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As a WordPress user, having WordPress installed locally is always a big advantage when it comes to testing anything. I have been using Wamp to install WordPress locally. But after every OS install, it become a tedious job to install Wamp and configure it every time.

Though if you are Geeky type, you can refer to our previous tutorial on installing WordPress on your desktop:

Why do you need Local WordPress installation?

Having a locally installed WordPress is hardly recommend for every WordPress blogger as you can try every plugin locally before installing it on your live site. If you want to customize your theme, it’s always a good idea to make changes locally and then make it live on your live site.

If you are a blogger who is blogging on BlogSpot platform and wish to move to WordPress, this is a perfect start. You can use Instant WordPress and get comfortable with WordPress dashboard and understand how it works. This locally installed WordPress will do everything which a live WordPress site on internet can do. So this is one of the best way to start.

Instant WordPress:

Here I’m talking about a useful free software call Instant WordPress and as name suggests, you can get started with WordPress on local system instantly.

This is portable software, that means you can install it on your pen drive or install it on any drive and even after reinstallation of OS, you will not lose anything. Best part about Instant WordPress is, you don’t need to configure anything. Install Instant Wp, and your local WordPress site is up and running without any hassle.

Here is a screenshot of this software and you can clearly see how easy it is to use:

Instant WordPress

Getting started with Instant WordPress:

Once you have installed Instant Wp, you need to go to installed directory and click on  instantWp.exe. It will bring a screen as mentioned above. You can directly click on WordPress admin to login to your admin area. Username and password would be: admin and password respectively. You can also access your phpmyadmin by clicking on MySQLAdmin and play with your database.

Installing Plugin and themes are also easy. You can always install plugin and themes from your local WordPress dashboard or you can use Instant WordPress dashboard to upload plugin and themes. Phpmyadmin can also be accessed via this and if you wish to try WordPress SQL queries, this is one of the best and easy way to test any SQL query for WordPress.Instant WordPress also comes with dummy WordPress content, so you can simply get start with Testing Themes or plugins.

Here is a video to get familiar with Instant Wp Local WordPress:

As I mentioned above, you can also install it on a USB drive, so if you have to give a presentation to client or teach others about WordPress, all you need to do is carry your USB and you can plug into any laptop or desktop and your WordPress is ready to be launched.

After using this small WordPress software, I would suggest you to download it and enjoy the power of local WordPress on your desktop. It’s a free to use Software and runs only on Windows.

Download link

Do let me know if you have used Instant WordPress or any other similar software to enjoy WordPress on your local system?

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COMMENTs ( 23 )

  1. BRIAN says

    after making the webiste with Instant press, i cant get it online, this doesnt make any sense, after several days, anyone who can help ?

  2. JoelRen says

    is it possible to run Instant WP on a localhost before going live? this without installing WP with XAMP or WAMP.

    thx in advance.

  3. Tiger says

    I have downloaded and installed Instant WordPress 4.3.1 on my PC and it does not work.

    Everyone talks about how easy it is to instal and run Instant WordPress on their local PC. I have a problem with Instant WordPress 4.3.1 running on my PC. I have downloaded and installed it many times and I am really very frustrated because it is now working for me. After installing and re-installing it on my PC running Windows 7 and each time clicking on the InstantWP.exe to launch the program, a window opens with a “Redirecting…” message and nothing happens even though I let it keep directing for 5 minutes. I tried to run it as an administrator on my desktop and on my C:\ drive without luck.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem so that I can begin to use the Instant WordPress on my PC? Thanks in advance for any solution.

  4. says

    I’ve tried XAMP, WampServer, AMPPS, Bitnami, and Instant WordPress.

    With Instant WordPress I couldn’t get it working on the local Network (access it from other computers) but it worked fine on the installed computer. Using Duplicator Plugin to migrate the WP webpage to a live environment (internet host) was just to easy.

    Now I’m using WampServer installed in a Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) and am able to access it on the local network… and from the internet if needed.

    Benefits of accessing WP from a local network are obvious. Our biggest benefit is Developers in the office can now access the sites.

    Really would like to see a write up on the Duplicator Plugin for WordPress. Every half decent Web Dev needs to know about it.

    • says

      Duplicator plugin is in my To-do list and will do a write up after trying and testing it…
      Right now I’m using WordPress on my local Mac server using Mamp, and it works great..!! Thanks for your valuable comment and inputs…

      • says

        I’m looking forward to seeing your experiences with the Duplicator plugin.
        I would be very surprised if you didn’t smile for a whole day (as I did) after using it :)

        • says

          I use Duplicator with InstantWP. I have written about it on my site and included some warnings and workaround solutions tomsome problems including timeouts etc

  5. Chook says

    Instant WordPress is Easy to install, and Easy to Use. There really isn’t much to it.
    Once installed, started, logged into wp admin area, update wp from there and install themes, all just nice and easy. No need to install anything else.

    But to get your wp site from Instant WordPress to the Web will take a process that are NOT INCLUDED IN ANY INSTRUCTIONS with the installations.
    The FAQ suggest you read the “Instant WordPress Unleashed manual” but it COST $27 !

    This should have been made more transparent before committing to Instant WordPress.

    Although I do appreciate the work gone into Instant WordPress, being charged a fee to learn it was a bit disappointing. ($5 would have been fine)

  6. steve says

    i see that i can download InstantWP for free. I suspect that deploying it will require me to buy something as I see only one page mentioning deployment and they charge for the information. This would fit the internet model of getting someone half-way there and then charging them to make the solution truly useful. Any suggestions?

  7. Lena says

    Thanks for the tip! I just started using Instant WordPress, configured my site, but when I went to upload it, all the text was there, but my theme customizations (i.e. custom header, logo, background, menu order & colors, etc.) are all lost. Any thoughts or tips are greatly appreciated! :)

  8. AziFarooqi says

    Its an awesome tool to customize your WP theme. But i want to know how can i transfer my customize theme from Instant WP to live domain????Thanx in advance

  9. Lawrence says

    Thank you for this information. I have used it but I need assistance on how to publish or upload the site already designed with Instant WP to my website on the net. Thank you.

  10. Abby says

    I installed Instant WordPress on my computer which installed WordPress 3.2. It would not update automatically. I downloaded WordPress 3.3.1 myself but re-named file to wp-config.php. However I’m not sure what database name to use, and in any case wordpad won’t let me make any changes to the file. Can you help? I’ve asked this question at and also of the instant wordpress developer and had no replies.
    thanks in advance

  11. Rakesh says

    I would surely give it a try as i have just lost my local wordpress installation along with it’s database and plugins. So i think this can save my life. Though i am very much comfortable with wamp.

  12. Shanker Bakshi says

    Downloading it, will use it to test the theme and design for our upcoming project, earlier we were using apache server for that purpose but that is not that handy. Thanks for Sharing.

  13. Anand Kumar says

    Nice Software but I will stuck with XAMPP. This software includes

    WordPress 3.2
    Apache 2.2.15 (Win32)
    PHP 5.3.2
    MySQL 5.1.46-community-nt

    and is 54MB in size.

  14. Imran@ShariffDotOrg says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is a wonderful share, I have never used instant wordpress, I have been using WAMP for about 4 years… and is my favorite compared with XXAMP.

    I will give a shot to instant wordpress a try now.. Thanks for sharing.