How to Install WordPress on RackSpace Cloud Server Without Coding

Have you ever thought WordPress can be installed without knowledge of coding? Are you bugged of things like shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting? Are you ready or looking to host your WordPress on server? WordPress can be installed on cloud servers without even writing a single line of code. Do you think how that is possible? Then this post is for you with solution!

Installing WordPress on Rackspace Cloud Server

Rackspace is a giant among cloud server providers on hourly basis, servers of any Linux distributions and Windows can be chosen from them. To get started with WordPress installation on Rackspace, first register for Rackspace cloud server account, either managed or unmanaged. Managed account costs a flat $100/month in addition to server running charges where as in un-managed account it is pay-as-you use, no fixed charges. Get familiar with the user interface of your cloud account and learn how servers can be created, deleted and how backups can be taken if you are interested. Otherwise directly jump on to deploy-itron.

Deploy Itron

Install WordPress on Rackspace Cloud Server using Deploy Itron

Deploy-itron ( can be used to install WordPress over Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Debian distributions of Linux. Also, remember there is licensing fee for using Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is $20/month per server where as other Linux distributions don’t require any licensing fees and there exists first generation and next generation cloud servers in Rackspace where first generation servers cost is slightly higher compared to next generation cloud server charges.

In deploy-itron home page give your user-name of Rackspace account and Auth-Keys. Authorization keys can be got from your login account of Rackspace, if you just click on user-name (after you login to Rackspace cloud control panel) you will notice API keys in the drop down, get the keys from there and paste it to Auth-Keys field. Next select WordPress and Authenticate.

Select Linux distribution of your choice either Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Debian OS, select the configuration you like and select a good name of your choice for the server then click on ‘Deploy’. It will take few minutes to build server of your specification with WordPress installed.

Scroll down to the end of in-built window, you will see a line start your WordPress from here, just give some basic mandatory fields like site name, user name etc., Your WordPress site is ready. Use it as you like installing and customizing themes and widgets. You can get access to WordPress using the public IP address of your server! Your WordPress site is ready and running and that too without writing a single line of code! Thanks to Robert Collazo and Harper Reed for developing Deploy-itron.

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