who accept topics related to Blogging and related topics. Though, acceptance rate is very slow on many of them, for example, you need to come with a masterpiece to get your post published on sites like Problogger, Dailyblogtips. Also, it takes time to see your post getting published. So, depending upon your requirement, you should check with every blog acceptance guidelines.

Shoutmeloud: | Submit Guest Post

Quick Online Tips: | Submit Guest Post | Submit Guest Post

Daily Blog Tips: Daily Blog Tips | Submit Guest Post

Basic Blog Tips: | Submit Guest Post

Bloggers Passion: | Submit Guest Post


Readwrite : | Submit Guest Post

Gigaom: | Submit Guest Post

Shoutmetech: | Submit Guest Post


Moz Blog: | Submit Guest Post

Daily seo tip: | Submit Guest Post


Social Media

Social Media Today: | Submit Guest Post

Social Media Examiner : | Submit Guest Post


Onextrapixel: | Submit Guest Post

Webdesignledger: | Submit Guest Post

Webanddesigners: | Submit Guest Post | Submit Guest Post

Dailyartfixx: | Submit Guest Post

Skyje: | Submit Guest Post

These are few popular blogs which accept guest posts. If you have a blog with PR3+ and with good traffic and accept guest post, let us know via contact form. Also mention your Alexa and Page rank.

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    Wow! Just EXACTLY what I was looking for, thanks so much! LOVE your blog layout and infomation…very user-friendly. Wanted to know where guest-posting on blogs was allowed since it’s been a while…usually stay glued creating Youtube videos : ). Thanks! Kristie

  2. says

    Really awesome list and all the mentioned blogs are really informative. You made it more easy and clear by categorizing them according to their niche, this will be very useful. Thanks for this wonderful post :)

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    Really this guest posting all site is very good and all site pr high . All web site is very helpful site for guest posting . Thank for sharing guest posting site list.

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    Hi, Whiztechy
    I feel very happy when discovering your post. This list is very interesting, but could you add some websites for guest posting about health, please? I am blogging about health topics and really want to guest post other similar sites. Anyway, love your post. Really helpful for me!

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    Thanks for share this article with us.

    Please tell me, now a days guest blog posting is help us to get rank our website in search engine. And please share the latest techniques of On-page SEO and Off-page SEO in 2015.


  6. says

    you need to come with a masterpiece to get your post published on sites like Problogger, Dailyblogtips. Also, it takes time to see your post getting published

    • says

      You have to include a work of art to obtain your publish Released on sites like Problogger, Dailyblogtips. Also, it needs time to work to visit your publish getting released

  7. says

    What’s your take on some the recent hype around the diminishing value of guest blogging? I read a few articles tonight that claim Google is beginning to perceive backlinks from guest blogs as spam a lot of the time.

  8. says

    I started to guest post and finding some blogs which can accept guest posting in their blog. all these blogs you mention in this article are very good and hope i submit article in this blogs. Thanks for sharing nice information.

  9. drew says

    Excellent list for guest blogging, It not just improves domain autority of your own blog but also increase the readers for your blog.

  10. says

    Nice List Ruchi,

    But it’s really sad that after google’s recent updates most of these sites have stopped accepting guest posts.

    I still think that blogs from the same domain can collaborate and exchange links with each other as well as provide awesome content. Not sure what the next step will be :-(

  11. Syed Usman says

    I have a doubt about links in the website.

    I have different 7 links which connect to the same webpage. Just would like to know how to remove them and keep one unique weblink and one unique Webpage.

  12. Nishkarsh Sharma says

    All the names that have been included are of HIGH PR and are credible sites. Guest blogging definitely helps in getting traffic and back links. I think you should include other categories like finance, photography, education and travel as well.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Nishkarsh Sharma says

    Only high quality blogs have been included, that’s really great.
    I think you should make more additions to this list. You should include categories like photography, making money online, finance, education etc.
    Thanks for sharing though.

  14. Devender Thakur says

    Hello Harsh,
    I am following these links to improve my SERP. Can U suggest me that is link exchange good or bad for website ranking. I am developing wallpaper site then can I do link exchange with other wallpaper site ?

  15. Sasikumar Krishnan says

    Hello Harsh,
    I have started guest posting in my site. please include my site in your list.
    Thanks in advance :)

  16. Manish Agrawal says

    Hi Harsh,

    Very Informative post. . . I’m additionally functioning on my backlinking strategy for 2014 right away, and Guest posting is that the straightforward and safest technique to build links . . guest posting additionally provides authority and traffic!.. therefore Thanks for Sharing your informative tips i hope you may post next informative content As presently as.


  17. Roy Mount says

    I started to guest post and finding some blogs which can accept guest posting in their blog. all these blogs you mention in this article are very good and hope i submit article in this blogs. Thanks for sharing nice information.

  18. Shruti says

    I recommend everyone to get in touch with people within their niche and actually get to know them (by leaving comments, Twitter, etc). By doing so, popular bloggers might actually consider your posts even though they doesn’t “allow” guest posts.

    Taking a look at the list, none of the health blogs seems to have a community around them (0 comments) and because of this, a guest post would probably result in few returning visitors. What you want, is to publish a guest post on popular blogs with a lot of comments. By doing so, there’ll be better chance of actually getting returning visitors who are interested in participating in your “community”.

    It takes time and more work but the result is worth it.


