Leveraging Youtube for Maximum exposure

Most of the web masters and bloggers focus on on-page SEO and link building, while ignoring most of the intuitive and useful tools accessible to us. I’m talking about the third most popular site in the world, Youtube. It includes a jaw-dropping userbase of 800 million users. Imagine, the magnitude of traffic and visibility, we can leverage in through Youtube.

Youtube marketing

Benefits of Youtube for SEO

Before moving on to the ‘How’ part, let’s have an overview of benefits of Youtube in SEO aspects.

  • In addition to surge in traffic, YouTube is also a great hub for link building. Although, all the links pointing to your site or blog will sport a ‘Nofollow tag’ complete relevant descriptions with links to our site would be a good source of traffic and a great addition in our link building strategy.
  • And many users aren’t aware of the on-page aspect. When you place a relevant link on your video, you can drive complete targeted traffic to your blog, thereby increasing user-activity time of your blog and sharply decreasing the bounce rate, the two invariable aspects of on-page SEO.
  • Google integrates YouTube videos automatically in search results (SERPS), eespecially if we use the rich snippets markup for the video. Video Richsnippet considerably increases your blog’s Click through rate, thereby multiplying your traffic count.
  • If you are aware how Article Directories work, Youtube on par, webmaster view, works similar to Article Directories. Thousands of sites syndicate videos from Youtube. If you’re video is pretty unique and popular, you can garner thousands of high quality natural backlinks through syndication.

Video Blogging

I’m pretty sure, most of you are already aware of Video Blogging. It is an invariable aspect for technology and gadget bloggers. Video Blogging is a category of blogging, which is based on videos for content platform.

Instead of writing thousands of words regarding a product or service, Vloggers produce a video depicting the complete description of the product. After all ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, Imagine how a video might be worth of.

For Vloggers, Youtube is no less of a boon. It provides a free hosting platform for videos, saving bandwidth and thousands of Gigabytes worth hosting space. Not to mention, it’s integration with world’s most popular ad-sharing network, Adsense.

Optimizing Youtube Videos

I am sure, you are awe-struck by the facts, by now. However, on the downside, there are over 1 billion videos watched every week and billions of videos existing in the database of Youtube, it may pretty much seem a saturated platform for driving traffic.

However, you should note that, most of the content is Spam and low quality videos. Optimizing YouTube pages require you to follow the same rules similar to any other Search Engine Optimization project, which can be illustrated by the following tag-line: content, structure and links.

If you are brainwashed by the myth Search engines can detect the quality of a video, Here’s a relevation. YouTube converts the video files to Flash and search engines have no idea what is inside a Flash file, eespecially if it’s a video. If you need to confirm this, see the “Cached” page of any YouTube video and you’ll see that only can see the text that accompanies the video, not the video itself.

  • Use a Keyword Optimized Title, preferably a long-tail keyword to rank easier.
  • Youtube gives a lot of preference to social signals. Views, Like Ratio, Comment count, Social Media shares, Embeds are taken into consideration. Make sure you’re video is engaging and sometimes, using debatable topics could rapidly increase user engagement and comments.
  • Use Meta keywords liberally related to the description of your video, Use a minimum of 10 tags relevant to the video. More you use, better it is for you.
  • Youtube recently added Average View Time as a ranking factor, pretty much like bounce rate, it’s algorithm estimated users activity on our video and determines the longest viewed as the relevant search result.
  • If you want your video to be ranked quickly on Search Engines, build links to it, Inbound link count is a significant part of ranking algorithm.
  • Use manual transcriptions, it is less known factor, but plays an important role.
  • Use a Into bumper, which will help you to add branding to your videos. For ex: Check out ShoutMeLoud intro bumper below:

Make sure to follow these tips and keep an eye on latest Youtube updates. Let me know if you have any questions.

This is a guest post by Gautham from Smash Pixels. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our AdSense revenue sharing program.

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