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Learn WordPress With Digging Into WordPress EBook

Learn WordPress With Digging Into WordPress EBook

This is most common question I have been asked by many of Shoutmeloud readers that how do I offer so many WordPress services like WordPress maintenance, WordPress optimization , WordPress SEO and so on. My answer to most of them is I learned it by my practice and definitely self learning is the best learning tool.

In my company  we have almost 15 PHP developer working and it’s hard to train them on WordPress individually. They all are PHP Geeks but WordPress is different domain for them and it’s very true that you can’t learn anything perfectly until unless you use it.

DiggingintoWordpress thumb

So to train them We ask them to Install WordPress locally and give them  this training book called Digging into WordPress. This book is one complete tutorial for all those who are using WordPress or looking forward to learn WordPress. This book covers everything from basic to advanced WordPress set up. Includes how to secure wordpress, Theme design and development, Search engine optimization of WordPress blog.

DiggingintoWordpressscreenshot thumb

Digging into WordPress Screenshot

I already have license of this book and after looking at the content of the book, I highly recommend this book to all the WordPress developers and freelancers.

You can also download the demo of this book and if you like you can buy this EBook. This EBook come with lifetime subscription and you can download the updates for free.

Download Digging into WordPress

Have your read this book? Do let me know what do you think about Digging Into WordPress EBook?

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  • George Serradinho

    Thanks for mentioning this, it’s always nice to have such details at your finger tips. I will download the demo free version and see what content it has.

  • Data Wrangler

    Yes it is a great resource. At the same time I agree with you self learning by exploration of wordpress is one of the greatest tools in learning the in’s and out’s of how to assist clients with wordpress optimization, improvements, migration and other matters we routinely assist them with.

  • NpXp

    I just downloaded the sample of the PDF download. Let me go through it and see how good it is.


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