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In past, we have talked about Bridge URL service, which let you combine multiple links into one and today I’m going to talk about one similar website, which will help you to do something new. How many times you create a series post and add links at the bottom or top to make sure readers completely read the series. Now, How about instead of sweating that much to add interlinks, you just share one URL which has prev, next slideshow button and with one click, your reader can jump to other page. is a useful web app whose work is to combine multiple web pages URL into One URL and use one link to view all of them as slide show.  This  means instead of sharing 10 or 100 links you can just share one short URL. This one single Krunched URL will contain slideshow of those websites.

How to use Krunch US to create Web page Slideshow?

In the above picture , you can see the Krunch URL form. No registration is required if you dont want to avail some extra feature. . The default values in the text box itself guides you what you are supposed to enter in the fields. Once you select the Krunch URL name it will show whether its available or not.Please note that you will be able to access the link via username. Later in URL field make sure you enter one URL  per line &  beginning with www only. (Note: Don’t add http:// before the link).

Now, when you create a slideshow of multiple URL’s, you have two options: Public Krunch or private Krunch. This is useful for Bloggers to create some extra buzz by sharing the link first and asking people to check the password on FB page or similar stuff. If you want to keep this URL public then you don’t have to enter password.

Once you are done with registration,you can create number of Krunch URL you want and also you can manage them. Following is the snapshot where you can see my all Krunched URL listed below, where I can update links, change password.It also provides pagination feature (Page 1,2.)  in case you have too many links registered.

How to combine multiple links into One

Here is a demo I created for ShoutMeLoud interesting links section and when you open the link, make sure you click on right and left arrow to move to next page. Link: (Password: SML). Interesting thing is when a reader like to close the window, it gives a pop up saying “Do you want to break the slideshow” and this feature helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

Here is a nice video which shows how this URL combiner tool works:

Bloggers can use many creative ways of Krunch site by selecting top article of the month or week and share it on their social media sites. User would love to read the best post from a site in slideshow format. Or else, if you also send out top links from the web in Email newsletter like me, you can create one Krunch URL for all and share it with readers.  So what are you waiting for ? Lets visit Krunch US & create Web pages slideshow and share with your readers.

This is a guest post by Shashank from Gurushala. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our Guest posting guidelines.

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