Top 11 Useful Apps that Enhance your Instagram Experience

You may have uploaded them before, those black-and-white Facebook photos of the beach, blurred and filtered with a “deep” quote about human nature. Maybe your friends roll their eyes at you. Maybe they like them. But whether they like it or not, Instagram, the new photo-sharing giant, is here to stay.

Instagram Apps

For Instagram users like you, here are some useful web apps that will enhance your experience and make the most out of your images.

We have divided these apps into three categories: Photo Printing, Photo Browsing, and Cool Miscellaneous.

Photo Printing  Apps for Instragram-


Copygram App

Copygram is linked to your Instagram account as soon as you log in. It has all of the features of Instagram, such as Like, Follow, Unfollow, hashtags, etc. Plus, you can back up your photos by downloading them to your computer and even better, have your images printed and mailed to you!


Instawoot instagram tool

Instawoot is new Instagram tool which works on the credit system. You get free credits to join Instawoot, and you can use this credits to promote your instagram posts or you can use it to gain more followers. You can follow other users or like other Instagram posts to earn credits and use them. This tool is by the ViralWoot guys, which works in similar fashion but for Pinterest.



If you ever wanted to upload Instagram pictures from your desktop, Gramblr is a tool for you. It’s available for Windows and Mac. This is a useful tool for social-media agencies where you want to upload edited photos to Instagram without transferring to your phone. While uploading you can also add captions to your photos.



Like Copygram, Prinstagram lets you receive hard copies of your photos. But you can have them delivered as photo albums, posters, framed prints, calendars, and much more! The ordering process is simple and there are many options to choose from



This is another print order web application. You can browse by #tag, view, and order prints like the other apps above, but you can also join cool photo challenges. There are also multiples in which you can view and organize your photos. INK361 is also about to launch a service which will let you sell your Instagram pictures, and you can make money from it. At the time of writing, this service in currently in beta.

Instagram Photo Browsing tools –



Gramfeed lets you browse through photos on your web browser. If you click an image, you can Facebook Like, Instagram Like, Pin, and comment. There is also a link to the uploader’s profile, which you can then follow.



Instac.At’s only feature is its search function. You can find related photos based on its #tag or keyword. Clicking on an image you like will redirect you to its Instagram page. Though simple, this application will greatly improve your search and find experience.



Instagrille is a desktop application that lets you do anything and everything on your computer that you would on your mobile app. Share, like, comment, etc. You can do it all! I have also written a complete tutorial on how you can use Instagram on computer. Please don’t miss it.  ;)



This web application lets you follow users. Scan their custom QR code using your phone to follow and share your QR with others to get followers.

Cool & Miscellaneous Instagram tools –



If you see a photo you like and have to go through the difficult process of downloading and then changing your computer settings just to set it as a screensaver, then you’re wasting your time. With Screenstagram, your favorites and your friends’ favorites are put on display as your screensaver with this web application.


Instagram Statistics

This extremely useful and popular app lets you take the driver’s seat of your Instagram account. Take part or create contests, promote your account, manage conversations, and analyze account activity. With this app, you can track and control your profile to make the most out of your photo-sharing experience.

From helping you photo browse to giving you the fun of choosing between two competing photos, these web apps will enhance your user experience in a new and exciting way.

Now you can be the tech-savvy photographer that your friends will secretly envy. Do let me know if you know of any other useful Instagram tools or apps I missed in here.

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