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    Link Building – The Morphology of Links

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    The SEO of a website is a complex and complicated work, because it is not an exact science. You could say that there are different types of SEO and for various search services. The foundation of SEO is the link, then, is what we need more attention.  Let’s see some concepts.

    link building 300x225 Link Building   The Morphology of Links

    Links – The fixing of concepts

    Theory and Practice – The whole theory of Link Building and SEO can be learned in a few weeks. But we realized that we have no idea how to optimize a site for real.

    “The complete theory of SEO and links can be known in a few weeks. But the practice is another thing. When you try to apply the actual knowledge of SEO, you realize you do not know where to start.

    Why is it so complex?

    Just think how much dollars move to put a site on the first or second in the rankings.

    Only the search engines Google and others know the world of SEO and it’s  background.  All others have developed their theories speculate based on the results, evidence and error.

    Links without control is useless

    links Simulation to gain natural links

    For links to be relevant it has to be natural – You get without doing anything, just creating relevant content. To achieve this goal, the morphology of the links need to follow these guidelines:

    1. Links to related pages – Especially for pages with more relevant, Google will give more weight to its related page, also decreases the dropout rate by improving the navigation of the user.

    2.Different anchor text – Natural links have different text links. No matter what you’ve earned your link does not use his words as the same anchor text of your article, it would be good if everyone did that, but unfortunately it does not always happen. So do not despise the text type anchors, this page, link, etc.

    3. Links from different PageRanks – This is a complicated subject. If all the links you get are pages with high PageRank, Google will consider it as suspicious.  This can happen when a person creates a website and already a considerable number of pages, choose a content aggregator for example and start submitting your links began racing, Google may consider it as spam.

    4. Gradual increase in external links – Logic tells us that a site will gain more links when it is becoming popular. As explained above, if your site is new and gets an average of 10 daily links, and a sudden starts to receive 100 the same day could become suspect.

    5. The Good Neighbourhood – A good neighbor is one who linked up common themes, regardless of weight.

    6. New items and old – Is good to mix your old articles with new linking doing, recommending in quotes in posts.

    7. Links to the Homepage – links to blog home are very important.  But it is natural that most are individual entries from your site.

    8. Links Directory – It is very important to appear in directories. Submit your blog to popular directories. Submission of your blog/Website in Dofollow directories will be added advantage.

    9.Age of Links – The age of links is of vital importance.  A link to your site for one year is more important than a recent link from another page with more weight.  There is speculation that it is a factor in the Google Sandbox.

    10.Avoid placing links in suspicious sites – Although Google will not penalize you for incoming links from suspicious Web sites because you can not control the links you gain, unless the links in directories penalized.

    11.Pages of the same language – Not bad to have links to websites in other languages, but Google determines the language of a website as well as by factors of IP, the domain name TLDs on the web and text for the links you receive.

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    Jens P. Berget

    This is a very interesting topic and great post. What I’ve been looking for lately is a way to find out when a blog is dofollow. For instance, I could search for dofollow blogs using Google or when I end up at a blog I’d like to know if it’s dofollow.

    For instance, how can I find out if SML is dofollow?



    Nice article Pooja , Deep linking or internal linking is imp . One suggestion , start using pictures where u look like a blogger not a diva :) … goes well with the theme of the article u’ve written over here …



    Very Interesting post Pooja. Some great tips here.
    Really great work Pooja. Thanks for sharing this great Post.

    Keep up the good work.


    Shanker Bakshi

    She is absolutely right, most of the bloggers knows how important link building is for their blogs, they can also learn and understand various link building techniques but find it very hard to practically implement these processes and get relevant and natural links.



    You explained most of the SEO and link building strategies, Thanks :) pooja for your excellent write up



    Nice exploration Pooja, Im having a query NoFollow link will be usefull to Bing and Do Follow will be usefull for Google, so which one should we focus on?
    And about from different page ranked sites, If My Page rank is 3 and If i get backlinks from pr 3,4,5,6 and 2 sites, whatz the issue with that?



    Outbound links gets more importance by Google to determine the rank of a web site. For getting links the most important thing is your blog content.
    Write good posts, people will definitely link to your post. Try to get many links for your blog, links to home page and to individual posts are both important.



    Oh….. I missed one important thing, do blogging for people rather then search engines. If people would find your posts useful then the search engines will follow them too.



    The post is great…But what I am wondering is if using a Hot girl for a gravatar is much more affective then using a real picture.


    Pritam @ Home based jobs

    Hi Pooja,
    I just want to ask you about your “About” page on your blog. I read the sentence “She is a pursuing Bachelor’s in Technology from Bhubaneswar and doesn’t like it much” . So I just want to ask whether you don’t like your B.Tech or not and one more sentence “Apart from technology, he likes music, travelling, spending time with friends and family”. where you made the mistake of writing yourself as “he” instead of “she”. I think a girl never mistakes about expressing herself that and always denotes her as”her” only.
    Pritam nagrale



    Nice post…I think the age factor you mentioned is most predominant of all, even according to seomoz, Google gives highest priority to age.
    Thanks for sharing this :)


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