5 Inexpensive Tips to Attract Readers to your Blog

Attract Your Blog Reader

Are you a blogging newbie and experiencing lack of readers for your blog though you have shared  so many useful and unique content ? Then it’s not really the fault of your blog content. Actually it is just because till now you have just focused on writing great content for your blog .But you should know that Blogging is not only about writing great content, there are many Z factors associated with a Blog, which will make you a successful Blogger. Success in Blogging is not measured only be money you are making, but by the amount of Blog readership you getting, how many users are subscribing and keep coming to your blog.

The hard part is encouraging users to subscribe to your blog and it can happen only with compelling content and a user-friendly Website. If you have missed out all this thing and have failed to attract readers to your blog, here are some tips which will help you to gain more readers and attention. So when you got nothing to post about then try to improve on these factors .

How to Attract new readers to your Blog?

Write Catchy Post Title

Catchy post title

Post Title is the most important thing of a blog post as a reader of your blog will see the Post Title at first before going to read it.So if you have a great post content but choose a low catchy Post title for your post then you will see a huge lack of visits as you have expected .So it is important to write the best title for your post to get maximum visits. So when you are writing post title, make sure it’s optimized for your readers and for search engines too. I also recommend you to read following posts to make most out of Post title:

Maximize the post Promotion

Post promotion to attract readers

As you know after writing the post the next big thing to do is to promote it well in all the Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter ,G-Plus ,Stumble Upon etc. When you use Social media channel, you are driving new readers to your blog and notifying your existing followers about new blog post. Social media promotion is an art but one can easily achieve it by starting with few Social network like Facebook, Twitter. Here are list of articles, which will help you to get started and you can have your footprint on Social media to get new visitors and more traffic.

Write Post title after writing content

There are many blogger who use the technique of writing the Post Title before writing the post. But telling from  my experience; Always try to write your post title after totally completing the post . By this way you can improve your Post title writing skill .Take an example :- Suppose that you have aimed to write a post on “Promoting Your Post on Facebook“. But while writing the post you also covered the subject of “other Social Network promotion’ . So by this little mistake you can loose some of your assured traffic for none. It’s a simple tip but this will effectively help you to write better title and make it more attractive and meaningful.

Become a Video Blogger

Video Blogging for Traffic

Video Blogging is nothing new but very few people have been working on Video Blogging. If you follow Harsh channel on Youtube, you would realize how effectively he have been creating niche how to videos and needless to say amount of traffic it brings. Do a simple searches on Google and in most of the cases, you will find 1-2 Youtube videos on the top of Google. Youtube videos are easy to rank and with simple tools you can set up your own video channel on Youtube and best part is, it’s free. Here are some of the articles, which will help you to understand more and make most out of your Video promotion for new traffic to your site:

Use an Eye-Catchy Logo and Template

Blog design

This is one of the most important thing for your blog after writing good content .If you consider a Post as a Body of your blog then Logo and template should be considered as the face and clothes of your blog . So it is the Logo and Template which takes a reader to peek into your blog again and again without any reason which leads to make some Power Visitors of your blog.So always use some attractive and nice looking logo and template for your site to get most of revisits.

Well, these are just few of the tips which will help you to attract new readers and make most out of it. Remember, don’t forget to put essential Blog subscription buttons, which will help first time readers to subscribe to your Blog updates and that will make them revisit again. If you are aiming for more, I recommend you to create an Email list using Aweber, as over the time your Email list is going to be your best blogging assets.

If you can think of more tips, do let me know via comments. Do give this post a Shout and share it on Facebook.

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Rounak Baral is the Owner and Author of HackingUniverse.org . He is not only crazy about computer but also loves to share his all knowledge with his fellow blog readers. He also loves to learn a new thing everyday .


COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Dean Saliba says

    I always say to people that if I could just find a way of writing good catchy post headlines then I would triple my traffic easily, it is the only thing that I seem to struggle with when writing a post.

  2. Nizam Khan says

    Excellent post! Well, writing post title after completing the post seems to an interesting idea and yes, video blogging is really useful and effective. Thanks Rounak for sharing this info :)

  3. Bharat says

    Video Bogging is the one every serious blogger must focus on. It surely will yield good results and thanks for other tips also.

  4. Jafar Dhada says

    All the above tips are useful expect one.

    How a good blog design can ATTRACT NEW visitors ?

    I know that it can make readers to visit the blog frequently but how it can ATTRACT NEW visitors to a blog, because new visitors almost never seen the design of the blog. Can you explain this please?

    • Rounak Baral says

      Hmm.. You are quite right on your point. But check the point again. It is clearly stated that it helps to make some daily power visitors , not new visitors. :)

  5. Abuzar says

    I am totally agree with the last point regarding the blog layout and logo… because it really important… layout of blog and logo design plays an important role for making a blog successful and I personally recommend that whenever create a blog the 1st thing your should focus on the logo and layout of the blog after the content