LinkedIn profile: How to make most out of it?

Every day we hear about new social networking site and we end up creating many profiles like LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, Google+ profile and then many other social networking sites. The idea of social media presence, is not to present every where but have command over few of them. At the time of writing, Facebook, Google+, Twitter are three important social networking sites and followed by LinkedIn for business enthusiast and serious online professionals. Many may be thinking that it’s time to jump to another company because you think you can do many more things, meet new challenges and projects, or simply turn around your career. Given that, sometimes, changing jobs is not as easy as you might imagine, we can make use of professional social networks as a springboard for networking, to value what we do and basically put on a showcase network value to our bid.

Professional social networks like LinkedIn are an interesting partner for us to know, establish links with other professionals (who might become new partners, customers or employers), to present our company, or even participate in recruitment processes. Very first step to start with LinkedIn is by creating a complete LinkedIn profile.

The LinkedIn profile

linkedin viewed profile

LinkedIn profile page

The profile is one of the most important aspects of LinkedIn, finally, after all, is our calling card and as such must employ sufficient time to complete it. The information we publish in the profile will be the foundation on which all hold professional relationships that we establish through this network.

On the other hand, a factor that people often overlook is that of credibility. It was always said that people tend to lie a little on his resume, however, must be aware that posting something on the net, the chances of spread increases exponentially and, therefore, there is a good chance that someone we know or have worked with us see our profile and if in the end, just writing a profile of a character from a science fiction novel, we will lose all credibility.

Among the aspects that we can add the profile as well as the most related to a curriculum (education and professional experience), LinkedIn has been adding more points with which to enrich our profile publications, Twitter profile, web pages (of companies we have worked in projects in which we participated, our blog, etc), we have certifications, courses, awards, projects, patents and even applications that show we hung presentations on SlideShare, for example.

The connections and groups

Once we complete our LinkedIn profile is the time to begin to establish connections with other professionals . Perhaps as a boot action, we can begin to connect with our colleagues in work or study, can be a good basis on which to start but it should not be our ultimate goal if we are, indeed, go beyond the borders of our own business.

Anyway, people we know from our work can be useful to us in the form of recommendations.The recommendations are a very interesting tool that is used to add references to our curriculum that serve to give value to our professional experience. LinkedIn recommends that you have at least three recommendations in the profile to consider that it is complete, so this can be another goal to be marked on the first start LinkedIn.

A good place in which to establish new links are groups that exist in LinkedIn, a group discussion around specific themes (and there for everyone) that bind professionals have in common precisely this issue. Because groups can discuss and discuss issues with other professionals with similar interests to ours and, perhaps, have needs that our company or ourselves (as candidates) could meet and cover.


The companies also have their place in LinkedIn page as we continue to be aware of the ads or news to publish but also is also an interesting way to connect with other professionals.

If you’re looking for a contact in a company you want to establish a business relationship, thanks to the business pages we see the professional profiles of the company and the connections we have with them (for example, through a contact of ours who could present), in addition, is also a way to contact a professional company that opted for a position, and so know first hand the projects that develop or work environment that is breathed.

The movement of our LinkedIn profile

Our profile on LinkedIn should be something in constant motion and I do not mean to spam ads consistent with our company, but we should spend some time looking for new connections, share content of interest (aligned with the image we want to project), participate in groups (or point to new groups), integrating some of the publications link applications or Twitter. Is int it something common about all social networking sites?

To integrate our Twitter posts, just have to access the configuration of our profile and link our own given the visibility that we give to our updates. In general, the answers are not published, however we can publish all your messages or only those containing the hashtag # in, everything depends on our Twitter update rate and the subject of the messages published.

LinkedIn Twitter Account settings

LinkedIn Twitter Account settings

It is very important to consider the presence in LinkedIn as a “plant and then pick up” , ie you have to banish the evil practice of being in a network and then wait for the miracle. In the case of social networks, miracles do not exist and any career change is a direct result of our own activity and the strategy to create personal brand.

Questions and Answers

There is a resource that goes something hidden LinkedIn but it really can be a good springboard to highlight what we do or the products offered by our company: questions and answers . In this section LinkedIn users pose questions to other users to participate with their responses that may be of any type and cover many topics (technology, procurement, sales, marketing, advertising, communication, etc).

It pays to shop around from time to time by this section and share what we know in the form of responses since, thanks to these contributions, we will be giving us some notoriety and the other participants may visit our profile and perhaps connect with us to start a project, a collaboration between companies, or directly, to get a job offer.

You are your best project

The best project we can work ourselves, and, therefore, if we want to improve our career we must be proactive and use LinkedIn properly . We think that this network is formed by 131 million users , ie 131 million professionals you to establish partnerships.

Personally, I think the weight of LinkedIn is growing more and thanks to the tools you are pitching for business, it is not uncommon for many companies to make their selection processes through this social network and the proof is the button launched to link the LinkedIn profile in the jobs released by companies.

Do let us know if you have created and completed your LinkedIn profile? Are you using your profile for marketing connections? How is it working out for you?

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  1. Sudarshan says

    I too have account on LinkedIn…But was not taking it serously..After reading your article , I think I need to update my profile and make most of it…..

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    A good article and very useful even for those who are already the members of LinkedIn. I too, am a member of this great site and it really gives as access to quite a lot of potential professionals.
    I should thank you for the good analysis and this really urges me to make more out of this site.
    The site is not just a social one, it helps us learn a lot and gain wider knowledge. Due to lack of time or some other excuse, I tend to postpone my visit to the site since I could see that every time I log in to the site it takes quite a lot of time for me to come out of it. Any article presented seems to be so fresh and keeps us engaged and so we are in fact prone to feel that we have to go to the site when we are free and when we can concentrate more, and hence the delay. However, this article has inspired me a lot……
    Thanks again for this good article.