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Is your Website Blacklisted?

Is your Website Blacklisted?

Today every one of us is aware of the fact that Web Stream is full of threats either it be a simple email spam or a malicious software.  These Viruses spread all over the Internet through injecting codes into the domains or script’s front end. So beware, but sometimes there is a malicious software on your website and you don’t know about this. This may lead to blacklist your site in some network. Obviously this result in lots of traffic and revenue loss for you and your site. Here I have a tool which can help you detect whether there is a threat for others on your Blog/Website or not.

Website Blacklisted

BlackList Alert : Find if your Website is Blacklisted

This blacklisted finder Tool is called It is free to use and within a minute you will get to know that whether your online presence is secure for others or not. It is very easy to use and handy. It will show you a text box in which you have to write your domain name or IP address and the tool will detect any threat. This tool check your domain and IP address name on more than 30 malware and spam list. This tool checks at two type of Block list: LHSBL and RHSBL.

How this tool is beneficial for you in other manners except this, here are few more things so that you can take full advantage of it

  • If you are going to buy a register domain then first do check whether it is secure and not listed in Blacklists.
  • Make sure whether the new hosting company or their Server is pure from any type of  Malware
  • Check your IP address either it is Clean or not.
  • If you are Wondering to Add some new Blog or Website to your Blog Roll then do check its purity before adding.

What Are you Waiting for Just Check Out the Awesome Tool and Let us Know about your Experience and Feedback.

If you need to see similar tool to check your site status, here are few tools:

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  • Marshall

    Thanks for the post. From past few days i am unable to see my website on Google search but now i know the reason why with the help of this tool. In-fact it shows my website is black listed !!! can anybody here suggest me how to get out of there?

  • rakesh kumar

    Great tool, Thank god my site is not blacklisted anywhere. Thanks dear for posting this site link.

  • Bhaveek

    My blog is also listed in two of these websites. How can we remove it?

    • Ramsha Afaq

      the both blacklists are custom blacklists, every site is listed in them, you can click on the answer see why and you will gotta know about it

  • Sreejesh @techgyo

    Yes, Its a helpful tool when you are buying a website from someone else.

  • akshay

    wow .. thanks for the info never knew we can know about whether we are blacklisted or not so easily

  • Nasif

    Checked my site. Not blacklisted anywhere :) Thanks for sharing the tools.

  • aatif

    I have seen significant amount of traffic drop for my secondary blog today . my pages are not showing on the google for which i was getting huge traffic … i checked the tool and everything is ok .. Hope i will get my traffic back .


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