Internet Marketing – Confessions of a Wannabe Marketer.

Internet Marketing is a very lucrative field. Whoever sees it from outside gets lured to get inside of it without even thinking what’s there in it for him. I was one of those who saw the leading IM personalities and got lured to get into marketing. But I was so wrong. The results that I expected never became reality. Internet Marketing Confession I always wanted to earn big amount of money like the internet marketing gurus do. I didn’t realize there are many ways to make money, and only tried to do internet marketing without a proper direction. And as I said, I didn’t get the expected results.

But I haven’t lost anything and that’s a good news for me. I never spent a single penny behind any of the courses that claimed to teach you internet marketing within 2-3 months. I was a noob in Internet marketing some 4 months back but though today I haven’t got any kind of success in it, I don’t consider myself a failure. Rather I think that I know many things about internet marketing that can make me successful but I am unable to implement them.

The true reason of writing this post was to share my experience in the Internet marketing field. The things I learned, the mistakes I made, the untold secrets that no IM course will teach you.

Confessions of an Internet Marketing Wannabe :

Confession #1 : I thought Internet marketing is a simple task.

You are hearing it right. I was so foolish to think that Internet marketing is a simple job. It can be the simplest task if you work systematically, but at the same time it is the toughest job that can consume hours of your day without rewarding you.

Confession #2 : For me, Internet Marketing was only Affiliate Marketing.

This was something because of which I still feel that I am the most stupid person in the blogosphere. I never understood the true worth of Internet marketing and its sub-branches. Today, when I am exposed to other corners of Internet marketing, I can tell you that CPA is better than affiliate marketing. People get attracted to freebies more than anything else. Am I right or am I right ?

Confession #3 : I thought that by following successful Internet marketers, I could become like them.

The successful heads in the marketing niche never reveal their secrets to anyone, and why should they? They have spent years in setting up all their systems and they have their own easy way to get the most out of their campaigns. So by following anyone, you won’t be able to learn unless you start out and think of something unique. I followed and failed, if you want the same thing; go ahead.

Confession #4 : I rushed behind money instead of working on building systems.

The day I started my marketing journey, precisely my affiliate marketing journey; I was visiting my Clickbank account more than working on getting traffic. I constantly logged in to see if I had made a commission or not. But I forgot that if I don’t get traffic, who the hell is going to make a purchase !!!

Confession #5 : I thought blog posts and banners can do the magic.

No. This can never happen unless you have a blog that gets visitors in 6-figures. Frankly speaking, an internet marketer makes no more than 20% of his earnings (maybe even less than that) from his blogs. The maximum percentage comes from email lists, videos and SEO (Web 2.0, PPC etc.) Here too I failed.


What now ? Nothing, I will just start over again, this time with a systematic approach. I just shared my story to let you know that Internet marketing is not what you think it is. You must first understand the true concept behind it before jumping in the pool. So if you are doing Internet marketing do it with proper approach and enjoy the rewards. Happy Internet Marketing !!!

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COMMENTs ( 2 )

  1. Rob Schneider says

    How refreshing to read an honest account of the realities of internet marketing. I started trying it on my blog as an experiment only, with no expectations of success. I make around $100 a month now, but on a per hour basis, it’s negligible. I like to blog, though, so don’t worry about it too much and I think that’s the key – if you don’t like blogging, studying internet marketing strategies and all the rest of it, you’ll be disappointed.

  2. Mass Traffic Generation says

    I agree with you Arbaz. Many newbie bloggers have same story like you. They thought that by writing some copy paste article they will become king soon, but the reality behind internet marketing is you cannot do it if you don’t have passion. And most of the bloggers who decide to do blogging just started is because of getting inspiration from friends who are making good bucks from their blogs.

    Even for pro bloggers blogging is still difficult because you don’t know when Google is going to launch new update and which type of websites are going to get hurted in future.

    I appreciated that you were having gutts to confess that you did these mistakes and I would like to congrats you for writing such a wonderful Article.