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    Use KeywordLuv to Reward Your Commentators

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    Commenting is one of the easiest way to drive traffic, building back links and building a relation with other bloggers. As a blogger, you really want to see each your post has a lot of comments to add value to your post. So commentators help you improve your blog and you need to reward them. One of the best way to encourage and reward your commentators is use KeywordLuv Plugin.

    Update: This plugin is not recommended anymore, as this leads to spam. This plugin may lead to Google Penguin penalty of your website.

    What is KeywordLuv?

    KeywordLuv is a plugin that allows your commentators to add keywords to their name link when leaving a blog comment. Keywords are believed to be more powerful for describing page content accurately to search engines.

    For your commentators to benefit from KeywordLuv, your blog must be a DoFollow Blog, without it, your commentators will not receive any benefit.

    How to Install KeywordLuv?

    1. Go here and download the lastest version.
    2. Upload and Activate it from Dashboard
    3. Config some settings in Settings >> KeywordLuv
    4. Let see your blog comments increase rapidly icon biggrin Use KeywordLuv to Reward Your Commentators

    Example of How KeywordLuv works:

    Here is an example of a comment form:

    tut11 300x270 Use KeywordLuv to Reward Your Commentators Example

    And after publication, this comment looks like:

    tut2 300x121 Use KeywordLuv to Reward Your Commentators Example

    KeywordLuv is very useful plugin and should be installed in your blog.With this plugin, your blog will receive more comments. And I strongly recommend bloggersinstall the KeywordLuv plugin. Do you agree with me ?

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    Bilal Ahmad

    I am using CommentLuv on my blog and planning to use KeywordLuv Plugin also.



    This is right choice! :D



    Thanks for the info. Knew about comment love. But came to know about keyword love just after reading your article. I think it will indeed bring more visitors to blog.


    Amandeep Singh

    Soon I am going to install CommentLuv on my blog and make it DoFollow also… Then, based upon the response from readers / fello bloggers.. I will install KeywordLuv also… Thanks for sharing mate… :)


    Karen @ Blazing Minds

    The only thing you have to watch out for with KeywordLuv is those blatant spammers that try to take too much of an advantage of your generosity



    I am already using comment luv plugin….but keyword plugin looks a nice prospect..i will try it for sure :)


    Isha Singh

    using keywords in comment is a part of SEO and it a credit for readers to comment on keywordLuv installed blogs.



    KeywordLuv is good but also increases spam comments and its a big headeche for the Admin to filter the best reasonable comments

    But year I will surely give it a try :D



    Yes I agree, today I receive a lot of comments .



    Great article. I don’t about keywordLuv . I got idea about it. I’ll give a try for it.



    but I see you are using blogspot :)


    Vincent Chow

    Wouldn’t that attract a whole lot more of spammers?



    I think you should turn your blog into dofollow when your blog has a good PR only. That mean the commentators will have more chance to get a few link juice. My blog is small now and setting it as a dofollow blog is not an important idea.



    This is a very good plugin.

    I have been using this plugin from last more than 2 years…


    Bilal Ahmad

    Harsh@ Dd you note the word “Ad Choices” in all Google Adsense Ads. I am confused what is that.
    Did google change the network.


    Wasim Ismail

    I thinks this is the coolest plugin, how comes its not installed here.



    Ah… it’s kind of confusing to see a topic about KeywordLuv in here while it doesn’t seem to be installed on the blog! Just a thought!


    Harsh Agrawal

    I understand that it should be a part of ShoutMeLoud. I had similar plugin installed an year back when I used to get less comments..but after a while..No. of comments increased and people started commenting just for the same of link and key love..!! I had no choice but to remove the plugin…!!!
    Such plugins encourage more comments and are really useful for blog which is getting less comments..!!
    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. :)



    You should check out the growmap antispam plugin.


    We used to have the same problem with spammy comments. After installing this plugin though we’ve had no issues.


    Extreme John @ Intense Business

    Keyword Luv is an excellent plugin, I’ve been using it for
    years and it’s even more useful when you take the time to tell your
    readers how to use it.


    Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988

    I am using comment luv plugin now and is considering keywordLuv.


    Alarm Response

    I think more people should use the keywordluv plugin, it certainly makes a difference from not having it as people don’t tend to contribute as much as when you do have it. It’s really useful to get backlinks to web pages and increase traffic and the bloggers get their comments they need! Thanks



    Keyword love is something that I will try. I am going to install it in just moments! I was getting ready to try commentluv, I really appreciate the info



    I use comment luv and other plugins like GASP etc but now i fell the use of keyword luv too, i think comment luv+ is ALL IN ONE suite for comments but it’s premium, i want too use keyword luv but at the same time i don’t want to increase my plugins as there already no. of plugins on my blog, i’ll give it a try coz no. of good reviews.


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