How Many Backlinks We need To Rank on the 1st Page of Google?

Link building for first rankLink building is all about building your site’s reputation with the search engines because the higher the reputation of your site the more and more of your pages will rank high for your targeted keywords. So it’s reasonable to say the more links you have from other sites to yours, the better.

Building links to a site is one of the daunting and less fun tasks involved in building an e-business. But since it is necessary to making money online different people are coming up with hundreds of ways links can be built just like the 101 ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

But do you need a 101 list to build enough links to your site? Or do you even need 101 links to your site for it to rank high for your topic in the search engines? How many links are enough for your site? I have wondered myself just like you do. And here is what I have learnt and is working for me.

It is not as simple to say ‘you need 20, 30 or even 50 links’ to have your site and pages rank high in the search engines because it depends on several factors.

Factors that determine the number of links you need

The competitiveness of your niche:

The more competitive your niche is the more links you would need and the more tasking it would be to win it at the search engines and vice versa.

The relevance and quality of your links:

If you get links from quality sites related or in exact niche as you, you would need few of those links to rank high for your site and pages.

In other words one link each from 5 authority sites in your niche to your site (5 relevant authority links) is more important and would help your site ranking quicker than 100 or more irrelevant links from poor quality sites.

So it’s not just about chasing any kind of links. Actually you have to be careful some links does harm to your site than good.

The diversity of your links:

Diversification is important in link building. There are different ways to build links and while you may want to pick one and stick with it, it is risky to do so and also it would look unnatural to the search engines.

Risky because say you focus on article marketing and suddenly google decides to devalue links coming from article directories, it means you will have to start building links all over again. But when you diversify and something happens to one of your link source, it wouldn’t make much difference in your site ranking.

If you must use one method, diversify the way you use it. That is if you choose to build your links through guest posting, then guest post on different sites. Don’t just post all your articles on one site with all linking to your site. You do that and something happens to that site, then what?

How long it takes you to build your links?

The search engines are not humans but they work as one. When 100 links is pointing to a one month old site then you are forcing them to look into your methods of building links.

It makes sense actually. As you build high value content over time search engines starts seeing relevant authority sites linking to your site, endorsing it for that niche. It tells the search engines your site must be offering value for those sites to be endorsing it. Your site’s reputation starts to grow. The more it grows the more of your pages gets ranked higher.

Since relevant sites links to you and you do the same when it fits in, you and those linking to you offer your readers added value and good resource for your niche. You please the search engines and your readers. As a result readers will naturally start linking to your content without you asking for it. And link building starts taking care of itself.

The rule to building lasting links is ‘Keep things real’.

A site linking to another is endorsing that site. Now it’s natural and real when a site links to another site 1-4 times but having one site linking to another 20 or more times is far from real even if it’s from relevant site. Even a relevant and authority site linking to particular site too much could devalue the link.

Tips to building rewarding and lasting links

Resist the temptation of quantity over quality.

Recently I read an article suggesting that to build lots of links easily readers should get a template designer to design a premium template for them with their keyword anchor text below it. Then they give it away free for download so that as people upload the template, they get lots of easy links.

There are two major problems with this method of building links.

If you take such advice the links you build will be mostly irrelevant and not help your site and pages.

Even worse you would be spamming your keyword since there is no way you can vary the keyword anchor text in the template.

So say your keyword is ‘internet marketing’ and 150 people uploaded the template, you’ll have 150 inbound links for keyword internet marketing. Would that be helping or harming you?

So don’t buy into everything you read. Get your facts right which is the purpose of this article and then plan your link building methods and stick with it.

Put your readers first. If a method of building link doesn’t offer value to your readers, then don’t use it. This also applies to linking out of your site. Don’t link to low quality sites or sites that are just ads directory with no content. Your credibility with your readers is at stake here.

Don’t hold back from linking to useful articles on a competitive site because you think you would lose your readers. The truth is you can’t keep readers on your site whether you link to other sites or not, your readers will still go to competitors sites just like they left competitors sites and came to yours.