  19. says

    Great list covering major categories. I was wondering if there is a list of high PR green blogs that accept guest posts. Would some one kindly point me in the right direction? By green blogs, I mean those blogs that cover topics relevant to environment and other ecological issues of the planet earth. Thanks in advance.

  20. Mohit says

    copyblogger, shoutmeloud, homeforgeeks are one of the best sites for the pupose of guest post

  21. says

    a good list of the blogs accepting the guest posts. However, these all are the established niche. And now-a-days, there have been many other new niche the authors of which found very difficult to have some of the blog for guest post.

  22. says

    Can you please tell me some websites under MLM / Network Marketing niche where I can do Guest Blogging.

    Thanks in advance

    Vineet Gupta

  23. Nitesh says

    Thanks Harsh. This is indeed a great list. I would also be keen to look at the number of sites from Indian blog community that allow guest blog posts. As my interest is usually on topics related to the Indian community on subjects like motivational & inspirational topics.

  24. Joel says

    Really every back-link with same niche gives huge energy to the key phrases. I’m very glad to found this guest blogging list. . I thank you for great effort.

  25. says

    From what I can tell, guest blogging suddenly became popular after the Penguin update. Guest blogging, in some cases, allows you to place 1 or 2 of your contextual links, into the body of the article. And many times, your links will be ‘dofollow’, which has seo benefits in addition to the traffic it drives to your site.

  26. says

    How do these blogs keep the track of revenue “TO BE SHARED” with their guest bloggers?
    I had started my website long back with a subdomain eespecially for guests and I used to manually keep the records of them which was terrible experience so I closed that now. But can think about it again if it is that easy! Please tell me.

  27. Dip says

    Actually every backlink with same niche gives huge power to our keywords. I am very glad to found this guest blogging list. Really thanks from my mind. I appreciate your great effort:)

  28. jitender sharma says

    Can we discuss about the topic:-

    Many SEO expert to speak the guest posting and guest link building SEO to perfect of your online website, but i’m confused, many client wants a lot of guest posting within a day, it is a better method or not.


  29. says

    List Is Great. This List Contains Almost All Best Blogs. I Am Also Accepting Guest Posts For Free Please Add Mine Blog Too In List :)
    Related To Technology And Blogging.

  30. Nizam says

    Really awesome list and all the mentioned blogs are really informative. You made it more easy and clear by categorizing them according to their niche, this will be very useful. Thanks for this wonderful post :)

  31. dj kaniza says

    great work, when we write guest post on this blogs surely we will get massive back links and high traffic.Thanks

  32. Grace says

    Thank you so much for this list, i have been wanting to start writing quest post for other blogs for some time but don’t know how to go about it, how to contact them, how many post is too much or too few, and I also need names of some sites that allows others to post on their blog.

    Finding your site today has made my wish come true.
    Thank you so much.

  33. Andrew July says

    I’ve found them very good. The blog which are included in this list are very useful and important blog. As I visited all those blog so I knew them very well.

  34. Gabrielkun says

    Thanks for the great list, a list of 50 guest blog is really good thing for any blogger. The main thing is writing skill, I afraid if my writing is not so good then my blog wouldn’t be accepted but I would try to do it as well. I’ve liked the idea of guest blogging for a while now but wasn’t too sure where to start so this has been a big help.

  35. vijay says

    Wonderful list, when we write guest post on this blogs surely we will get massive back links and high traffic.Thanking you :)…

  36. George Serradinho says

    Wow, there are many sites accepting guest posts. Sure to look through them and thanks for grouping them, makes it easier for us users to go through.

    BTW, thanks for listing my blog :)

  37. Virtual Agent says

    Great list Ruchi! I’ll try this guest blogging but how does this work? Do I have to submit my article or will they give me access?

    • says

      Hey Virtual Agent, Just visit the blog on which you want to write the guest post, you will find all the guidelines and details about how you can submit the post.If you face any problem, do let me know.
      Wish you luck with your guest post :).

  38. Shiva | Web Magazine says

    Awesome list, the list includes some of my favorite blogs. I am sure if I get time, I will be writing for them. Thanks a lot

  39. metazare says

    Its good for bloggers to write as a guest post to get back links……even i offer guest posts on my topic…..anyone interested please head over my site….
    thank you for your info whiztechy!!!!!..

  40. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    I can’t find my blog in this list! : |

    Anyways, great list Ruchi!! Will check them, am on a mission to write guest articles!! B-)

  41. khalid says

    Great list of blogs accepting guest-post. thanks for sharing.. I love your blog. Mention some finance blogs too.

  42. Sagar Gholap says

    Good list, but I found a couple of errors in the pr and alexa rank fields of blogs. Please go through the entire post to correct those.

    • wierdwalker says

      dont bother about those errors bro… there are people who are not aware of enlisted blogs.. we should be happy for his efforts to list the best in the circle.. thanks to the author …you rock man..

  43. Anup @ Hack Tutors says

    Hi Ruchi,

    My blog has Alexa rank: 158,118 and its improving. I’ve Page Rank 0. But I’m sure my PR will increase in next update :)

    I accept guest post on my blog :) You can add if you like!


  44. Arif Nezami says

    Only two of them got .org domain (labnol and calling all geeks) and 1 got .net (problogger) reast of all have .com !!! Interesting stats…

  45. DailyTechPost says

    Well certainly a treasured list….Guest posting not only helps to bring traffic, it also increases your trustworthiness as a writer…and it also helps to increase loyal readers. I truly admire your effort to formulate such a list which will definitely prove to be a boon to newbie blogger…