List of WordPress Blogs using Top Commentator Plugin

When it comes to Link building, some time it’s good idea to go for targeted link building campaign when you are running short of time. Here I’m sharing a list of WordPress blogs who are using top commentator plugin. If you get into top commentator list on such blogs, you will be getting backlink for long time and for new blogs it’s really beneficial.

Though It’s hard to maintain a list of active blogs with top commentator plugin installed but here I will share some tips which will help you to finish your hunt for Top commentators blog list for link building.

I have already written a post on how commenting can help you getting more then 1000+ subscriber in few days. Another good aspect of Commenting is it increase backlink, build traffic and relation. The most effective way of commenting is by adding comments on Dofollow blogs, Using signature in Dofollow forums and commenting on blog with Top commentator wordpress plugin. See my list of Dofollow forum list.

Top Commentator Plugin

Top commentator wordpress plugin will show the commentator with highest comment and top commentator will get a backlink from that website. It will be a great advice to use your anchor text as a name on such blog to comment and prefer commenting on blog with high PR.

I tried to come up with a list of blogs which are using top commentator plugin as of May 11, 2009. In case if you find any blog has removed the plugin, do inform us using comment form so that I can update the list and keep it fresh forever.

Blogs with Top Commentator Plugin installed:

Update: Many of these blogs have removed top commentator widget and I will update the list shortly. Meanwhile, you can also check out 101 ways to generate backlink for finding more ways to create links to your Website.

Note: Sorry all old links have removed Top commentator plugin. New links for 2015 will be added soon. For now, check ShoutMeLoud 2014 income and expense report.

List can be endless. So for now I will suggest have a look at these blogs and try to build backlinks by adding valuable comments. Even if you use your blog keyword as name but add valuable comment no blogger will mind accepting your comment.

Also see Easy comment Firefox plugin to fill the comment form with single click.

Google search tip to find Blog with Top commentator plugin:

As I mentioned above, people keep adding and removing plugin for top commentator. So here, I’m sharing a Google search trick which will help you to find all such blogs which are using top commentator plugin:

search in Google with: inurl:com”top commentators”

Don’t forget to subscribe to shoutmeloud feeds, to learn more about link building tips. In case your blog uses top commentator plugin, don’t forget to add your blog in the comment.

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    • says

      Which part @Jason?

      I actually used to have a long list of such WordPress blogs in the post, and later on all of them removed their widget. Now a days, there are hardly any good PR or MozRank blog which is using Top commentator widget. This is why I also linked to other useful resources which will help readers to find new ways to create backlinks.

  1. says

    Hey Harsh,
    I’ve been following your blog from past few months. Its no wonder to say that you’re my inspiration to start my own blog. I really love the tips and the information you share.
    I’d really appreciate if you could help me out with best plugins to use like social buttons and other stuff that gives the site a professional look. “A piece of advice from an experienced guy is better than a hundred speeches of newbies.”
    Thank you

    • says

      Get Monarch by ElegantThemes. It’s premium plugin & a damn good one. (Right now I’m using it on all my blogs). For theme, buy Genesis framework & use any child theme which suits your tastebud. :)

  2. says

    Is this still valid as people are using variation now and it was abused by many in recent past.moreover i think now its all about ppc and connection more then SEO.

  3. says

    Thanks, I use Commentluv plugin with dofollow link, So you can add me too, hmm?. But how comments increase your subscriber? Your Website is well managed. Plz add some useful plugin which helps to increase our share and subscriber. I recently start blogging so this list and your article about “101 way to create backlinks” helps me lot
    Thanks again!

  4. Kuldeep Biswal says

    Hi bro, thanks for providing me such a awesome information regarding Top Commentator Plugin.
    Have a good day…


  5. Sahith says

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I have been digging your blog for the past 5 months and I still find a new content everyday on your blog…

  6. Hirak says

    Not sure when this article was written but just read it as part of Blog commenting, and some real good sites listed here, great work there Harsh.

  7. says

    I have been very reluctant to do any blog comment campaigns myself. The most important reason for this is, of course, the omnipresent comment spamming that fills my comment boxes daily. After reading this post — two years too late — I have to reconsider my strategy :)

  8. Jasmine says

    Wow, what a great list of blogs with the top commentators plugin! I will go through them one by one, hopefully they are still using the plugin.

  9. rizwan says

    Thanks for sharing knowledge and big list of Do Follow Blogs which have Top Commentator Widget. Mine also is having Top Commentator Widget.

  10. Free at Home Jobs says

    Appreciate the list. It looks like a couple of these sites no longer use the top commentator plugin though. One of them is Another is Just thought I’d give you the heads up on those two sites so they can be removed. Still working on going through the others :)

  11. Daniel says

    Thats a fantastic list by Harsh.. Even I am promoting my website by providing genuine and valuable comments on some of these websites to get backlinks and as Harsh mentioned no blogger will reject your comment if you have provided a genuine feedback/comment even if you are using your keyword as your name.


  12. Siddharth says

    Great Collection..
    BTW .. Really i love reading your Blog posts a lot.. The way u express it.. the design..
    Interlinking of posts.. real time Blogging resources .. :)
    Great blog with best SEO ever.. U just rock Harsh :)

  13. Karo@Work at home business says

    The for the top commentator list you provide, i couldn’t visit all the sites immediately, i’ll have to come back to it, but out of the ones i visited, the following sites don’t have the top commentator plugin, so please you want to update your post

  14. sriganesh says

    nice post, got to know some new blogs – mine is Do-follow and i use top commentator plugin for each month giveaway 2 ad slot. and you can add too, sam also organizing the top commentators :D

  15. matty@multieffectspedal says

    Hey thanks for all those blogs that have top commentor I’ve used a few and just awaiting confirmation of post and links..

    can you tell me the amount of links recommended in obtaining as surley if all my links were from top commentator or comment luv etc google will see a pattern; will google see this kind of behaviour of linking black hat and therefore bann my site or stop my adsense?

  16. Mark says

    Exellent ! this is nice article about how commenting can help you getting more then 1000+ subscriber in few days. Commenting is great way to increase backlink, build traffic and relation. the information that your have shared very nice thanks.

  17. Make Money Company says

    Thanks for the list Harsh… I too have this plugin and think it adds great value to the site because there is competition between users which helps increase content from comments, you know.

  18. SaveYourMarriage says

    Thank you for your list! I recently added Top Commentator to my blog, so I will see how that works out. Links are gold to bloggers so anything to help each other out is great!

  19. Harshad says

    If link building is the only purpose of commenting on blogs then there are very few blogs which allows comments with dofollow tag.

    • says

      This will solve link building and also help to boost traffic. It’s true most of blogger keep it as nofollow but many of them are still using it dofollow to show their love towards top commentator.

  20. Nihar says

    Thanks for the list.

    Is it ok if you add my blog here? i am also using top commentator plugin.

  21. says

    ok, y your not using top commentors on your blog ? I think it is better to use.