But if you lead them there through a good resource link then you are building your credibility with your readers. And most of them likely will come back to your site because they are sure of getting complete information on your site and useful links when they need it.

Go for 80/20 link building methods. 80 to 20 simply mean a method of building links that takes 20 percent of the work to get 80 percent benefits.

The major ones which happens to be my methods are:

Focus on building relevant links, that way your site will rank high quicker. The easiest way to do that is to regularly offer value to your targeted readers.

Link building is not as tedious as it seems if you understand how it works and the best way to go about it. The article link building discusses more on how it works, the different types of links, when to start building links, how to create search engine friendly links, deep linking and it benefits and so many great tips.

Our time is precious so let’s make sure we are maximizing every effort we put into building our e-businesses.

What tip would you like to give to others when it comes to link building? 

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Karo Itoje is the editor for a website that provides step by step simple to understand blogging tutorials (with images) for beginners. Her decision to write on blogging for beginners was to help new ones to blogging get all the facts about blogging before taking the decision to start. And ensure they start right in other to succeed and reduce the rate of failures in blogging. She is the author of Blogging at a Glance ebook. Free for download.


COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. Vamban says

    Quiet interesting and informative post who willing to rank their sites in Google first page. Nice points to remember.

  2. Reshab @Free Genuine Softwares says

    Link building is the most important part of SEO for me… I’m working on it.. Hope your tips will gimme more link juice…

    • Karo says

      Ride on man. Now when you build links you know why you’re doing it and the benefits to you. That’s the essence of the article.

  3. Vivek Parmar says

    For me
    > Blog Commenting
    > Forum Posting
    > Directory submission
    and on page and off page optimization works.

  4. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    Great topic and very clear ideas
    I do find evrything very helpful and useful , i do agree with the fact quality is important as well as the diversity of the links and all this makes sense i see !
    Very nice post friend !! :)

    • Karo says

      Thank you Rahul,

      I am very glad you find the article useful. It’s very important we clear some misconceptions as many people spend so much time chasing links that don’t even help their sites.

  5. Pritam says

    Hi Karo, It’s good to see that you asked to focus on readers. I think that’s the only thing a blogger should be concerned about. I make WordPress themes that I offer for free. Most of the links are from blogs that have just started. I don’t use any keyword, though. The name of the theme links to the WordPress themes page on my blog. Is that bad?

    • Karo says

      Hello Pritam, No, that’s not bad. Every blog theme has a link below it. You can only be concerned when you are doing it for the purpose of building links and using a keyword you wish to rank for in the link because that would be seen as spamming.

  6. Sharat says

    Thanks for the article :)

    Blog commenting is the easiest and best method according to me..

    I found two positive point of doing so.
    1 > Back Links
    2 > You will be able to read more and more blog post, which is very much important for each and every blogger.

    Thanks :)

    • Karo says

      You are partially right. But remember we’re discussing the best for link building. Blog commenting has many benefits including backlinks but if you’re using it for building links make sure you confirm that the blogs you comment on are do follow blogs. Not all blogs are do follow.

      If I have to vote though, I wouldn’t put blog commenting as number one. I don’t usually comment on blogs for backlinks so it might be right to say I don’t use it though I do indirectly.

      My favorites are guest posting and article submission to directories.

  7. tushar says

    great ways.your article can be served as a ready reference on link building. the ways you have told were quite new to me

    • Karo says

      Thanks tusbar. If these ways are new to you then you must review the ways you are using to build your links. You want long lasting links. Remember diversity is important

  8. Richard says

    Hi Karo,
    You make some good points in this article. I think the two best ways of link building are article submission and blog commenting. Article submission has a benefit of building really long term links, and sometimes even propagate your links if others use your article.

    • Karo says

      Thanks Richard. They are both on my best ways of building links as you’ve read in the article. Article submission is top because it could spread your content. But since we are discussing it being used as a method of building links you want to make sure you don’t submit articles to low quality directories. And don’t focus on one directory either.

      I don’t think I’ll put blog commenting before guest posting.