5 Best Places to Hire for your Next Online Startup

Where to Hire onlineSo, you have a unique and interesting concept and your plans are almost ready. If you are not a hardcore programmer then you must be looking to hire a good experienced developer who can turn your dream into a reality. The good news is that the U.S. workforce is on your side. NBC reported that over a third of Americans hold non-traditional jobs. Daily Beast’s Tina Brown added that “No one I know has a job anymore. They’ve got gigs.

In 2012, more than 700 job portals sprung up giving you a wide selection and range from which to choose for the contractor hunt online. The problem with such a wide selection is that freelance employers don’t know where to look for the best possible candidate for each development project.

Busy bloggers can also hire virtual assistant to delegate some work like checking Emails, replying to Emails, blog editing and so on.  The only thing which you need to keep in mind is, find people with the skills you require. Too many skills might not be as great as fewer but perfect skills.

Today I will  list some of the best hiring websites and guide you through the specialties each one of them has to offer.

List of Websites to Hire people online:

Stack Overflow Career 2.0

If you are looking for the most premium computer programmers who can basically make another Facebook or Twitter then look no further than Career 2.0. This site is basically an extension of the highly active Stack Overflow community of programmers. You are guaranteed to get the cream of the crop but it comes at a premium price starting at around $350 for a 30 day listing and $1000 for searching the entire candidate database. Check out Stack overflow careers 2.0.


One of the most popular freelance websites on the Internet, Elance is full of talented programmers and developers ready to deliver your project. The advantage of using Elance is that you can break up your project into several milestones and pay accordingly using their safe Escrow payment system. Be sure to check the profile of the candidate you are selecting for the job since you will get a lot of bids for your project and not all of them are as talented as you want them to be. Check out Elance.

Hiring Thing

The concept of Hiring Thing is different from the rest. Here you need to pay a monthly subscription fees starting at $39 to $199, depending on the number of jobs you are looking to post. Hiring Thing employees post your job in various popular job portals and find you the best possible candidates. Since they know what they are doing you will get better results than traditional freelance websites. If you do not want to go through the hassle of selecting and posting, Hiring Thing should be your choice. Check out hiring thing.

Smashing Magazine Jobs

smashing magazine jobs

I highly recommend using Smashing Magazine Job board for doing the UX and interface design of your website or HTML 5 app. Though they may contain a few hardcore coders, the website is more popular with designers than developers. They have full-time employment packages at $225 and a freelance hiring package for just $75. You will get facilities like invoicing and other standard features. I personally used a designer and the guys willing to work on projects posted on this website are talented.

LinkedIn Job Center

LinkedIn is by far the biggest social network for professionals. Sometimes it’s best to just go for the big candy itself. Prices depend on various factors like location and job type. And you can buy multi-posting credits as well. Be prepared to get a lot of emails once you post your job. Check out LinkedIn job board.

Final Thoughts before you hire people online

In 2014, the above websites will help you yield the perfect candidate to complete your dream project. Like I said, there are over 5000 job portals, each coming up with their unique and attractive tagline. However not of them them are filled with the best talents in the industry. If you are a newbie then one thing that must be bugging your mind is why pay so much money for a job posting.

The answer is that with premium job postings on the above mentioned Job portals websites, you are likely to get the attention of the best players in the design and development industry who never even look at those free listing portals. If your project is ambitious it’s important to have a solid foundation and these job listing sites will ensure that your you have a dedicated team that can pull off such a job. Do let me know, which online portal are you using to hire people online.

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  1. Deepanker says

    In India, market is going down and freshers are facing problem in getting jobs. I think these websites will surely help freshers