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    Linkbaiting Tips – For Building High Quality Links

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    On Shoutmeloud we have covered many articles on generating links for your blog because it is the best way to get good ranking in search engines. Few of them are:

    Apart from the above ways to build links there is one more important aspect of building link that is Linkbait. Linkbait is the content, image or any blog post which helps you to build lots of links from different websites. Thus Linkbaiting is a technique or strategy which helps you to get links from different source for your blog and helps you to drive traffic.

    Just like other ways to build links and traffic for your blog, linkbaiting also have ethical and unethical ways to generate link. Unethical ways would be spamming or writing useless content etc. I won’t ever suggest you to go ahead with such unethical way. Rather I would suggest you few tips which are ethical and can sure drive huge traffic to your blog.

    backlinks Linkbaiting Tips   For Building High Quality Links

    Here are 5 tips to use linkbaiting to generate links:

    Quality Content

    I always emphasis on having quality content in my articles because I think this is the best way to generate links and it is the most important part of blogging. The only best way to attract traffic in ethical way is to provide the articles which your readers are looking for. You can check out few important posts about writing quality articles:

    Giveaways and contests

    Blog contest and giveaways are good away to attract links and traffic. Whenever you are having contest on your blog make sure that you do proper promotions like using social networking websites or blog contest promotion websites where you can get good and quality links.

    Directories and blog carnivals

    Submitting your articles to different directories like MyBlogLog with your blog’s link will help you to get targeted traffic and incoming links. There are many blog carnivals running online which are also helpful to promote your blog and build links.


    Commenting is another way to build links for your blog. Always prefer to comment on the blogs having same niche as yours. If possible try to comment on blogs having good PR and do follow option. This way you will get incoming links from targeted blogs and also those would be quality links.

    Go social

    There are plenty of social networking websites like Twitter/ Facebook/ Digg etc., get active on them and build community with other bloggers of same niche. It will help you exchange links and best way to meet like-minded friends to share information.

    Here are few easy and working tips for Linkbaiting. If you are aware of more tips, do share with us.

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    Great tips regarding links. But I still did not understand the difference between backlinking and linkbaiting. Please explain.



    Hey Nabeel, Backlinks are the incoming links to your blog whereas, Linkbaiting is a technique of adding something compelling on your site that will attract links. If you want to know more about different kind of links, you can check out few articles which I interlinked in the article.

    Kamal Hasa

    Quality content is the best way build good quality backlinks on your blog or site. Though linkbait is an edgy term :P

    Mani Viswanathan

    Linkbaiting is said to be done when you have a very good article, like a HowTo post, tutorial, solving some major & common problems related posts wherein people like as a reference to your site.

    Basant | Techno-Pulse

    I concentrate more on quality of the post. I also do a little commenting & guest article submission. But I DON’T believe in giveaways & contests.


    Thanx for your views Basant. I think its not even necessary that we follow all the tips. Whatever technique we are using, we should give our best to it.


    Ruchi nice compilation, i am in complete agreement with all your points, specially running Contests has always worked nice for us, we believe contests are a way to say thanks to your reader base.

    Doing contests on your site is like adding spices to your disk making, just to make sure you don’t over do any of the spice any ways ..

    Some thing that we fail to have any success with is “blog carnivals” they just don’t seem to work in our favor, may be this can be your next topic for us, with some example site names would do the spicing.


    Glad you like the Article Suman. I agree with you many bloggers do ignore blog carnivals and they can be really important.
    Ofcourse, I will surely come up with series of Blog carnival articles and they are already queued up. :)

    Anup@Hack Tutors

    Nice tips that you have mentioned. I used to comment on dofollow blog to increase page rank of my blog. Also I am active on DoFollow forums :)


    @ Tinh, Guest blogging is a good option for building.
    @ Anup, Do follow forums do rock but I am bit lazy when it comes to get active on Forums. But will surely try to be active now :).


    You have pretty much summarized all possible ways to get backlinks. However, I thought it would be good to point out that the methods you adopt depend on the stage of blogging in which you are presently. For example “dofollow” commenting would be good for newbies, since they not only get high quality links, but also learn from the content published on higher authority blogs.
    If you have a well-to-do blog already, you would want to go with a suitable giveaway of cash, advertisement space, domains, ebooks or web hosting accounts.
    Social networking however, is something all bloggers should pay attention to. It increases your readership and at the same time keeps you connected with your existing readers!


    I want to do linkbaiting and linkbuilding now please mention how i can achieve this. Is there and organization who provide these services. You must tell name of these firms too.

    I am waiting for websites of these firms.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sammy | Best Home Business

    Commenting is my favorite form of attracting links. But not the way people do them often – spamming.

    In my view that is counter productive. Rather, it would be great if your comment would provide greater insight, or even valid criticism of the article in question.

    If people perceive your comment to be of true value, you will get much more than a backlink. You will get traffic to your website.

    Who doesn’t want more traffic for free? Especially with as little effort as posting a good comment?

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