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    What got us all Interested in Blogging in the first place?

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    I know that Shoutmeloud is a very community driven blog ranging from the blogging aspect all the way to the technology aspect. I also know that many of the people who read it are bloggers, including me. I thought instead of cramming in more tips, wouldn’t it be awesome if we jumped into hearing from the readers themselves about their interests in blogging.

    confused What got us all Interested in Blogging in the first place?

    What got YOU interested in blogging?

    For me, it was a long time interest in developing websites. I’ve always been fascinated by the internet. Sure I could work computers pretty well, but the internet I found real interest in. Computers were constantly changing and it was out of my control, rather, I found interest in the internet because it was also rapidly developing, but as though I could be a part of the development; I could own a website and the likes. I got interested in blogging when I dropped one of my websites I had been working on for a long time, blogging simplified it all down, I could publish updates with zero hassle; and that’s where my interest developed?

    What about you?

    How did you find your interest in blogging? Was it by complete mistake, did you accidentally stumble upon it, searching for ways to make money? What created your interest? Now’s your time to share, I’d love to hear what lead you into blogging!

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    What first got me into blog is share my experience, maybe help for somebody out there, but yeah I see now blogging can becoming good business too


    Kamal Hasa

    Passion is something that has never died out it me and that is what got me started..



    Same with me dear. I had interest in computer and internet from young age. Later I wanted to make website to mark presence on net & boost among friends coz that tym I was very small hardly 13yrs. I started wid biz.ly website & after changing many websites making services I finally now at age of 17yrs ended up having my own wordpress blog http://www.pcperts.com but now I really love blogging and getting good feedback from blog visitors this way my interest in blogging developed & I love it :*


    Girish Mony

    I am one of the person who thought blogging is one of the quickest way to earn Money. Soon I found I am wrong. But my interest in improving blogging skills gone up!!!! Now my whole interest revolves in improving my blog without much worrying about money.



    Great question, Peter. For me, I started blogging as a teenager when we still referred to it as “journaling.” While the online journals were really just a place to do what teens do — bitch about life, I began learning HTML and CSS (not really knowing what the hell I was learning). As I became older and established in the Design field, I really just wanted to share the cool things I see and hear everyday in my own way. And a blog is definitely an extremely easy way to do it.


    Karen @ Blazing Minds

    I started off with an online diary, which got pretty boring and then went on to doing the blog I do now, which has grown over the last few years, but I love blogging so much I’ve even started another one for a complete bit of fun.

    So I suppose you could say I started blogging for the fun of it ;)


    CA Karan Batra

    Always wanted to have my own personal blog but it was the monthly income report of Shoutmeloud which motivated me to go ahead and accomplish my dreams. Thnx Harsh for ur Motivation and Support.


    Jitendra Singh

    Hi Peter, yes every blogger need to think about this question. We are here for blogging and money is second thing this every one should under stand.



    I love to learn new things each and everyday. At the same, I also want to share the same with my friends and like minded people. This is one main reason I love blogging.

    I will continue to blog as long as I keep learning new stuffs.



    I came accidentally into blogging.But it becomes my major money making source and I enjoy blogging very much.



    It was purely for generating a second money making stream in 2008… This was the time when the recession hit real hard and I was out of a job…

    Now, im completly hooked on to it… with money not being the only criteria..


    Chetan Bhasin

    I used to read a technology blog which I started to like and finally I decided to have my own blog. Back then I was full of ideas and time too… I had a lot of useful stuff that I could share and I was sure that people would like it. At that time, I started a blog without any idea that I can make money from it. The blog had a free domain and as soon as I started to get more traffic I started to enjoy more. Then somewhere on Google popped Shouemeloud and Devil’s Workshop. These blogs inspire me to bring myself more into the world of blogging. At then end, last year I couldn’t manage keeping a blog and dismissed the blogging part from my routine. I still blog, but not as much as I used to. Although, I am sure that my blogging will grow later in future with a lot of new and revolutionary things in the world of blogging.



    Money is not the criteria but it is required to push you and gives strengths and you can leave your day job and would be your own boss!!


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