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    iPad 2 Available in India: Officially

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    India was one of the last countries to get iPad and when iPad 2 was announced, we expected again that India will get iPad2 when iPad3 will be announced. Although here is a good news for Indians, who have been looking forward to buy the iPad2 in India. Apple is officially launching iPad2 in India and 11 other countries tomorrow.

    iPad2India thumb iPad 2 Available in India: Officially Just in case if you are not aware of iPad2, it’s currently the most popular tablet available in the market. iPad 2 features front and rear camera and comes in Wi-Fi and Wi-fi +3G variants and with three storage options: 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb. iPad 2 comes in two colors: White and Black.

    iPad 2 price in India:

    Again the price of iPad2 is slightly higher than the first generation iPad, which was quite expected. Here is the complete price chart of iPad 2 in India

    iPad 2 16Gb (INR) 32Gb (INR) 64Gb (INR)
    iPad 2 Wi-Fi version 29,500 34,500 39,500
    iPad 2 Wi-Fi +3G 36,900 41,900 46,900

    Which iPad 2 version you should buy?

    There are many options including colors, size and Wi-fi or Wi-Fi +3G version. First of all in color, I would prefer going for Black as it looks better to me and more over screen will be more prominent in bright light. If you are one of those who works from home or office and stays at a place where you get Wi-Fi all the time, you should go for Wi-Fi only version, but if you are like me who travels a lot, then the 3G version is what you’ll require. More over with the launch of 3G in India, I would prefer going for a 3G version as you can get good 3G service from many carriers at present.  You should also consider the pricing factor too, as there is a huge price difference in iPad 3G and non 3G version.

    iPad 2 will be available on the official Apple stores in India and other countries. Well I’m sure this will increase the sales of iPad 2 and hopefully iPhone 4 will also be officially available soon in India.

    Meanwhile do let us know if you are planning to buy an iPad 2? And also let us know which version of iPad 2 and which color you are going to buy?

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    iPAD 3G version seems to be a better option. Since 3G has been launched quite recently, it will take some time for 3G to be working to its fullest potential and prices coming down when more and more people subscribe to it. Then you might see a drastic price reduction in 3G devices as well including iPads.


    kbharath @ techntricksonline

    its great that apple has released iPad 2 with in a month after the release in US. and they had released the previous iPad i think about after 9 months.

    Thanks for sharing this News Harsh


    Jens P. Berget

    Hi Harsh,

    This is news to me. I thought that the iPad 2 would be for sale in India before Norway, but I guess not :)

    I’m still thinking about buying one, although I think it’s a little too expensive. But wow, it looks awesome and I believe it’s a device I can really get comfortable using.

    - Jens


    Vijayraj Reddy

    i think this iPad 2 is priced 2k to 4k more than the previous version, but it has improved a lot…


    Namita Chandra

    I was pretty surprised to find that Apple has been so prompt in launching the iPad 2 in India. I purchased an iPad 1 from US in Oct last year. It is 3G wifi 32GB. I am very happy with the 3G BSNL service which I am using in Lucknow. After an initial hitch-up its working fine and i have internet roaming all over India. I’ve tried it in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. I have found a number uses with my iPad and I feel its a great gadget.
    I feel that one doesn’t use the full potential of iPad without 3G.


    Kavya Hari

    Hello Harsh, it’s one of the informative post to all the people :) thank you so much for sharing your valuable points on here. Today is the great day for all the people :)



    I ordered the iPad 2 3G 16 GB model here in Australia, where it cost AU$585 (about Rs 29,000) + 10% GST. That’s a company discount price for the bank where I am consulting. Otherwise it is about Rs35,500, which isn’t too far from the price in India.

    It will arrive as several shipments. At the moment I am admiring the leather cover and dock on my desk. :)


    Shaswat Patel

    Well iPad 2 is finally arrive but I think Apple should bring iPhone 4 soon in India! And yes now we have 3G so we should move to iPad 2 3G version which would be ultimate option for us but I think Android tablets are buzzing right now and it’s matter of time they come to India and will challenge iPad in world’s biggest market!


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