JetPack Made Google Authorship Easy For Multi-Authored WordPress Blog

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin developed by Automattic team, which helps self hosted WordPress bloggers to enjoy the power of on self hosted WordPress Blog. Jetpack plugin is being updated on regular basis, and they are consistently adding new feature (modules) which will make blogging on WordPress easier. Specially, for non-technical people who need features, and don’t want to spend too much time on coding or getting into technical know-how. Today, Jetpack released an updated version of plugin (Jetpack 2.5), which added three new features:

  • Google plus integration
  • VideoPress
  • Facebook Embeds

Of all these three features, Google plus integration is something commendable and very handy for multi-authored WordPress blog. Earlier I have shared how easy it is to integrate Google plus authorship for single authored blog, but there is lot of confusion for multi-authored WordPress blog. Jetpack 2.5 Google plus integration now made it easier for multi-authored WordPress blog to quickly integrate authorship with sharing feature. In this post, I will discus all the new features of Jetpack 2.5, and before that you can read this official announcement post.

Google plus integration with Jetpack

If you have updated your Jetpack plugin to latest version, you can see a module call Google plus profile, and click on it to enable it. Now under settings > Sharing you can link your profile to Google plus account. As soon as you link to your Google plus profile, this will automatically add blog link in contributor to section of your Google plus profile, and below your blog post your Google plus profile picture, and a follow button will be visible. This will establish Authorship between your posts and your Google plus profile.

Google authorship WordPress

Similarly your blog authors can use Settings > Sharing and connect their Google plus profile with WordPress account, and enjoy the authorship. The only sad part is, this feature is available for user roles up to author, and users with contributor role can’t enjoy this feature. I might need to dig down more into role and capabilities, to make it work for users with contributor rights, but for now Jetpack Google plus authorship integration works only with users with Author, editor or admin capabilities.

Along with Google authorship, Jetpack 2.5 also added new features to add Google plus share button via sharing feature, and now you can directly embed Google docs, maps and calendar in your blog post. You can learn more about this here.

If you are planning to use Google authorship feature of Jetpack plugin, make sure you remove the other plugin or method using for implementing author-ship. In case if you figure out the way to use Jetpack G+ authorship feature for users with contributor rights, do let me know via comments.


Now Videopress module is available via Jetpack plugin. If you have never heard of VideoPress, head over to official site over here to learn more.

Embed Facebook updates within in Post or comment:

The last and notable update in Jetpack 2.5 is Facebook embed feature. Which will let you embed any facebook status update within post or comment section. Once you have updated the plugin, all you need to do is, copy paste the URL of your status update (Should be public), and it will be embedded in your Blog post. For example, I’m embedding one post from ShoutMeLoud Fan page here:

Here are important things to know about Facebook embed feature:

  • Action buttons allowing readers to like, comment on, and share the update without leaving your site.
  • A media preview of images or videos in or linked in the update.
  • Links back to the Facebook page or profile.

Here is the official doc page which will give you more information related to same.

Over all, Jetpack is living up to the expectations by adding not only important but useful modules day by day, and soon it will help you to lower down the need of other plugins. More over, coming from Automattic team, we can always expect speedy development, and clean coded plugin for our WordPress blog.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Jetpack is a must have plugin for every blogger and with this new update, it has become even better. I have not updated it still because of problems with my laptop but I will update it very soon.Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Nizam Khan says

    Excellent feature added in the new version. Well, now it is much easier to verify Google authorship with jetpack. Thanks for the update :)

  3. Ashutosh says

    Absolutely powerful feature from Jetpack. I too activated it as soon as my dashboard shouted about the update. Now, the bloggers need not worry about setting up Google Authorship through any other complex process.

    It is a kind of gift from Jetpack to the bloggers community, well appreciated.