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iPhone -iPad SEO Apps for Webmasters

iPhone -iPad SEO Apps for Webmasters

iPhone and iPad is just not another mobile gadget but it’s a multi purpose device. We have already talked about various iPhone and iPad apps for Webmasters in the past and if you missed it, here is a quick recap:

Now, extending this list with some of the SEO apps for iPhone and iPad, which will help all SEO webmasters and SEO freelancer to do various SEO activities right on their device. Today it is a common thing to see a blogger who makes notes on the iPad or search for the SEO news in the smartphone. However, mobility and SEO tools have become so closely integrated today, so it is almost a shame not to use the range of tools that have become available thanks to this cooperation. I’m talking about the SEO mobile applications that allow any site owner or SEO specialist to track site’s business from any point of the world.

And today, iPhone and iPad users, it is your day, I present the list of SEO iOS apps I use in my work!

List of iPhone SEO Apps to check out:

There is no such hardcore SEO tools like Traffic travis or SEOmoz is available till now, but from a smart phone perspective these SEO apps will take care of basic needs. That includes checking the progress of SEO effort, keeping a track of traffic stats or even your Social media growth. So, lets start with the list:

Google Analytics

Google anaytics for iPad

Could the list be started with another application? I doubt. The whole package of Google Analytics that you use from your pc is available for you with this application. I’m not listing just one Google analytics apps for iPad /iPhone as you can see many Apps for analytics developed by different iPhone developers and companies. You can find a complete list on official page here.

SEM Calculator

This application helps me to plan and control my SEO and advertising campaigns. It has integration with Google AdSense and Yahoo, MSN services of advertising. It’s a free app and you can download from official app store here.

SEO Search Ranking by Leon Huang

Search ranking

For SERP checking I use SEO Search Ranking application. The advantages of this application are 1) unlimited keywords for checking; 2) unlimited number of sites. Though it’s not a free app but still those who are in need of checking Keyword ranking on the go, $3.99 price tag would be a good investment. Link

Website SEO Audit

Search audit iOS app

The application provides the full audit of your site: meta tags, their relevance to the content, page loading time, backlinks of the site, PR, etc. All the data is saved and later you may compare the stats. Download SEO search audit app for free from app store.


You SEO can’t be effective enough if you don’t use social media resources. But you are to control the large number of sites just to make sure that everything is going just like you wanted to. And Ego application will help you to do it. You can track growth of Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Mint, RSS feeds and many other services using Ego. Specially if you manage multiple Websites, you would love to install EGO to track Social media and subscriber progress of all the sites. Check out this app on official site here.


So many options this application suggest that it will be too boring to enumerate them all. Here are some of them: page ranking, Meta tags, etc.

SEO Automatic by JAH Media, LLC

SEO analysis app

It is an excellent application for on page analysis. It counts about 18 different page elements, also gives advice on their optimization. Download this iPhone SEO app from app store. Though price tag of $9.99 doesn’t really justify this app.

URL Site Submitter Pro

Search engine submitter

May be the application isn’t very topical now, especially after new Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, but still. The app allows you to submit you site to some web directories and search engines. Though price tag of 0.99$ seems like a perfect price tag for this SEO app. You can download it from here and if you are looking for desktop way of getting your site indexed fast, SML earlier guide on how to index a Website in Google Search in 24 hrs and how to get your website indexed Quickly in Search.

So, I have told you about eight SEO application installed on my iPhone. I use them almost every day and I don’t even regret the money I spent on them (unfortunately, some of the apps are paid). It worth the results I get and the time I save. Do you use any mobile applications in your SEO career? If yes, please, share your experience in comments.

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    • hrmehrotra

      Good for iPhone users…….m using some SEO apps like wordpress, analytics and stumbleupon on android it’s fantastic

    • Rabin

      I use Website SEO Audit, only to check my blog’s Pagerank. And for complete analysis of my blog’s traffic I have started using Google Analytics. Although the app does not responds sometimes, but I am happy that I can go through my blog’s traffic stats without using computer..


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