5 Things You Learnt About Blogging in School

Believe me you learnt a good deal about blogging in your school days. No teachers did not specifically tell you that they were teaching you how to blog. In fact the they or you did not know blogging was there in what they taught or maybe things have gone wrong with me. Some of the best things are learnt by observing the world around us. I still vividly remember the time before my 10th boards.

Blogging in School

Everyone around me was telling me the importance of class 10 in my life. My parents would tell their experiences and teachers would tell us tips, the rest of them would banter on the importance of tuition classes and so it went on. Even today I get SEO tips from teachers. Here I’m sharing few of those Blogging lessons which I have learnt in my School and college days, and I’m sure you also learned it and this Blog post will refresh everything:

What School taught us about Blogging?

1. Use sub headings for your answers

For the meaty subjects like social sciences the common caveat was never to write an answer as one long paragraph. The answer needed to be broken down into several short little paragraphs and a sub heading before each para would be super nice. Well while blogging we do exactly that. We break down our posts with neat little subheadings and we call that trick as using the h2 tag.

Internet allows us to make it bold though. If you can’t understand the importance of doing this trick visit any money making blog on the planet and you will see the proper use of h1, h2 and h3 tag. Your readers wouldn’t care if you wrote writing was blessed by Shakespeare himself but did not make it easy on them by dividing it into understandable portions. One of the common mistake which we do while writing blog post is by using too many h1, h3 tags and ignore h2 or other heading tags, just a quick memory recap and you will be back on right track.

2. Underline important points in your answer

Well we do not underline the important points but we do make the keywords bold.Teachers told us that the invigilators are in such hurry that they do not read the answers so we need to help them find our points by underlining them. Making the keywords bold would help search engines give more weightage to our posts and also point others to our posts. Readers would also find it easy to digest what we are trying to say.

3.Write the answer which you know first

Well that sentence would sum up as know what you blog. Invigilators would think that you are intelligent if you write the answers which you knew thoroughly first. They would also be impressed. Tell me if there’s anything different with readers. Your readers are doing a favour to you by allowing you their time. Do not make them regret by blogging about things which you are not aware of. Ever felt what am I doing kind of thing while blogging? Stop right there, go learn and come back. It’s better to be a master of a niche instead of jack of all trades. Simple rule, Blog what you heart.

4. Use diagrams in your answers

There was one cool thing which I did in the subject of history, I drew diagrams of the places mentioned in my answer. We weren’t required to do that but anything which increased the probability to score higher was good with me. For example one answer described about the Vietnamese war of independence and Ho Chi minh was a pivotal city. I just drew it. Similarly pictures improve the feel of your posts. They contribute to the wow factor in your posts and casual visitors when wowed become regular readers. Not just use pictures that look good but use pictures which convey a meaning regarding the post. And yes lets not forget to optimize images for search engines to drive extra traffic too.

Learn how Images enhances your Blog

5. Keep your answer sheet neat

Well this thing applies to blog design. Keep your blog design neat and clean. The impression you convey with a messy answer sheet is that of an idiot and it is no different with blogging. Invest in a good theme, customize it according to your needs. If you want to earn money then you need to spend it first on bettering your blog. Your blog design is the first thing that visitors notice. Whenever I visit labnol.org I feel that I am in heaven. Its class real class.

These are just some of back to School Blogging lessons I can think of  now, but I’m sure we will have many bright students out here and you can share your learnt Blogging lesson from school via comments. If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to give it a shout on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Nishant says

    WOW….i never thought that my school life and my blogging life are so inter-related
    Thanks for sharing this valuable info
    great post

  2. Aakash says

    You have sharing very unique information on blogging. Blogging improve our confidence. Your tips and facts are very informative. Thanks for sharing good work!

    • george says

      I am happy that I could induce nostalgia in you and at the same time teach you about blogging. Just remember whatever you have learnt in school. Never copy others, write great content and one day the world will know you.