The Importance of Landing Pages

Being an internet marketer, who doesn’t want to convert people into buyers?  These days, you might be seeing a lot of attractive landing pages which are often used to sell products. Not just selling products, if you have seen people who do email marketing, creating attractive and stunning landing pages is the thing they focus on the most. Even if you have invested a lot of time/money or both in the primary part, failing in lead generation and conversions does dump all your work in a second.

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So What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is nothing but a clean, elegant and attractive web page that immediately attracts readers’ attention on sight. Landing pages can be created for every appropriate resource like selling products, promoting a product, offering a service, putting your new eBook for download and what not! Creating a landing page will target the audience you want and it is the best possible way to attract them.

Why Should You Use Landing Pages?

Generate Leads

As said earlier, landing pages can help you in targeting an audience and so can redirect your audience to a target landing page which fits them. Create a landing page with some attractive design and content and let it hit. Landing pages work better than the actual page. Write a detailed yet short intro, add some testimonials and some cool attractive graphics to make your page look interesting if you want a product to be sold. Or you can create it as per your requirements and send the readers to any of the pages which you want; let it be your homepage, product page, sign up page, offers or anything.

Shoot Straight

Your homepage/blog page obviously might have too many things which include your blog posts, other reader interaction stuff along with comments and many links which deviate the readers’ attention quickly from one to another. In the case of landing pages, there is no scope for deviation as there is nothing except the target item whether it may be a product/offer/service or whatever. So having a landing page can convey your message directly without any disruptions.

Easy Insights

When you have a landing page, you can easily get statistics which include the bounce rate, click rate and some heat maps which givesyou a lot of information about user behavior on the page. With such information, you can easily make necessary changes in terms of design/content/structure to develop and make it a better page.

Cheaper Advertising

When you have an online ad campaign running via Adwords or any such huge PPC advertising network, you can easily rank better when you have a landing page. When you advertise on AdWords targeting your landing page, it increases the relevancy as the topic is narrowed. Higher ad relevancy means a better quality score, and the better quality score the cheaper the cost-per-click. This can save more for you. If you have observed, most of the ads that we see in the search results are redirected to landing pages of the website.


Landing pages is one integral part of a blog or a Website. Depending upon your goal, you should built landing pages. I personally use Leadpages, which is one easy to use tool for creating stunning looking Landing pages.

If you are a WordPress user, many themes are now providing a custom template which is meant to be the landing page and we also have some plugins available to meet the needs. So whatever the CMS you use, the primary motto is to create a landing page and make most out of it.

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  1. rakesh kumar says

    You are right koundeenya, Landing page is a must check feature of every blog. 90% success rate of your newly designed site depend upon its landing page. A pronol.orgper landing page does not only increase your success but also improve your page rank, as mentioned by amit aggarwal(

  2. Manish says

    Hi Koundeenya, Could you tell me a name of any wordpress theme that provides landing page template with it.


  3. rahul says

    great article i never used the landing page before but from last week an created a landing page for my blog i am shocked that my number of sales of ebook is gonna be almost double.

  4. Satish Patel says

    Great info man…Landing Pages have and continue to get Marketer’s love and when using WordPress, its important to go for a theme that gives that flexibility. Marketer’s Delight Skin for Thesis by Alex of Kolakube is a perfect example of that.

  5. Asif Billah says

    I needed this a lot. Having only a blog that is in early development now may not directly indicate the need of such a page, but later on when that need comes, it’s good to be prepared.