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    Junglee.com : Amazon India Shopping Store

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    Amazon (One of the largest E-commerce site), which set it’s foot in third largest e-Commerce market- India with their new Website Junglee.com. For now, Instead of calling it as an E-commerce site, it would be better to call it as an online store for comparing price of products. Before we talk about this new Amazon India Shopping site, let’s learn a bit about Amazon.

    Junglee Amazon India Shopping Junglee.com : Amazon India Shopping Store

    Amazon is world’s largest E commerce Website, which was founded in 1994 and Website went live on 1995. Since then, they have set up separate site for many counties including: US, UK, Canada, Japan, China, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and now in India. Amazon headquarter is in Seattle, Washington (U.S.).

    Lets face it, name Junglee (Means: Wild, Forest, Of the Jungle), is kind of funny for such a portal from Amazon. They already have Amazon.in and they could have gone for the same. Though this reminded me of time back in 1998 when Amazon acquired Junglee Corp, which was founded by an  Indian Rajaraman along with 4 other engineers. Amazon explains reason being using the name Junglee on FAQ page: Junglee is a catalog of 90 Lakh products (Top Online book seller in India?), and 30 lakh products and you can find products from various categories.

    How Junglee.com Works?

    if you are familiar with how Amazon.com operates, you might be little disappointed here as Junglee.com will not only show product from Amazon, but also product from many Indian Retailers and Brand.

    At the time of writing, Junglee is in beta and as announced by their team, it will remain in beta and will under go iteration based on user experience and feedback. Right now, many big Indian brands are part of Amazon India shopping store, which includes: Homeshop18, Reebok, FabIndia and many more. Though, it’s a beta launch but you can imagine how big this site can go as it’s launched with 1.2 Crore products from various categories.

    When you click on any product, it shows the price from different seller and if it’s available on Amazon.com, it will show the amazon Price too. Though, actual sales happen on seller site and not on Junglee.com for now.

    You can login to this site with your Amazon login credentials, but you need to verify your Junglee account using a local Indian mobile number. You will receive one time 4 digit pin, which will be used for your Junglee.com account verification.

    Amazon Indian Shopping site in Nutshell:

    Amazon India Store Shopping thumb Junglee.com : Amazon India Shopping Store

    It would be too early to comment on competition part but seems like Junglee comes out as a Flipkart alternative but in other sense. As, in beta stage you don’t have options like add to your cart and actual transaction happens on seller site and not on Junglee, which makes it different from the concept of present sites in India. Though, this is just an initial launch and we can expect complete payment and checkout integration on Amazon Indian store soon.

    More over, since amazon will show the price from all available retailers, we can expect price to be very competitive.

    When you go for online shopping on Junglee site, make sure you check the Shipping price, as different Indian seller have different prices for delivery. Else, a cheap offer might turn out to be a nightmare. The good thing is, since everything is happening under Amazon banner, we can expect decent customer support and express delivery of our online orders. Anyways, this is one answer, I would like to get from any existing customer from Junglee.com

    If you are a seller and would like to list your product on Amazon India site, they have set guidelines and requirement for being a seller with Junglee. You can learn more from here and I believe it’s a great initiative for small e-commerce site to think big and associate with Amazon initiative. Because the way I see, I believe it’s going to be India’s biggest E-commerce store in near future. Also, product listing is completely free for seller. You can upload your product detail via FTP or seller central and amazon your list your product based on information provided by you. Though, actual delivery and collecting payment will be done on your site. So if you are a product manufacturer, it’s time to set up an E-commerce site for yourself and get a chance to showcase your product to wider audience.

    Check out Junglee.com

    For Bloggers & Affiliate marketer, we can expect Junglee affiliate program similar to Amazon affiliate program in future, which will help us to make money from affiliate marketing. We will keep you updated on the same .

    Don’t forget to give your opinion and review of Junglee, if you have already become a Junglee by being a part of Indian amazon Store?

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    eddy rehani

    I guess it is a great resource for retailers to list their products while it is still free. Now even small retailers can get noticed. Even merchants without a website can gain by listing their phone numbers.



    I checked out this site and I am sure I have not seen many Indian sites that compare prices. I hope this does well in India


    Rishabh Jain

    I just compared some books prices and i found that Junglee is providing those books @ cheaper prices but side by side in some products their is the shipping cost which increases the cost so on the other hand Flipkart.com shipping is free and they have loads of products to choose from, well i love Flipkart.


    Suraj Nair

    It should be a threat to other online retailer companies, as it has not only Amazon products but also Indian goods and services. But as Rishabh has pointed out about flipkart, who provide free shipping which reduces the total cost, I think purchasing only luxury items from Junglee would be beneficial for us and other items from sites like flipkart



    Junglee.com is providing aggregated form of shopping. They have very few products officially being shipped by Amazon is self. As the site is in beta version I think Junglee might have much more products officially rather than redirecting it to flipkart or snapdeal. Indian customer would surely not want to be directed to other websites to buy. Junglee.com can lose its audience this way.


    sreekumar sukumaran

    Indians are habitual bargainers and mere comparison of price would never satisfy them. If any site offers bargaining opportunity it would succeed.



    I want to know if I am having an web site is this posible to take affiliate of junglee.com
    pls guide Me



    The Junglee FAQ page was extremely useful. Thanks. And I do think that now Flipkart and other emerging e-commerce websites are going to have a run for their money. But competition is always good. Helps in good prices.


    Shamshul Azam

    How does junglee earn money and what is the expected earning by this site?


    Neeraj Bansal

    It seems that Amazon only uses its brand name to earn money, lists millions of products from most of the Indian online sellers and earn millions of dollars for just redirecting customers to seller’s site.


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