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JetPack Stats Error [You are not a member of this site.]

JetPack Stats Error [You are not a member of this site.]

Till now I have covered Jetpack plugin released, Jetpack glitch and jetpack sharing plugin Thesis theme issue. Now here is another issue which I have faced: After installing and activating the Jetpack plugin, everything seems to be working apart from stats plugin. It’s giving me following error:

You are not a member of this site.

If you have just installed the Stats plugin, this error probably appeared because the API key entered in the plugin belongs to a different user account.

The owner of the API key must visit this site’s stats page to grant access.


This is a known issue and in order to fix this issue, simply go to Jetpack setting page and disconnect your account from and reconnect it. Go ahead and install Jetpack WordPress plugin and enjoy the power of multiple plugins by using 1 plugin.

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  • 8207h32

    Thanks. It’s worked.
    Just disconnect my account from and reconnect it with Jetpack setting page

  • Dan

    This did work for me although I did have to disconnect twice.

    The cool thing is that the stats app through Jetpack pickup up the stats from my deactivated stats plugin so I didn’t lose anything.

  • Lealcy B Junior

    This trick didn’t work for me.

  • Manpreet Singh Rehsi

    I am also facing problem with stats the error message I am getting is “sorry, nothing to report”.

  • Liz

    Hey, thanks for working on this. I’m still seeing that exact error, after disconnecting and reconnecting. It’s also so bizarre because the API keys match between my .org and .com accounts. No idea what I’m missing…

  • Usman@FirstHosting

    Ahem, the owner of JetPack need to visit and verify our site?

    thats what you mean?


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